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January 26-26, 2012

WEBINAR - Flowering processes in plants - The amazing world of seed reproduction

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SGS Mid-West Seed Services, Inc.

Online at 10:00 am Central U.S. time - Brookings, SD, United States

This 60 minute webinar is the first class in our Seed Biology Series which is similar to a college course where weekly classes are held January through April. You may register for the whole series or individual classes.

January 23-26, 2012

COURSE - Seed Industry Program

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Turkish Seed Industry Association (TURKTED)

Paloma Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA - Antalya, Turkey

Sharing the most recent developments and innovations in the world seed industry. Trends & strategies; Research & technology management; Regulations; Markets & marketing

January 16-19, 2012

III Curso Teorico-Pratico de Capacitaçao de Analista de Sementes

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Associação Brasileira de Tecnologia de Sementes (ABRATES)

UFLA - Lavras, MG, Brazil

January 16, 2012 - October 15, 2013

COURSE - International Postgraduate Course in Plant Breeding

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Wageningen University

Wageningen University - Wageningen, Netherlands

This course covers all theoretical and some practical subjects that are necessary for managing a professional breeding programme. It includes both basic and more complex breeding and selection methods. Also, new technological developments and their application in breedi...

January 16-20, 2012

Seed Business 101

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Seed Biotechnology Centre at UC Davis

Wimauma, FL, United States

Designed for new employees in the seed industry, the course teaches what everyone must know about the main functional areas of a seed company in order to perform optimally in the team as quickly as possible and avoid mistakes.

January 10-12, 2012

IV Curso Teorico-Pratico Formaçao de Amostradores de Sementes

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Associação Brasileira de Tecnologia de Sementes (ABRATES)

UFLA - Lavras, MG, Brazil



Forthcoming events of the
American Seed Trade Association

June 18-22, 2016

133rd Annual Convention
Portaland, Oregon


December 5-9, 2016

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71st Corn & Sorghum Seed Research Conference
46th Soybean Seed Research Conference
Seed Expo 20106

Chicago, Illinois


January 28-31, 2017
Vegetable and Flower
Seed Conference

Orlando, Florida




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