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June 09

Successful initial safety tests for genetically-modified rice that fights allergy

Pakistan government in talks to buy BT cotton seed

India's Central Rice Research Institute releases drought-resistant paddy variety for rain-fed areas

October 08

Copyrights for seeds is only way to achieve cotton target in Pakistan

September 08

Government of Kenya to refund Sh124 million to people who illegally acquired Kenya Seed Company

July 08

China approves transgenic species development program

Malawi government okays research into genetically modified crops

Testing of Bt cotton to start this year in Uganda

June 08

Swiss study shows GMOs safe

May 08

Using rice seeds to produce a cytokine

Natural variation in Ghd7 is an important regulator of heading date and yield potential in rice

April 08

India's Central Institute for Cotton Research developing new variety of short staple BT cotton

Transgenic crops can persist for ten years

February 08

Scientists develop transgenic tomatoes with increased resistance to the common cutworm

Development of new plant breeding methods for more yield in food crops

New basmati variety can resist bacteria

Engineering fungal resistance in rice

Western Australian GM wheat start-up NemGenix secures venture capital

January 08

Agri-biotech sector grows at 30% in India

Indian scientists develop a variety of corn with extra protein through marker-assisted breeding

India's DRDO develops transgenic tomato tolerant to cold temperatures and water stress

December 07

Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (India) Limited claims 61% rise in Bt cotton area in India

Monsanto to invest US$5 million in Indonesian seed industry

The fruitful union of maize and clover

November 07

Genetic engineering tames drought, climate change

Cellectis launches new program with Bayer Cropscience for uses of meganuclease technology in crops

October 07

India's National Seed Corporation to market Monsanto hybrid corn seed

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Monsanto ink deal to develop GM papaya seed

Chrysler plants soybeans in biodiesel research project

Plants work as assembly lines to fight cancer

Indian and Australian scientists collaborate for better wheat

August 07

JK Agrigenetics' new Bt cotton version likely by 2010

May 07

India's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee approves 49 new GM cotton hybrids

January 07

Transformation-induced mutations in transgenic plants: Analysis and biosafety implications

Pakistan to release insect-resistant cotton variety

Crops mutated in outer space

JK Agri-Genetics develops 19 new BT cotton varieties

December 06

Punjab Seed Council approves three new cotton seed varieties

November 06

Tomatoes against drought

October 06

Icon Genetics and Bayer BioScience researchers develop novel way to produce biomedicals quickly and efficiently in plants

Pioneer reinforces its focus on transgenic and soybean seed in Brazil

Embrapa researcher says Brazil's 2006-07 soy crop will be at least 50% transgenic

September 06

Fourteen types of genetically modified organisms registered in Russia

August 06

Herbicide-resistance conferred by expression of a catalytic antibody in Arabidopsis thaliana

July 06

JK Agri Genetics to commercialise new Bt cotton technology

Cornell University research leads to increased grain yield in Basmati rice

Rasi Seeds to release Bollgard-2 cotton strain

Gene that withstands salinity could mark agricultural boon

June 06

Argentine ministry of agriculture defines limits of "own use" for seeds obtained from previous harvests

Indian cotton research institute develops low-cost Bt seed detection kit

May 06

Philippine corn farmers satisfied with Bt corn, but prefers cheaper seeds

April 06

Director of Pakistan Cotton Research Institute warns farmers not to sow Bt cotton

Pakistan's National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering develops insect-resistant cotton variety

March 06

Why Canada should support coexistence crops

Brazilian antitrust agency imposes restrictions on Monsanto's accord with Fundacao Mato Grosso and Unisoja

Jeans from the GM laboratory, potatoes from BASF

FAO to launch Agricultural Biotechnology Network in Africa (ABNETA)

February 06

China aims to push for GM crop studies

January 06

Fighting cancer with the help from plants

GM crops in Germany stalled

Naturally occurring transgenic plants

GM sugarbeet ahead

Unique genes hold the secret to better grain yields

Australian crop chemical giant Nufarm positioning itself to be player in the global seed business

Seminis plans ambitious business expansion in Brazil

December 05

Germany begins sowing GM seeds

Animal gene renders tobacco resistant to parasitic weed

Pakistan government to allow BT cotton farming next year

China leads in research of genetically modified plants

November 05

Genetic seed competition among giants to lower prices

Safe coexistence at 20 meters distance

October 05

Thai scientists patent rice genes

South Africa: Eastern Cape farmers planting more GM maize

The next wave of crops are materializing in BioValley, the tri-national organization that represents regions of France, Germany and Switzerland

Fourteen new GM varieties approved for limited trial in India

India: Genetic Engineering Approval Committee plays safe on Bt cotton approvals

Bollworm pest remains beaten

Monsanto strikes royalty deal for transgenic soybean seeds in Brazil

Rise in oil price helps biotech

September 05

India: homespun Bt cotton here at last

Arming ryegrass for the fight against crown rust

Calcium-enhanced potatoes offer a new healthy choice

How petunias survive water deficiencies

Are Europe's farmers warming to GM maize?

GRDC contacting farmers who are hosting canola trials found to be contaminated with GM material - NSW Farmers Association says trials should not be destroyed

New Chinese hybrid cotton with insect-resistance to raise output by 25%

The Spanish regulation on coexistence of GM, conventional and organic crops could serve as a model

Seven years lost for genetic engineering

Salt-tolerance gene could lead to higher rice yields

How rice survives an herbicide attack

Chinese agronomists grow new super rice with record high yield

Monsanto's sales of GM cotton seeds double in India

Viet Nam government issues rules for GM research and use

Monsanto's transformation

Meristem sees its development hampered by anti-GMO activities

Thai breeders develop GM breeds of jasmine rice tolerant to flooding, bacterial leaf blight and leaf blast

August 05

Nidera to test new GM soy varieties in Paraguay

Small but powerful

Monsanto readies distribution of new stacked GM corn in the Philippines

Argentina approves new GM corn developed by Syngenta

GM crops research pipeline going dry

Price increase sought for GM soy in Brazil

Green biotech is focus for BioValley's Life Sciences Week in Illkirch, France

GM maize fight goes to court in Germany

Enriched lysine plants to fight malnutrition

How barley deals with aluminium

Old favourites are taught to weather some serious heat

Transgenic seeds - the white hope of brinjal growers in India

July 05

Genetically engineered alfalfa and lettuce provide healthy pigs

Bayer has withdrawn application to grow GM rapeseed in the European Union

Nath Biogene and United Phosphorous sign agreement with Biocentury Transgene (China) Co. Ltd. for Bt cotton technology transfer

Taiwan unveils rules for transgenic plant field trials

TransBacter: gene transfer by open sourcery?

A big step in understanding plant growth and development

Paraguayan government to approve transgenic cotton crops

GM bill fails in German Parliament

Switzerland’s biotechnology debate grows

Nagoya University scientists find gene linked to high rice yields

Philippine Rice Research Institute eyes new vitamin A-rich, disease-resistant rice variety

New hopes for genetic engineering in Europe

June 05

A corporate group in panic

Hoegemeyer Hybrids' new hybrid corn rejects pollen from all strains of corn except its own

Kenya Agricultural Research Institute to release maize lines with resistance to stem borer

Half the world's cotton could come from GM crops within two years

Plant-derived vaccines offer new strategy for the prevention of diarrheal diseases

New study throws valuable pointers for future of Bt cotton in India

Plants replacing machines

GM cotton trials to start in South Africa

May 05

Syngenta targets the world market with the launch of its chocolate-coloured tomato

Syngenta Foundation videos tell the story of golden rice

Bayer unit to focus on production of hybrid field and vegetable seeds

New laws and new campaigns in Switzerland

Monsanto to launch new cottonseed in the Vidarbha region of India

Wheat harvest to enhance food security in China

Scottish Crop Research Institute produces potato plants with increased carotenoid content

Europe invited to work with HarvestPlus, root out malnutrition

Indian state of Punjab approves six new varieties of Bt cotton

NASA and EPA team to improve crop management

April 05

Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute to provide 500 scientists for agriculture biotechnology

Green light for transgenic maize in Portugal

Monsanto Brazil to reopen molecular genetic laboratory in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais

Iran joins GM rice race

Kenyatta University embarks on research aimed at developing maize varieties tolerant to witch-weed, drought

New GM crop research hub at Cambridge, UK

One weed you do not want to get rid of

Japan OKs new corn variety from Pioneer

Positive reactions to new technique using genetic engineering without foreign DNA

March 05

Tanzania to conduct field-trials of GM cotton

Biolytix AG and how its top people view the current controversy surrounding GMOs and the new Swiss GMO labelling laws

Eleven new GM soybean varieties from Brazil

Switzerland reaches a crossroad with genetic engineering

German Agriculture Minister stops safety research with GM crops

HIV pandemia: Could vaccines produced in plants be the way out ?

February 05

Sustained soybean rust resistance issue for Brazilian breeders

Spinning spider webs with potatoes

After phytoremediation comes phytopharming

January 05

Transgenic tobacco detoxifies polluted grounds

Six new GM field trial requests in France

Argentina to propose new royalty payment rules for GM seed

Life-saving corn

GMO law in Italy passes in Lower House

Checkbiotech: five years of ag biotech coverage

Planting an anthrax vaccine

Using plants to remove toxins from contaminated soils

December 04

Using transgenic corn for the production of safe and inexpensive vaccines

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