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Lawsuit threatens Golden Harvest relationship

March 28,  2001

Golden Harvest board representatives from Golden Seed Co., Sommer Bros. Seed Co., and Thorp Seed Co. have voted to authorize Golden Harvest Seeds Inc. to file a lawsuit against The J.C. Robinson Seed Co., Waterloo, Nebraska. This suit has been filed and asks the court to decide the ability of the Illinois-based directors of Golden Harvest to separate, without the existence of any default, The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. from its association with Golden Harvest. In addition, the suit asks the court to rule whether the Illinois directors and Illinois companies of Golden Harvest are free of liability for damages resulting from their actions.

Doug Robinson, senior vice president of The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. stated, "We are shocked that the Illinois based directors feel that court intervention is the appropriate process in dealing with a relationship that has been in existence for almost three decades."

"We believe that this lawsuit is without merit, and we intend to vigorously and passionately defend our rights to create a positive outcome for the company, the Golden Harvest Brand, our customers and our employees," Rob Robinson, executive vice president of The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. said.

The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. is the largest of the five member companies of Golden Harvest, with breeding, production and sales activities in North America and Europe. Ed Robinson, president of The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. said, "The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. believes in independence and family ownership. These are characteristics that have made the Golden Harvest Brand a leader in seed genetics and agronomy." The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. represents a majority of Golden Harvest sales worldwide.

The J.C. Robinson Seed Company is a member of Golden Harvest Seeds, Inc., and markets Golden Harvest brand products including corn, soybeans, sorghum and alfalfa. Golden Harvest is one of the top four seed corn brands in the U.S. The J.C. Robinson Seed Company is headquartered in Waterloo, Neb.

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