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CSIRO Australia - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
August 09

CSIRO and the Cotton CRC release FIBREpak, new guide to improve cotton quality

Aiming to lead the world in agricultural modelling

July 09

Dr Lars Jermiin appointed CEO Science Leader of the Genome Bioinformatics team at CSIRO Entomology

CSIRO and USDA awarded A$1.6 million grant to increase the understanding of genes responsible for growth and yield in grasses for use as bio-energy and food crops

Long-term cooperation with leading Australian research institute CSIRO: Bayer CropScience expands global R&D activities in seeds and traits by setting up new research focus area in cereals - Superior solutions for wheat farmers could be available as early as 2015
Langfristige Zusammenarbeit mit führendem australischem Forschungsinstitut CSIRO: Bayer CropScience weitet Forschung und Entwicklung auf Getreide-Saatgut als weitere Kernkultur aus Neue Lösungen für den Weizenanbau könnten bereits 2015 verfügbar sein

April 09

First International Plant Phenomics Symposium

March 09

Climate change may wake up ‘sleeper’ weeds

CSIRO and Agrifood Awareness Australia host workshops on the science and regulation of gene technology

February 09

Scientists identify a wheat gene sequence which provides protection against leaf rust, stripe rust and powdery mildew

December 08

Local seed is not necessarily the best for revegetation, says CSIRO Plant Industry scientist

Nature names CSIRO crop researcher as one of five crop researchers who could change the world

November 08

Pollinator decline is not reducing crop yields just yet

Even plants benefit from outsourcing

September 08

On the brink of a new agricultural revolution

Helping grain growers fight an army of pests

August 08

CSIRO enlisted to avert global wheat supply crisis

July 08

Mustard – hot stuff for natural pest control

Australian drought report pushes alarm bells

June 08

CSIRO releases report on climate change impacts and adaptation options for Australian agriculture

Unlocking the genome of world’s worst insect pest

New high-fibre barley licensed to grow - Food manufacturers will soon have access to a new CSIRO-bred barley variety which has significant human health benefits

May 08

Brasil e Austrália ampliam cooperaçăo em biotecnologia agrícola

April 08

Australian researchers are a step closer to turning plants into ‘biofactories’ capable of producing oils which can be used to replace petrochemicals used to manufacture a range of products

January 08

CSIRO Plant Industry’s Dr Greg Constable receives “Outstanding Research in Cotton Physiology Award”

December 07

Business opportunities are emerging for new wheat varieties being developed under the AUSGRAINZ alliance between CSIRO Plant Industry and New Zealand’s Crop & Food Research

Australian Plant Pest Database improved to protect agriculture

Building disease-beating wheat

Adapting agriculture to climate change

November 07

CSIRO report confirms that biodiesel could reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Australia's Cotton Catchment Communities CRC appoints Philip Armytage as its new CEO

October 07

Arcadia Biosciences and Australian research organizations enter research and commercial license agreement for development of nitrogen use efficient wheat

Australian rainfall – a view of the future

New projections for Australia’s changing climate

September 07

CSIRO Plant Industry and Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd form the Cotton Breeding Australia joint venture

Australia's Prime Minister’s Prize for Science awarded to two CSIRO scientists for their discovery and development of a gene silencing mechanism

August 07

Cotton Australia applies biotechnology to slash the amount of water needed to grow cotton

Grain-based foods could soon have highly targeted nutritional roles through advances in gene technology

July 07

Big boost for high fibre grains research: Australian research alliance to develop new grain varieties with tailored fibre content

June 07

International joint venture research project produces experimental wheat variety with 70 per cent amylose content

May 07

CSIRO Plant Industry and AgResearch sign collaborative agreement

Advancing the application of genomics technologies for the selection and development of high quality grains, including wheat and barley

Grains go on an even bigger ‘health kick’

Narrow rows widen chance of higher cotton yields

April 07

Delivering health benefits through new cereal grains - CSIRO is developing healthier high resistant starch wheats

March 07

Ecos magazine debates the impact of GM crops 10 years on

New cotton breeder joins CSIRO Plant Industry's award-winning team

Root focus set to improve wheat production

AUSGRAINZ, the grains research and development alliance between Australia’s CSIRO and New Zealand’s Crop & Food Research, showcases future grains

More accurate assessments of the environmental risks associated with the release of disease-resistant plants

February 07

Ancient genes used to produce salt-tolerant wheat

January 07

Soil, roots and ‘bugs’– revelations from underground

December 06

Discovery of a DNA marker for two key rust resistance genes enables breeding of more effective rust resistant wheat varieties

November 06

A vital step towards controlling crown rot in wheat

CSIRO, Limagrain and GRDC announce partnership to accelerate the development of new super-healthy wheat varieties

September 06

CSIRO research shows that insect-resistant cotton may also be more water efficient

August 06

Biotech leader Professor John Mattick wins CSIRO Eureka Prize

CSIRO is calling on landowners and managers to join the fight against the European blackberry, one of Australia’s most invasive and unfriendly weeds

Insect resistant cowpeas are being developed by CSIRO Plant Industry to help provide a more reliable food crop for sub-Saharan Africa

CSIRO Plant Industry is on the hunt for regions of the wheat genome that can help wheat crops in Australia 's northern wheat belt when water is limited

Research shows canola's excellent potential as a grain and graze dual purpose crop

July 06

Satellite data predicts bleak year for Western Australian farmers

April 06

Prestigious award for CSIRO cotton researchers

Grains Council of Australia's Grains Week 2006: New wheat cultivars to meet yield challenge

February 06

CSIRO's new experimental wheat variety has healthy potential

December 05

Size does matter and it’s all in the genes - CSIRO researchers are investigating how that knowledge can be used to produce larger seeds across a wide range of crops

GM rice trial planted in New South Wales

November 05

New soybean for Queensland

Award-winning seed coating provides growth benefits too

CSIRO's GM pea study backs case-by-case risk assessment

CSIRO is NOT cutting research funds to agriculture

October 05

CSIRO's RNAi 'gene silencing' patents strengthened

September 05

Super resistance to tackle biggest wheat disease

Higher rice yields with no extra water

Australian cotton growers access latest research

CSIRO cotton breeders win innovation award

CSIRO's gene silencing granted US patent

August 05

How barley deals with aluminium

June 05

Harvesting new chemicals from grain crops

Developing aphid resistant legumes

CSIRO's BARLEYmax, a new barley for better health

May 05

EPIDEV, une association CIRAD-CSIRO autour de l'épigénétique végétale

April 05

Australian Office of the Gene Technology Regulator:
Decision on issuing a licence for application DIR 054/2004 - limited and controlled release of six GM wheat lines with modified grain starch characteristics (CSIRO)

CSIRO develops plants that produce DHA, a healthy omega-3 oil component normally only available from fish sources

March 05

Australian and Japanese researchers apply RNAi technology for gene replacement in plants, develop world's only blue rose

Higher wheat yields for Western Australia’s high rainfall zone

Asian exports to increase with new Australian soybean

February 05

Eleven years of growing plant science at the CSIRO Discovery Centre

January 05

Australia's HRZ Wheats P/L to release new new rust-resistant wheat varieties in 2006

December 04

New frontiers in annual ryegrass toxicity research

CSIRO saltbush study prompts more questions

November 04

CSIRO research finds no evidence that GM subterranean clover is greater weed risk

A look over the fence helps farmers fight salinity

CSIRO in GM rice trials plan

Aluminium tolerance gene from wheat will accelerate the development of crops that can handle soil acidity problem

White Gold, new mungbean variety from CSIRO, could mean yield increases, larger grain and improved disease resistance

Tiny wasp to control silverleaf whitefly which devastates Australian vegetable and cotton crops

October 04

Golden opportunity for Australian mungbean farmers

Major award for CSIRO Plant Industry cotton breeder Peter Reid

September 04

Australia leads in increasing crop yields in water-scarce environments by targeting physiological traits

Queensland's Department of Primary Industries fast-tracks crop improvement in battle against drought

Australian farmers turn to fluid fertilisers

Australia joins global wheat breeding team

Advances in 'gene silencing' on agenda of  CSIRO-hosted conference

CSIRO and the BOC Group introduce new fumigant to replace gas that damages ozone layer

August 04

CSIRO scientist Unlocks the ways insects pests survive without air

Queensland's seedling firm wins 2004 SMART Award for outstanding achievement in agribusiness

June 04

Breeding better cotton at CSIRO

Bacteria aids dryland salinity fight

The dream of every irrigation farmer in Australia: the eight tonne wheat crop

CSIRO Plant Industry: outsmarting wheat diseases and tailoring wheat to northern Australia

'High-vigour' wheat from CSIRO puts weeds in the shade

April 04

The Australian National University and CSIRO establish gateway to France

CSIRO licences DNA-delivered RNAi gene silencing technology to Bayer CropScience

Australian OGTR receives application from CSIRO for evaluation under field conditions of the cotton rubisco small subunit promoter driving a reporter gene

March 04

CSIRO plant disease discovery could save millions in breeding rust resistant plants

Cotton profits increased by humble legume

Huge potential for Graingene's water-efficient wheat in New South Wales

February 04

Longer storage and shipping life for cauliflowers

Billion dollar benefit from CSIRO grain storage research investment

January 04

CSIRO Plant Industry researchers discover a gene that triggers flowering in cereals

December 03

CSIRO Plant Industry develops simple high-throughput testing system that accurately identifies wheat and barley varieties

Winter wheats: giving Australian farmers more choice

Knowing when to flower: discovery of a gene that triggers flowering in cereals

Benitec Ltd., CSIRO and Queensland DPI reach milestone strategic agreement to commercialise breakthrough gene silencing technology, an Australian biotech innovation

November 03

Longer storage and shipping life for cauliflower

CSIRO in fight for GM role

Australian HRZ Wheats Pty. Ltd. to bread for high rainfall zones

Dr Jeremy Burdon appointed Chief of CSIRO Plant Industry

A brilliant career's rich harvest: celebrating the career of Dr. Jim Peacock, Chief of CSIRO Plant Industry

October 03

Satellites zoom-in on pasture data

Cotton researcher Dr Greg Constable named top Australian scientist

September 03

New drought tolerant wheat variety gives more crop per drop

'Biofumigants' to help beat the wilt

Cotton irrigation software saves water

CSIRO crop geneticist wins Science Minister's Prize for Life Scientist of the Year

July 03

New Bollgard® II GM cotton reduces pesticide use by 75%, says CSIRO

June 03

CSIRO asserts ownership of gene silencing technology

CSIRO looks to the future with cereal research

Benchmarking for profitable, sustainable grazing systems

Wild grasses lead to first BYDV resistant wheat

April 03

CSIRO clinches Bayer CropScience alliance

March 03

Graingene - new commercial team in Australian grain research

CSIRO's new bioinformatics facility expected to boost development of superior crops

February 03

CSIRO releases gene silencing tools

Australian farmers value satellite information to better manage their pastures

December 02

CSIRO's diamondback moth research to benefit Australia's vegetable production

CSIRO cotton software wins national award

Salt-tolerant wheat has ancient roots

November 02

Australian Office of Gene Technology (OGTR) approves three new applications for the conditional release of GMOs

CSIRO celebrates 30 years of cotton research

Reading the rice dictionary

September 02

In Southern Australia, satellite imaging measures the amount of feed on the ground and estimate how quickly pastures are growing

Australia's Office of the Gene Technology Regulator receives four applications from CSIRO for licences to undertake limited and controlled releases of different types of genetically modified cotton into the environment

August 02

CSIRO presents strategy to make Australia stronger global competitor in biotechnology research

Palm-off cotton pest problems to 'CottonLogic'

July 02

Cosmic, a new grain fumigant developed by the CSIRO

CSIRO Plant Industry scientists zero in on 'green revolution' gene

CSIRO Entomology and the Grains Research and Development Corporation form crop protection alliance

May 02

Billion dollar benefit from CSIRO grains research

April 02

New database to manage pests better

January 02

Hay quality test a world first for CSIRO

November 01

Beetles launched into the blue (3968)

October 01

Environmentally-friendly pesticide Green Guard goes global

September 01

CSIRO scientists are winning the war against parasitic worms in wheat

Making better dough in Canberra

August 01

Giant flower pots aid salinity research

Trans-Tasman grain alliance announced

June 01

Farming by satellite

'Hairpin RNA' beats plant viruses

April 01

New machine measures coating thickness 

January 01

Wax block to stop farm pests

December 00

New Centre for Plant Architecture Informatics will use advanced mathematics and high performance computing to create improved crops and lower pesticide use

November 00

Making dollars from saline land

October 00

Australian Prime Minister's Prize for Science awarded to CSIRO scientists for flowering gene discovery

September 00

Biodiversity and GMOs under watchful eyes - CSIRO's seminar on the potential impacts of GMOs on Australia's biodiversity

August 00

Shrinking trees lead to designer timber

Australian Researchers probe environmental impact of GMOs

July 00

New CSIRO pasture grass a boost for graziers

May 00

Green technology to keep greens green

March 00

Food Science Australia to collaborate with Flow International Corporation to beat food poisoning microbes and create foods which stay fresh longer

September 99

RhoBio signs a plant biotechnology research agreement with CSIRO in Australia

June 99

Genetically engineered food production gathers pace in Australia

March 99

Australians seek facts on gene technology

CSIRO welcomes gene conference outcome

November 98

Australian farmers to benefit from biotechnology deal

June 98

CSIRO and AgrEvo form strategic research alliance

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