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CORDIS News / IST Results
March 08

European scientists test plant growth in outer space
Les scientifiques européens testent la croissance des plantes dans l'espace

January 08

Debate over GMOs rages on in Europe

June 07

What scenarios for the future of European agriculture?

April 06

Enhancement and exploitation of soil biocontrol agents for bio-constraint management in crops

New crop of technology reveals plant health

February 06

GMO-COMPASS: European GMO communication and safety evaluation platform

Tracking food products from farm to the fork

September 05

EU-funded research project HEALTHGRAIN: exploiting whole grain to improve health

July 05

Second report on biotechnological inventions adopted by European Commission

June 05

Germany to fund research into the safety of green gene technology

EU Environment Council's refusal to lift national restrictions casts doubt over GMO rules

March 05

French expert explains her concept of a 'new transaction space' for innovation

February 05

EU project finds answer to traceability legislation

Raw carrots help prevent colon cancer, say Danish researchers

Scientists unveil global warming timetable, outline risks for species, ecosystems, agriculture, water and socio-economic conditions

January 05

EU project publishes conclusions and recommendations on GM foods

December 04

Biotech industry laments E.U. Member States' 'lack of political coherence' on GM

EU Council of Environment Ministers fails to reach decision on importation and feed use of GT73 GM oilseed rape in the EU

November 04

U.K. study finds GM benefits

European Commission's Joint Research Centre and European Committee for Standardization sign cooperation agreement /

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