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November 17, 2015

Scotland - Hopes that SNP might ‘change their mind’ on GM crops (The Press and Journal)

November 10, 2015

European Union’s opt-outs on GM crops contradict history of safe use

November 9, 2015

Brasil pode ser o primeiro País a liberar semente Terminator

November 8, 2015

How we got to now: why the US and Europe went different ways on GMOs (The Conversation)

Nagoya-Protokoll muss praxistauglich und rechtssicher umgesetzt werden - Pflanzenzüchter sehen Züchtungsfortschritt gefährdet

November 6, 2015

EuropaBio publishes its position on the Biotech Patent Directive and the Protection of Plant-related Biotechnological Inventions

November 5, 2015

Nouvelles technologies de sélection semencières - L'Union française des semenciers invitée par Stéphane Le Foll à discuter du cadre réglementaire (La France Agricole)

France - Agriculture, Innovation : libérer le potentiel des semences 

November 4, 2015

Union française des semenciers: « Il faut préciser le statut réglementaire des nouvelles techniques de sélection » (La France Agricole)

USA - Expert says federal regulatory reform needed to advance agbiotech (Crop Protection News)

Konzerne verzichten auf Anbau von Genmais in Deutschland (AFP)

October 30, 2015

USA - Trade policy, streamlined oversight affect future of biotech (Iowa Farmer Today)

October 28, 2015

Kenya considers lifting ban on GMOs - Seed patents in debate (Intellectual Property Watch)

October 22, 2015

Les derniers brevets accordés sèment le trouble (La France Agricole)

Plusminus über Patente auf Saatgut: Wie Schutzrechte ausgehöhlt werden (Top Agrar)

Sustitución de soja MG en la UE incrementaría costes de alimentación del sector ganadero de un 10% 

COCERAL, FEDIOL and FEFAC release their Economic Impact Assessment of the European GM “opt-out” proposal

October 21, 2015

This is no way to regulate GMOs (BloombergView)

October 20, 2015

Pirataria de Sementes de Soja

CRISPR could help gene-edited crops bypass biosafety regulation (Scientific American)

October 19, 2015

La razón por la que países europeos prohíben los cultivos transgénicos en sus fronteras

October 18, 2015

Patente auf Saatgut oder: Wem gehört der Blumenkohl? (SRF)

October 14, 2015

Jumping gene research must inform Tasmania’s GM moratorium (The Mercury)

Nagoya-Protokoll: Nationaler Gesetzesentwurf setzt EU-Vorgaben solide um, aber Rechtssicherheit auf europäischer Ebene fehlt

Monsanto patent acquisition slows, focus remains on disease-resistant crops (IP Watchdog)

October 9, 2015

Political advisors discuss GM crops in China

October 8, 2015

U.S. National Corn Growers Association joins call for uniform national labeling standard

October 7, 2015

Biotech developers may have duty to prevent export disruptions, rules U.S. District Judge (Capital Press)

India - Bureaucratic hurdles may drive more seed companies away from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (The Hindu BusinessLine)

What are European Union countries giving up by opting out of future GM crops? (Forbes)

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