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News releases on biologicals and inoculants

February 10

University of Kentucky researchers study ways to biologically control wheat pests

Wet fall indicates greater need for soybean inoculants this spring in the U.S. - First-time inoculant users find results favorable

Yissum Research Development Company and Makhteshim Agan Industries to develop environment-friendly crop protection

Valent U.S. A. Corporation introduces biorational business unit

January 10

The ‘must have’ UK Pesticide Guide 2010 is now available

Integrated Pest Management in Europe - The ENDURE Network of Excellence shares the fruits of four years’ research with the crop protection community

BioWorks launches new website design

Brasil - Dia de Campo na TV apresenta solução para o combate a lagartas em culturas agrícolas

Bayer CropScience acquires biofungicide from AgroGreen
Bayer CropScience übernimmt Bio-Fungizid von AgroGreen

Western Australia Department of Agriculture awards to Becker Underwood the licence for production and manufacture of Twist Fungus, a biological control agent of the bacterium and nematode organisms that cause annual ryegrass toxicity

Biowork's RootShield WP acquires OMRI listing

Becker Underwood introduces new employees

Advanced Biological Marketing hires Regional Sales Manager for Southern U.S.

Biopesticide company Certis USA named primary U.S. distributor of Neudorff products DES-X, Cueva, Seduce and Sluggo

December 09

Biological control of major insect pests now possible for the Western Australian horticultural industry

Biodiversity treaty blocks organic pest control, according to Wageningen University entomologist

The IR-4 Project: promoting effective weed control for food, flowers and seasonal favorites

AgraQuest and Bayer CropScience sign supply agreement - AgraQuest puts its technology for fungal bacterial control in new Natria product line from Bayer Advanced

Bayer CropScience announces new VOTiVO biological seed treatment for 2011 - Company rapidly building its biological seed treatment platform

Fungus-on-fungus fight could benefit chickpeas
La lucha entre los hongos podría beneficiar a los garbanzos

November 09

Biocontrols in the spotlight

Grain quality improves after Aflasafe application in Nigeria

Spider mite predators serve as biological control

October 09

Nuevo inoculante bacteriano producido con Tecnología Osmo Protectora (Actualidad)

Good year for biological control of the striking purple weed Paterson’s Curse in Western Australia

Becker Underwood introduces Vault HP growth-enhancement system for soybeans

U.S. Federal Register: Environmental impact statement; movement of plant pests, biological control organisms, and associated articles

Keystone publications of the British Crop Production Council (BCPC) to be launched at November congress: The Pesticide Manual; The e-Pesticide Manual and The Manual of Biocontrol Agents

Embrapa apresenta controle biológico de pragas na Inovatec 2009

September 09

U.S. Federal Register: Availability of an environmental assessment for a biological control agent to reduce the severity of infestations of Japanese beetle on turfgrass

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture records breakthrough against pest devastating African cabbage

Kenneth Alness appointed new CEO of Lantmännen BioAgri AB

EMD Crop BioScience's new Optimize 400 with LCO Promoter Technology delivers new soybean seed treatability benefits for retailers and extraordinary ROI for growers

Pioneer Hi-Bred announces new inoculant platform - Grass fiber technology, inoculant 11GFT, offers producers higher forage performance

Iowa State University researchers study insecticide-free method for control of soybean aphids

What's new in the biological control of weeds?

August 09

New product developments prompt Becker Underwood organizational changes

Inseticidas biológicos que não fazem mal à saúde, nem ao meio ambiente estarão entre as atrações da Embrapa na Expointer 2009

Biopesticide developed by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) puts invasive locust under control

Genome for Nasonia wasp now complete
Científicos del ARS secuencian el genoma de una avispa parásita útil

Pioneer nutrition experts provide bunker management considerations - Adequate packing, good covering and use of inoculants improve silages in storage

Brasil: Pesquisas em biotecnologia recebem apoio de R$ 17,2 milhões

Embrapa e Universidade Federal do Paraná desenvolvem primeiro inoculante brasileiro para milho e trigo

Field trials in the US show that enhancing the attractiveness of maize roots to insect-killing nematodes can effectively fend off Western corn rootworm

Precision Laboratories' Enrich increases phosphorus availability for cereals

July 09

Crops in East and Southern Africa saved from devastation by first large-scale use of a biopesticide made of fungal spores

Expert group seeks to speed Integrated Pest Management in Europe

University of Leicester research paves way for first ever use in Europe of an insect to fight invasive plant species

Star Seed Company introduces Sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea) as nitrogen fixing cover crop

New Mexico State University researcher studies biofumigation techniques for onion fields

USDA/ARS scientists identify weevil as biocontrol for garlic mustard
Científicos identifican un gorgojo como un agente de biocontrol contra la hierba del ajo

USDA/ARS scientists formulate biologically based herbicide to take on kudzu
Hongo identificado para controlar el kudzu

Biological control – A growing trend In the agricultural world

June 09

U.S. Federal Register: Availability of an environmental assessment and finding of no significant impact for a biological control agent for Russian knapweed

Innovotech appoints new Chief Executive Officer

Scientists examine genetic clues to help biocontrol agents survive longer

Easing the way for biological controls - An ENDURE interview with Bernard Blum, head of international affairs at  the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA)

Pirate bug tag-team spells double trouble for thrips
Dos chinches piratas amenazan los trips

Development of biological protection methods for the production of tomatoes

BioWorks announces OMRI listing for SuffOil-X horticultural spray oil

Researchers testing “one-two punch” against disease-spreading thrips
Investigadores están probando una nueva estrategia contra los trips

Syngenta acquires innovative bio-control technology to improve usable crop yields

Pasteuria Bioscience receives U.S. EPA registration for nematode control

Becker Underwood granted exclusive marketing rights for patented new seed treatment technology

Plant Bioscience Ltd. grants Becker Underwood worldwide exclusive license for the use of a new natural plant compound seed treatment technology

Una empresa de base tecnológica almeriense produce un insecto depredador del pulgón más eficiente para la agricultura

Becker Underwood granted exclusive rights for McGill University's patented nitrogen-fixing technology

Arysta LifeScience Corporation adds novel, plant-oil based insecticide to its product portfolio
Arysta incorpora a su cartera de productos un novedoso insecticida a base de aceite vegetal
Arysta ajoute un nouvel insecticide à base d’huile de plantes à sa gamme de produits
Arysta fügt seiner Produktlinie neuartiges Pflanzenöl-basiertes Insektizid hinzu
Arysta acrescenta inseticida inovador à base de óleo vegetal a sua carteira de produtos
Arysta brengt nieuwe insecticide op basis van plantaardige olie op de markt

May 09

Deferred payment loan now available for Pioneer silage inoculants

Saturated fields, crop switching emphasize need for soybean inoculants

Timely tips for successful lupins

Innovotech reports first quarter 2009 financial results

Marrone Organic Innovations changes identity to reflect broader biopesticide focus - Company develops both organic and conventional-use pest management products

Inseticida biológico para controle de lagartas será um dos destaques da Embrapa na Agrotins 2009

April 09

When to inoculate soybean seed in Iowa

May 09

Cornell University researchers testing ways to biologically control alfalfa snout beetles

April 09

Becker Underwood announces major development in plantability technology with the expansion of the Flo Rite polymer technology for soybeans

A biocontrol for a wide-ranging thrips
Armas naturales contra el trips amarillo

Look at soybean planting populations, inoculant use to reduce costs

Research promises end to aflatoxin contamination and reduction in $1.2bn global trade losses

Falta poco para Segundo Simposio Chileno de Control Biológico

Washington and Oregon scientists receive $500,000 grant to test weed-fighting bacteria

BioWorks adds horticultural spray oil to its product line

Inseticida biológico da Embrapa será destaque na AGROBRASÍLIA 2009

Novozymes Biologicals announces new President of the BioAg business

AVRDC’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies spread throughout India

U.S. Federal Register: Exemption from the requirement of a tolerance for residues of Becker Underwood's biofungicide, Bacillus subtilis MBI 600

Lloyd Dyck of BrettYoung Seeds is Germination's latest Giant Views of the Industry

BASF and AgraQuest announce agreement for the bio-fungicide Serenade
BASF und AgraQuest vereinbaren Kooperation bei Bio-Fungizid Serenade

March 09

Wheat curl mite might require non-chemical control

Company strengthens its crop protection portfolio: Bayer CropScience acquires certain AgroGreen´s biological products for the crop protection business
Unternehmen stärkt sein Pflanzenschutz-Portfolio: Bayer CropScience übernimmt biologische Produkte von AgroGreen für das Pflanzenschutz-Geschäft

British Crop Production Council publishes proceedings of Seed Production and Treatment in a Changing Environment symposium

La ciencia se mete en el campo

Rhizobial inoculants crucial for soybeans planted into previously flooded fields

New approach could improve safety assessments of biocontrol pathogens
Mejorando las evaluaciones de seguridad de patógenos como agentes de biocontrol

Soybean inoculants prove value after continuous corn - Becker Underwood recommends fresh rhizobial inoculants for soybeans planted into continuous corn acres in 2009

Precision Laboratories’ ProSurge catalytic soybean seed treatment promotes vigorous, healthy growth

Embrapa e UnB promovem curso em técnicas avançadas para o controle biológico de pragas

U.S. Federal Register: Availability of an environmental assessment for a biological control agent for Russian knapweed

RootShield WP biological fungicide from BioWords is approved for sale in California

Ohio State University soybean specialist finds that rhizobial inoculants deliver year after year

Launcher PRO, soybean seed enhancement system from Precision Laboratories, outperforms competition in independent research trials

February 09

Embrapa mostra como controlar insetos preservando a saúde e o meio ambiente - Pesquisas de controle biológico de pragas serão destaques em feira botânica em Brasília

BioWorks offers floriculture scholarship

Cotton Seed Distributors, Web on Wednesday: Becker Underwood inoculation

Controlling cucumber beetles organically

Becker Underwood promotes Charlie Hale to the position of Product Manager for the U.S. inoculant market

New rhizobia strain kicks up performance of Becker Underwood’s Nodulator inoculants for the U.S. pea and lentil market

Inseticida biológico para controlar lagartas será destaque durante Show Rural Coopavel 2009

Increasing corn for biofuel production reduces biocontrol services in agricultural landscapes

January 09

Canadian Wheat Board supports new opportunities for organic farmers

Becker Underwood names industry veteran Justin Miller as its new Western Territory Manager for inoculants with a focus on the pea and lentil business

Becker Underwood names Charles Robbins as Territory Manager for its inoculant business in Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri

December 08

Innovotech Inc. announces amendment to warrant terms

USDA/ARS grants exclusive license to produce and market an insect sex pheromone that can help control the pink hibiscus mealybug
USDA/ARS concede una licencia para una feromona de la cochinilla rosada del hibisco

South Dakota State University soybean research and Extension entomologist tests biocontrol option for soybean aphid

Innovotech field tests for ts new seed treatment, Agress, show positive results

Eliminate soybean inoculant in fields with a history of beans

September 08

Pesquisa avalia potencial de planta como inseticida e herbicida natural

Bioworks announces addition of Rootshield WP to its product line

BioWorks announces VeriFlora approval for PlantShield HC biological fungicide

July 08

EMD Crop BioScience expands product development department

Becker Underwood expands inoculant production capacity to meet growing demand

BioWorks announces OMRI listing for CEASE biological fungicide

RootShield Granules receives VeriFlora approval for input materials

Becker Underwood launches new web site

Comprehensive web portal on biopesticides

June 08

Brett Young Seeds believes in new biologicals for canola and soybean

Plant Health Care reports outstanding yield gains in wheat for seed applied Myconate

Becker Underwood promotes industry veteran Kyle Payne to national accounts manager for U.S. inoculant sales

May 08

International Seed Federation finalizes program of the 4th Seed Treatment Conference, to be held in Prague May 29, 2008

April 08

EMD Crop BioScience announces sales and marketing positions

Soybean inoculation provides insurance for growers

The Science behind seed treatments - Proceedings 2008 BASF Seed Treatment Symposium

March 08

AgraQuest Inc. builds ornamental partnership with BioWorks Inc.

Nicole Scott joins BioWorks product development team as Lab Research Technician

TagTeam Soybean liquid and NProve Soybean liquid, new soybean inoculants from Novozymes BioAg, receive western Canadian registration

Traitement fongicide biologique à la vapeur pour les semences de légumes
Mit Dampf schädliche Pilze bekämpfen

Agenda of the 4th Seed Treatment Conference, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic on May 29, 2008

February 08

Monsanto is uniquely positioned to capitalize on flourishing agriculture demand - Company taps new opportunity with new global seed treatment platform, signs agreements with Becker Underwood and Plant Health Care

American Soybean Association and Plant Health Care, Inc. renew and enhance N-Hibit Partnership program with a "Satisfaction Guarantee"

December 07

Matthew Needham joins BioWorks as Technical Sales Manager for the Western Region

Novozymes Biologicals Holding A/S completes acquisition of Philom Bios Inc.

EMD Crop BioScience adds Reveal Foliar, first foliar product containing LCO Promoter Technology, to its lineup of crop onputs

Paul Schmidt joins EMD Crop BioScience as President

November 07

EMD Crop BioScience brings onputs to corn market with Torque IF

Becker Underwood Company to celebrate its silver anniversary over the next 12 months

Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc.’s Leave to Appeal application dismissed by Supreme Court

Philom Bios Inc. files Directors Circular in response to formal bid made by Novozymes to acquire Philom Bios

October 07

Novozymes to make bid to acquire Philom Bios

Cathy Soanes joins EMD Cop BioScience as North American Marketing Manager

September 07

Advance Biological Marketing and TJ Technologies join forces to market ExcalibreQR

First-ever encapsulated soybean inoculant now offers 120-day post-application planting window

Kansas State University scientists outline wheat seed quality, seed treatment options

BioWorks appoints Joe Gionta as its new Director of Sales

Marla Faver joins BioWorks as Field Development Scientist

August 07

Philom Bios announces third quarter results

Becker Underwood names Stephanie Zumbach and Charlie Hale as Product Managers in the seed enhancements group

July 07

Advance Biological Marketing posts a record year

June 07

Philom Bios reports application for leave to appeal

May 07

ALOSCA Technologies' new manufacturing facility delivers encapsulated inoculants to legume pastures in Western Australia

Philom Bios awarded prestigious Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer

Philom Bios announces second quarter results

Scott Armstrong joins BioWorks as Technical Sales Manager for the South Region

April 07

Semente pré-enriquecida com molibdênio aumenta o rendimento da soja

Becker Underwood promotes Steve Bergschneider to Regional Sales Manager for the Northern U.S.

March 07

Fungicide seed treatments in soybean: should they be standard practice?

Philom Bios receives regulatory approval in western Canada for TagTeam soybean granular inoculant

February 07

Revolutionary plant health technology now available on cotton - LCO Promoter Technology maximizes cotton investment

2006 field trial results show that soybeans treated with Becker Underwood's VAULT BioStacked inoculant boost yields 2-10 bushels per acre

Becker Underwood announces major development in plantability technology with the debut of Flo Rite polymer technology for soybeans

Philom Bios announces first quarter results

December 06

Becker Underwood creates inoculants and seed enhancement business units

Philom Bios Inc. announces year end results, requalifies as one of Canada’s best managed companies

November 06

First-ever encapsulated soybean inoculant now offers 120-day post-application planting window

Becker Underwood announces new soybean inoculant website

Chad Young and Todd Morrison join Becker Underwood's seed enhancement business unit

October 06

Philom Bios introduces next generation TagTeam inoculants

Advanced Biological Marketing appoints new board of directors member

September 06

Becker Underwood announces new Regional Sales Manager and Territory Manager in the Southern US

T-22 for Wheat increases profit for farmers $15 per acre

August 06

Nitragin becomes EMD Crop BioScience - Plant health focus broadens to new crops

Philom Bios announces third quarter results

AGROTAIN International LLC and Philom Bios Inc. announce notice of termination of marketing agreement

June 06

Philom Bios and GRDC announce CEO for Australian joint venture

GRDC and Philom Bios join forces to develop high-value inoculents in Australia

May 06

Rich Reineke joins BioWorks as Technical Sales Manager for the Midwestern Region

Philom Bios announces second quarter results

April 06

Soybean inoculants supply nitrogen cheaper, more effectively than fertilizers

Philom Bios hires agronomist for US business

First-ever encapsulated soybean inoculant now offers 90-day planting window

International joint venture will commercialise high value inoculants in Australia

Becker Underwood acquires Sub-Sahara International

March 06

Nitragin acquires Agribiotics Inc. to expand its plant health technology product portfolio

February 2006

Laverlam International announces that BioWorks will exclusively market BotaniGard in the U.S.

January 06

Becker Underwood founders to step down from daily operations

First-ever encapsulated soybean inoculant created by Advanced Biological Marketing

BioWorks announces expanded label in California for MilStop broad spectrum foliar fungicide

ORO AGRI, Inc. and BioWorks sign distribution agreement

September 05

GRDC signs novel inoculant agreement with Philom Bios

Norman Schneiter joins BioWorks as Lab Supervisor/Product Development Technician 

BioWorks announces expanded label for MilStop broad spectrum foliar fungicide

August 05

Philom Bios announces third quarter results

Peter Eppeira joins BioWorks as Director of Manufacturing

New Territory Managers in the seed enhancement business unit of Becker Underwood

Advanced Biological Marketing launches new wheat seed treatment for the western U.S. plains

July 05

Philom Bios Inc. appeals court decision

Philom Bios Inc. communicates court decision

Mark Farnham joins BioWorks as Technical Sales Manager for the Northeast Region

May 05

"BioBoost", Brett-Young Seeds' new canola seed inoculant, can boost yields by 8% on average

Anne Webster join Becker Underwood's seed enhancement business unit

Becker Underwood acquires joint venture partner in Brazil

April 05

Becker Underwood sponsors technical collaborators forum for university specialists

Advanced Biological Marketing receives USDA scientific grant for corn research

Becker Underwood announces the acquisition of beneficial nematode products from Certis

March 05

Steve Bergschneider joins Becker Underwood' seed enhancement team as Territory Manager for Minnesota, North and South Dakota

February 05

America’s Best Inoculant ranks high in recently released soybean inoculation study

America’s Best Inoculant Plus 30 improves bulk seed treatment options, extends soybean planting window

New America’s Best Inoculant formulations make pre-treating soybean seeds easier

Becker Underwood contributes to pulse field lab research addition being built at the University of Saskatchewan

January 05

College of Agriculture at Iowa State University will benefit from $1.5 million gift for student entrepreneurship program

December 04

Grow healthier soybeans to help fight Asian soybean rust

November 04

Nitragin's Optimize Promoter Technology for soybeans continues to produce higher yields

Kurt Seevers joins Becker Underwood as Territory Manager for Eastern Colorado, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska

October 04

Becker Underwood expands into Chile

Becker Underwood launches VAULT inoculant featuring BioStacked technology

September 04

Norwest Equity Partners aligns with Becker Underwood

August 2004

BioWorks’ Dr. Chris Hayes assumes Sales and Technical Service responsibilities for Southeast and MidAtlantic states

July 2004

John Francis promoted to Director of Marketing and Technical Services 

June 2004

Dick O’Donnell joins BioWorks as Technical Sales Manager for the Midwest Region 

March 04

Becker Underwood acquires Bio-Care Technology, Australia’s leading ag biotechnology company

Febuary 04

Nitragin introduces "Optimize" soybean growth promoter

Becker Underwood announces additions to its seed enhancement business in the USA

January 2004

BioWorks announces new and improved NemaShield formulation

November 03

Philom Bios announces new executive team

October 2003

BioWorks announces OMRI listing for MilStop broad spectrum foliar fungicide

September 03

Philom Bios to market AGROTAIN® “Nitrogen Stabilizer”

John Francis joins BioWorks as Technical Sales Manager for the Midwest Region

BioWorks announces lower REI and new package for MilStop broad spectrum foliar fungicide

August 03

John Wilke joins Becker Underwood as Seed Enhancement Product Manager

June 03

Becker Underwood expands Missouri inoculant facility

BioWorks hires Randy Martin, Ph.D. as Director of Product Development

April 03

BioWorks, Inc. signs KD Associates, Inc. as manufacturers representative

February 03

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool introduces new line of inoculants for peas and lentils

December 02

BioWorks, Inc. announces MilStop approval in California

October 02

Becker Underwood purchases seed coating brands from Seppic

September 02

Germain’s Technology Group establishes distributorship with Advanced Biological Marketing

Becker Underwood acquires Urbana Laboratories, Seedbiotics and Seperit

July 02

Koppert Canada Limited acquires exclusive Canadian distribution rights for RootShield biological fungicide

January 02

Growth drives promotions in Becker Underwood's executive management team

November 01

Urbana Laboratories introduces NOD+30™ for custom inoculation of soybeans up to 30 days before planting

CelPril and Rizobacter Argentina S.A. announce licensing agreement

May 01

Becker Underwood adds one and promotes two

March 01

An innovative new seed treatment combines a leading fungicide and inoculant to help soybean growers maximize yields

Urbana Laboratories appoints new District Sales Manager

January 01

BioWorks signs distribution agreement with Koppert, B.V.

New soybean inoculant produces significant yield increases

CelPril announces management changes

October 00

Keith Sandberg named Sales and Marketing Manager for Urbana Laboratories

EPA approves T-22 planter box for use on wheat

September 00

Becker Underwood, Inc. acquires bio-manufacturer MicroBio Group Ltd.

August 00

Greg Waibel named Division Manager of Urbana Laboratories

June 00

Seed Treatment Symposium of the British Crop Protection Council

BioWorks introduces PlantShield biological foliar and root fungicide

March 00

BioWorks, Inc. promotes Robert Dyksterhouse to Eastern Region Technical Sales Manager - Turf

February 00

BioWorks, Inc. signs The Buffalo Horticulture Sales Company as Manufacturers Representative

BioWorks, Inc. hires Tim Brubaker as Technical Sales Manager

December 99

BioWorks introduces NemaShiel for fungus gnat control

A win-win biological solution to the 'Dead Zone" threat to marine life

August 99

BioWorks receives SBIR grant award

July 99

EPA approves BioWorks, Inc. all crops label

June 99

BioWorks, Inc. introduces new turf product line

BioWorks, Inc. hires Robert Dyksterhouse as Southeast Sales Representative

BioWorks' products receive OMRI listing

March 99

BioWorks acquires genes for insect resistant plants

January 99

BioWorks, Inc. announces equity, technology commercialization agreement with Forage Genetics

February 98

Nitragin inoculants — A century of superior products

October 97

Liphatech introduces Cell-Tech 2000

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