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Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA)
April 09

Hybrid lupin is world first for Western Australian researchers

November 08

Increasing grain yield and improving adaptation of pearl lupin (Lupinus mutabilis)

January 08

Centre for Legumes In Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA) consolidates its third phase as a research centre within the University of Western Australia

June 07

Three phase power to spark the Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture

May 07

The good oil on mustard

CLIMA researcher develops new predictive framework to forecast bean yellow mosaic virus and aphids in lupin crops

February 07

Centre for Legumes In Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA) moves into phase III at the University of Western Australia

December 06

Rationalization of Western Australia's world class collection of bladder clovers (Trifolium spumosum L.) means quicker access to new, more productive pasture legumes

October 06

Affinity had potential for selective control of wild radish in lupins and chickpeas

September 06

Western Australian grower has crush on camelina seed

Researchers characterise germplasm of the Australian Lupin Collection to give lupin breeding programs better access to novel traits

August 06

Change of the guard at the Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture

July 06

International collaboration helps CLIMA fight the negative effects of disease, drought, salinity, waterlogging and temperature on legume crops in Western Australia

April 06

Pearl or mutabilis lupins to boost Western Australia's grain industry

Wishing for cold and disease tolerant chickpeas and lupins

Improving herbicide tolerance in pulses

10-year CLIMA breeding program makes grasspea a safe animal feed

January 06

Lucrative market sprouts for Western Australian field pea growers

Wartime seed collection

New Ascochyta resistant kabuli chickpea varieties reduce risk of Botrytis Grey Mould epidemics in Australia

December 05

Kadambot Siddique, CLIMA Director and Professor of Crop Science at the University of Western Australia, elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

November 05

Lupins highly tolerant to the broadleaf herbicide metribuzin and carrying the anthracnose disease resistance gene

Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture tackles seed discoloration in faba beans

October 05

Lupins highly tolerant to metribuzin and carrying the anthracnose disease resistance gene

September 05

Australian breeders develop new phytophora root rot resistant variety by crossing chickpea with a wild cousin

August 05

Legumes lift livestock

July 05

Crossing drought tolerant Indian chickpea varieties with Ascochyta resistant Australian varieties could benefit drought-prone areas of Western Australia’s grainbelt

May 05

Western Australian research program aims to deliver lupins as a unique niche feed source

March 05

CLIMA gives Western Australian lupin breeders a new molecular marker to lock metribuzin tolerance

December 04

Joint venture works for Western Australian chickpea growers

November 04

CLIMA collection mission to Morocco brings back germplasm which is likely to benefit Australia’s pasture industry for years to come

Encouraging Western Australian growers to give peas a chance

October 04

Australia's National Faba Bean Improvement Program to develop new varieties for western and southern agricultural regions of Australia

September 04

Rocky times for the genetic cradle of pasture genetic resources

August 04

CLIMA and ICARDA to cooperate on drought and disease resistant legume crops and pastures

July 04

Local breeding of chickpea is best for Western Australia

June 04

Lupin growers to benefit from fast growing feed requirement of Australian aquaculture

May 04

Botrytis Grey Mould under the spotlight at the Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture

March 04

CLIMA researchers are tinkering with lupins to ensure they do not appeal to green peach or cowpea aphids

January 04

CLIMA develops variety of pasture crop that could naturally control parasitic worms in grazing sheep and cattle

November 03

Researchers nearing biotechnology breakthroughs to add new characteristics to field pea and desi chickpea

October 03

Importing disease resistance to protect Western Australia's lupin production

Pasture researchers call for support from animal industries

September 03

South American and Western Australian lupins not poles apart

August 03

Finding family friends among wild relatives of chickpea

July 03

CLIMA is adding muscle to Western Australia’s grain and pasture legume species

June 03

New DNA tool to lock anthracnose disease resistance into lupin breeding program

CLIMA breeding lupins resistant to a new strain of Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus

April 03

Western Australia’s lupin industry invited to 'drive to the future'

March 03

CLIMA aims to build pulse food resources

January 03

New chemistry to beat genetic armour of green peach aphid and protect canola crops

New chickpea research at the Centre For Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture

November 02

Durum wheat for saline country

Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture testing disease resistant chickpeas

October 02

Scientists explore Middle East germplasm

August 02

Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture secures new funding

'Eskimo' chickpea comes in from the cold

May 02

Western Australia must win the gene race against Cucumber Mosaic Virus

University of Western Australia


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