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April 22, 2015

„Pläne von Juncker machen den gemeinsamen europäischen Markt kaputt“ - Deutschee Bauernverband zu Kommissionsplänen  zur Renationalisierung der GVO-Importzulassungen

April 21, 2015

Dutch biotech firms worried about minister’s patent plans (Dutch News)

Wie heeft het patent op broccoli? (Financieele Dagblad)

Plant Wars Episode I: The fungal menace

Sweet potato is 'genetically modified' by nature

April 20, 2015

Voices and Views: Why Biotech? (ISAAA)

Thor Hansen's book "The Triumph of Seeds: How grains, nuts, kernels, pulses, and pips conquered the plant kingdom and shaped human history" - Our huge debt to tiny marvels (NewScientist)

Healthy soils are the foundation of food production - Global Soil Week opens with emphasis on soils for development

April 17, 2015

Derribando fábulas sobre los OMGs a través Twitter: #mitostransgénicos 

Syngenta CFO says expects North America recovery in Q2 (Reuters)

Nationalisierung von GVO-Importzulassungen stellt Europäischen Binnenmarkt in Frage - Deutscher Bauernverband: EU-einheitliche Regelungen sind unabdingbar

Voices and Views: Why Biotech?  

'More innovation possible in snack tomatoes' (Horti Biz)

April 16, 2015

Interview with Marc Andrieux, Bayer CropScience Head of SeedGrowth Technology & Services, Coatings

Patentability of plants and plant products under the European Patent Convention (Lexology

Patentability of plants and plant materials in Europe (Lexology)

Study puts a price on the help that nature provides agriculture

April 15, 2015

Fragliche Entscheidung: Pflanzen nun patentierbar (Top Agrar)

Gentechnik-Pflanzen und Glyphosat: das Ende einer Ära

Plant Breeding Matters, Spring 2015 issue (British Society of Plant Breeders)

International standard proposed for plant breeders' rights

2050: Water supplies to dwindle in parts of the world, threatening food security and livelihoods - Better policies and more investments needed, including adaptation of agriculture to climate change

April 14, 2015

Mitos y realidades sobre los cultivos y alimentos transgénicos en ‘La Noche’ de TVE 24 horas

April 13, 2015

La razón por la que países europeos prohíben los cultivos transgénicos en sus fronteras 

Expo Milano 2015: European Commission launches scientific debate on how to feed the planet
Expo Milano 2015: Den Planeten ernähren – Europäische Kommission eröffnet wissenschaftliche Debatte
Expo Milano 2015: la Commissione europea promuove il dibattito scientifico su come nutrire il pianeta

April 10, 2015

Italy lacks requisite laws to reward research and development in rice seeds sector (Oryza)

Global agencies call for urgent action to avoid irreversible groundwater depletion

April 9, 2015

L’acteur incontournable de la biodiversité, de la production et de la qualité, c’est la filière française des semences de céréales à paille et protéagineux

Warning from European Academies of Science about implications of neonicotinoid use

Beizverbot im Raps gefährdet Anbau - Risiken durch geringere Pflanzendichte, schwächere Wurzeln und Pilzkrankheiten

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The Triumph of Seeds

How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, and Pips Conquered the Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History

By Thor Hanson 

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The History and Science of Plant Breeding

Noel Kingsbury
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