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August 09

African universities told to get agricultural research to farmers

July 09

Crops in East and Southern Africa saved from devastation by first large-scale use of a biopesticide made of fungal spores

Genetic change could make crops thrive on salty soils

Scientific strategies can save dryland agriculture

Peru's patent win strikes blow against biopiracy
Perú logra asestar golpe a biopiratería

Sahel nations may be unable to grow maize by 2050

June 09

Studies in maize show that benign strains of the fungus Aspergillus can outcompete toxic forms that contaminate African crops

Deadlock broken on international seed sharing

A layered approach to biosafety in Southern Africa

May 09

Scientists produce GM crops without foreign genes

Change to Ecuador's GM laws 'could allow suicide seeds'

GM corn with increased the levels of several different vitamins comes a step closer to being a complete meal

April 09

Mexico City vows to protect historic maize varieties

March 09

West Africans hope to produce iron-tolerant rice

Anti-H5N1 rice could protect poultry, say Chinese scientists

February 09

Kenya approves GM after years of delays

Maize varieties resistant to the widespread Striga plant parasite are a hit with Nigerian farmers

January 09

Is it time to rethink intellectual property laws?
¿Hora de reconsiderar leyes de propiedad intelectual?

India launches 'agricultural Wikipedia', online repository of agricultural information in the country

Perú: reglamento sobre transgénicos listo en febrero

China gets in line on patent standards

December 08

Delay to intellectual property plan for Africa

November 08

Kenya prepares to approve biosafety legislation

October 08

GM crops deserve more reasoned debate

September 08

African agricultural research 'neglected ' by donor policies

World's crops to be screened for climate traits

China to launch $3.5 billion research project on GM crops

Agricultural developments 'fail to reach farmers', warn African scientists

Pakistan launches national biosafety body

August 08

Global warming to change face of Brazilian farming

African scientists reveal origins of maize streak virus

July 08

Europe's negative attitudes towards GM food hinder commercialisation of Chinese GM crops, says director of the Beijing Genomics Institute

Brazil bioenergy research receives US$46 million bonus
US$46 millones para investigación bioenergética

Uruguay presentó nueva política para transgénicos
Uruguay announces new policy for GM crops

June 08

New intellectual property plan to boost Chinese patents

Jamaica abrirá avanzado centro de tecnología agrícola
Jamaica to launch agricultural technology centre

May 08

Egypt approves commercialisation of first GM crop

Chinese scientists find 'yield-improving rice gene'

April 08

Honduras prevé impulsar producción de maíz transgénico

Food crop diversity is key to sustainability

United States 'plans cut to global agricultural research funds'

Global agriculture study calls for increased research

March 08

New method 'prevents spread of GM plants'

Mexico publishes GM approval guidelines
México publica pautas para aprobar OGM

African branch of rice initiative launched

South Asian nations team up for food security

Researchers in Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia team up to develop drought-resistant barley

February 08

UK gives US$14 million boost to agriculture research

Crop biofuels 'create carbon debt'

Uganda approves Bt cotton trials

January 08

Red latinoamericana de la papa ayudará a agricultores
Latin American 'potato network' to aid poor farmers

Can crops be climate-proofed?

December 07

Latin America and European Union to collaborate on biotechnology

Biofuel: Africa's new oil?

SciDev.Net explores the biofuel challenge

November 07

Tunisia opens national gene bank to promote the development of sustainable agriculture in the country

Crop research must switch to climate adaptation, say climate-change and crop experts

India releases new biotechnology strategy

Developing aromatic jasmine rice that is resistant to some pests and diseases

ICARDA researchers develop low-cost technology to increase crop yield in magnesium-rich soil

October 07

GM crops — Asian farmers have their say

International Rice Research Institute scientists create flood-resistant rice

September 07

Court halts introduction of GM rice in the Philippines

Chinese scientists develop GM corn that could help improve the nutritional value of livestock feed and reduce pollution

August 07

Controversy over GM corn approval in Brazil

Wheat relatives harbour supply of resistance genes

World rice research centres unite to address major challenges facing African rice growers

Zambia will not grow GM crops

July 07

South African crop scientists develop maize streak virus resistant maize variety

Biological control saves maize from toxic invasion

June 07

Taking on biotechnology the African way: does GM technology help small-scale farmers?

New university course to help agricultural scientists in Africa communicate their research to a wider audience

New online resource fromSciDev.Net: agri-biotech in sub-Saharan Africa

Africa must create its own biotechnology agenda

Research gives crops new nitrogen fix

May 07

Mali to encourage and finance agricultural research and development

Iron-fortified maize cuts anaemia rates in children

Bayer wins Brazil GM corn approval

Efforts to fight hunger in Africa by preserving seeds and boosting research into improved crop varieties

Global genebanks need funds

April 07

A healthy mix: strategies for GM and non-GM crop coexistence

Mexican farmers sign GM maize treaty with Monsanto

Chinese scientists have found a gene which influences yield and grain size in rice

West Africa to boost food crops with biotechnology

African universities develop 'regional PhDs' to accelerate agricultural research and biotechnology development in Eastern and Southern Africa

March 07

Mozambique aims to lead 'green revolution' - Science and innovation will be used to improve crops

Iran to spearhead agricultural biotech research in the Middle East and Central Asia

Colombia approves GM corn for the first time

China launches biosafety research centre

February 07

Pakistan approves GM rules to protect farmers

High genetic diversity discovered in Eritrean barley

Uruguay suspendió ingreso de transgénicos
Uruguay suspends GM crop entry applications

January 07

Deadly wheat disease is a threat to world food security: the spread of stem rust is threatening wheat crops

December 07

Fallo a favor de audiencia pública por maíz transgénico

GM in India: the battle over Bt cotton

Brazilian gene bank becomes world's seventh largest

Network set to boost plant breeding techniques in East and Central Africa

November 06

"Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change" - An upbeat message on climate change

Scientists from countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America get free access to scholarly scientific and technical journals

México niega siembra experimental de maíz transgénico

Brazil and India join Senegal for biofuel production - The oil in jatropha seeds is used to make biodiesel

October 06

Indian Supreme Court bans GM crop trials

Kenya approves a national policy on biotechnology

Dual-action bacterium fights fungal infection in crops

US$8.3 million loan boosts agroscience in Mozambique

September 07

Kenyan forum to open up biotech debate

August 06

Mexican researchers genetically modify maize to create an edible vaccine against Newcastle disease

Researchers outline recipe for African rice revolution

Gene discovery could lead to flood-resistant rice

June 06

China's GM cotton profits are short-lived, says study

Panel meets to discuss biotech for African development

Fund to boost agriculture research in Africa and Asia

Plan to boost rice photosynthesis with inserted genes

South Africa rejects application by the Africa Biofortified Sorghum project to set up laboratory and greenhouse

GM cereal resists cooking heat to boost nutrition

Chinese scientists develop salt tolerant grass

Gene boost lets plant tolerate low boron in soil

May 06

Indian scientists say that reduced access to plant material in international gene banks will limit the country's ability to produce enough wheat

Young blood to bring new life to agricultural research in developing countries

US$60 million ver the next five years to fund research into African climate change

Single gene is both friend and foe to rice

April 06

Do we still need the Cartagena Protocol?

Caribbean & Central America may get drier summers

'Breakthrough' reached on access to biodiversity data

US$3m for global survey of how science helps farming: project will evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of different agricultural technologies

March 06

Urgent need for rice that tolerates climate change

Working group of the the UN Convention on Biological Diversity rejects proposal to allow Genetic Use Restriction Technologies (GURTs)

Improve water efficiency in farming, urges report

Ozone-resistant crops may be needed by 2050

Major funding for GM crop research in Vietnam

February 06

African crop yields drop during El Niño years

The role of non-GM biotechnology in developing world agriculture

January 06

'Conservation agriculture' boosts yields and incomes

Arctic cave to safeguard global crop diversity - The seed banks will hold samples of all of the world's crop varieties

Wasps deliver deadly virus to crop pests

South Asian agriculture 'needs more joint research'

GM maize 'could help fight against iron-deficiency'

December 05

Illegal GM corn found in Brazil

November 05

Brazil enacts GM and stem cell law after 8-month wait

Asian publications on GM plant science are soaring

India to host Asian biotech training centre

September 05

'No risk to human health' from GM crop drug resistance

Fungus is 'new tool for sustainable agriculture'

Chinese GM cotton 'boosts yield by up to 25 per cent'

Gene for salt tolerance found in rice

Less is more: working miracles in Nepal's rice fields

Kenya halts first field trials of GM crops

August 05

GM crop that holds on to its seeds offers higher yields

Integrating the GM approach to improve crop yield

Ghana drafts GM safety legislation

US$15 billion needed' for African crop research

Chinese researchers say that GM rice 'could reduce reliance on phosphate fertiliser'

Indian GM cotton is 'inadequate'; enquiry demanded

Beating world hunger: the return of 'neglected' crops

Scorpion gene gives plants a sting in their tail

Uganda's mobile 'plant clinics' answer emergency call

India urged to revamp its top crop research body

July 905

Genetic modification of potato against microbial diseases: in vitro and in planta activity of a dermaseptin B1 derivative, MsrA2

GM plant produces non-GM watermelon

Africa Union sets up biotechnology advisory panel

Argentinean biotech plan to boost agricultural exports

Tsunami-surviving rice may have salt-tolerance genes

June 05

Indian GM research 'lacks focus and transparency', says joint Swedish-Indian study

Desertification is 'a threat to two billion people'

Global effort pushes for gene bank fund

May 05

Climate change 'will reduce African and Asian harvests'

Malaysia launches big push for biotechnology

April 05

Neglected crops are 'crucial' to beating hunger

March 05

Brazilian ministry protests approval of GM cotton

Researchers of the Africa Rice Center forced to flee Côte d'Ivoire violence

Public sector researchers want say in GM negotiations

February 05

GM crop tests get green light in Tanzania

Mexico approves planting and sale of GM crops

GM potatoes 'could protect against hepatitis B'

January 05

Agreement protects genetic diversity of Peru's potato varieties and rights of indigenous people to control access to local genetic resources

Saving Africa's 'stubborn' seeds

December 04

GM boom 'could spell economic growth for poor nations'

Revision of safety rules delays Kenya's GM maize

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