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ERMA New Zealand places strict controls on GM brassica test


New Zealand
May 28, 2007

The Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA New Zealand) has approved an application by the New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research to field test genetically-modified brassicas in the Lincoln region.

However, ERMA New Zealand has included strict controls to manage the risk of GM material escaping from the site.

Crop and Food applied for permission to assess the agronomic performance of four genetically-modified vegetable and forage brassicas – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and forage kale – on a 0.4 hectare plot over a 10-year period. The brassicas would be modified for resistance to caterpillar pests like cabbage white butterfly and diamondback moth, with genes derived from the bacterium Bacillus thuringensis.

A public hearing was held in Christchurch last month to consider the application, which attracted 959 submissions.

The Authority has approved the field test with a number of controls, including:

  • a requirement to prevent the flowering and therefore pollen release of GM brassicas while they are planted in the field test site; 
  • a requirement to ensure that all GM brassicas are removed from the field test site on completion of the research and do not enter the human or animal food chain, in any form. 
  • a requirement to monitor the field test site for one year after the last brassicas have been removed to look for any “volunteer” GM plants. 

ERMA New Zealand’s General Manager, New Organisms, Libby Harrison, says the field test is subject to strict controls to ensure that the GM brassicas remain contained within the field test site, and do not enter the food chain.

Dr Harrison would like to thank all submitters and acknowledge their contribution to the decision-making process.

Application GMF06001:
Application summary:
Full application:

- Crop & Food Research welcomes ERMA decision to allow a contained field test of GM brassicas





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