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October 24, 2014

Sanjaya Rajaram, Premio Mundial de los Alimentos 2014, firme defensor de la biotecnología agraria

October 23, 2014

Mark Lynas analiza los efectos de los grupos de presión con la nueva normativa europea sobre OMGs

The Future of Farming and Rise of Biotechnology (NCPA)

October 22, 2014

Mutagenesis: one way Europeans wish it was 1936 again (Genetic Literacy Project)

October 21, 2014

Seed patent primer: is the use of GMOs preventing farmers from reusing their seeds? (Genetic Literacy Project)

Los posibles efectos comerciales de la nueva normativa europea sobre OMGs 

New Zealand - Time to review the legislation which prevents the production of genetically engineered crops and pasture plants, says Federated Farmers 

October 20, 2014

Lo que dice la gente sobre la seguridad de los OMGs 

October 16, 2014

ASAJA-Cádiz analiza el presente y el futuro de la biotecnología vegetal en la Unión Europea 

Trigo biotecnológico libre de gluten, un gran oportunidad para los celíacos 

October 15, 2014

If lobbyists succeed in blocking EU proposals to end a ban on GM seeds, crop biotech in Europe could be lost forever (The Guardian)

EPA approves Dow Enlist Duo herbicide, anti-GMO activists howl (Genetic Literacy Project)

Biotech crops in Europe could be ‘dead and buried’ if anti-GM groups succeed (The Guardian)

Africa’s agriculture system… need for new approaches (Business Day)

As GMO issue heads to ballot, two sides still at odds in Colorado (The Coloradoan)

October 13, 2014

Sorteo de ‘Debates científicos: transgénicos’, dos perspectivas de la biotecnología agraria (Fundacion Antama)

October 11, 2014

Enlist Duo: Everything you need to know about new dual herbicide resistant crops (Genetic Literacy Project)

Infographic: How to avoid GMO corn? Turn back the clock 9000 years (Genetic Literacy Project)

October 10, 2014

APHIS needs to bolster its monitoring of GMO tests (Capital Press)

October 9, 2014

Preguntas y respuestas sobre biotecnología agraria

October 8, 2014

Golden rice still awaits approval (The StarPhoenix)

Lo que debes saber para poder debatir sobre biotecnología agraria 

October 7, 2014

Científicos analizan en Madrid el valor de la biotecnología agraria y alimentaria y los retos de comunicación 

October 6, 2014

Maui Mayor: proposed GMO moratorium impractical (Star Advertiser)

October 5, 2014

Discovery of geneticaly modified wheat creates stir among supporters, critics (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

October 3, 2014

GM agricultural technologies for Africa: A state of affairs

October 2, 2014

U.S. biotech approval remains slow, says DuPont Pioneer executive (The Des Moines Register)

October 1, 2014

‘Superweeds’ confirm ‘failure’ of GMOs…or maybe not - Narrative misleads, avoids real solutions (Genetic Literacy Project)

September 30, 2014

Australia - Attitudes to genetically modified food over time: how trust in organizations and the media cycle predict support (Public Understanding of Science)

September 29, 2014

No sign of health or nutrition problems from GMO livestock feed, study finds


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