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Upcoming Sampler Workshops

  • August 7-8, 2007
    Modesto, California

    August 22-23, 2007
    Brookings, South Dakota

Helping Your Seed Exports
move Seamlessly

Don’t just take our word for it, see what a past seed sampler participant had to say:

Tim and Kalyn, the seed sampler workshop that you presented was great. The material was well organized and presented in a very clear manner. The information from your workshop will help us to insure that sampling is done properly in our company. We are getting more requests for ISTA certificates, and having in-house ISTA approved samplers certainly streamlines this process. Also, we really appreciate the follow-up help you have provided to us.”               
Guin Jenanyan
Sakata Seed America

Mid-West Seed Services, Inc.

Being an ISTA-accredited seed laboratory allows MWSS to issue ISTA Orange and Blue Certificates. The laboratory testing and authorized sampler program at MWSS are recognized by Canada and throughout the world.

MWSS can issue ISTA Orange Certificates on seed lots being exported. ISTA Orange certificates may be considered a “seed passport” because they are recognized worldwide by custom officials at the ports. Orange Certificates do require sampling by an authorized seed sampler.

Blue Certificates are especially helpful when moving seed into Canada. The agricultural border official must recognize ISTA certificates, as required by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). MWSS places the relevant grade table information in the remarks section of the Blue Certificate. The Grading Worksheet containing the seed lot’s grade is also attached, which helps expedite the seed’s movement. The MWSS seed laboratory is recognized by Canada and we are currently pursuing grader accreditation for pedigreed seed.
Sampler workshops

Participants completing the workshop will have taken the first step towards accreditation to sample for ISTA certificates. This workshop is an excellent education experience for anyone sampling seed, regardless if you export.

Milt Haugen, Croplan Genetics, participated in a seed sampling workshop and said, "To do justice to your customer and your company's product, everyone should attend a sampler workshop."

The following topics are reviewed:
• ISTA and AOSA sampling rules
• sampling methods
• sealing seed lots
• subdividing samples
• review of ISTA certificates and their use

Registration fees are $250 per person for all 2006 Seed Sampling Participants. Early registration discounts may be available. (see table above)

Workshop presentations and materials are provided in English. Exams are now available in Spanish for a translation and correction fee of $100. Please make requests for exams in Spanish at time of registration.

For more details on Sampler Workshops and the Sampler Program, please visit
or call Tim or Kalyn at +1 605 692 7611.

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