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August 10

Scientists develop market system for rice kernel length elongation traits

UK researchers release draft sequence coverage of wheat genome

UK researchers release draft sequence coverage of wheat genome

InterGrain and Monsanto announce new wheat breeding collaboration
Monsanto acquires 19.9 % minority interest in InterGrain

Canada - Priorities announced for bew WGRF directed research program

AgriLife Research identifies wheat streak resistance gene

International rice scientists meet in Little Rock, Arkansas about efforts to combat destructive rice disease

Texas AgriLife Research in Amarillo, Texas hires grain geneticist

Private support helps public plant research

July 10

A new tool for improving switchgrass
Una nueva herramienta para mejorar el césped Panicum virgatum

ICRISAT's Center of Excellence in Genomics announces eighth training course entitled “Application of Molecular Markers in Crop Improvement"

International experts see backswing in pendulum of biological patenting

Mapping out pathways to better soybeans
Los secretos de crear variedades mejoradas de la soja

Rice blast disease epidemic provides setting for international conference

Fungi's genetic sabotage in wheat discovered
Científicos descubren el sabotaje genético realizado por dos hongos en el trigo

June 10

Peanuts: more genetically diverse than expected - New research identifies greater molecular diversity in commercial Virginia-type peanut cultivars, useful for disease resistance

Genedata's Refiner MS used by Max Planck Institute will demo at Metabolomics Conference 2010

Tyrian Diagnostics Ltd. and Bayer CropScience sign manufacturing and supply agreement for ReadRite agricultural diagnostic tests

Wild potato germplasm holds key to disease resistance
Germoplasma de papa silvestre contiene una clave a la resistencia a enfermedades

Kansas State University partners with Monsanto to improve wheat breeding program

Michigan State University gets four-year, $4 million USDA grant to enhance the economic and nutritional value of the common bean

Fluidigm introduces world’s first reusable bio-chip architecture for the commercial market

May 10

GRDC-funded project to assess genetic variability in nitrogen use efficiency in Australian wheat and barley germplasm and identify molecular markers associated with nitrogen use efficiency

New sub1 rice lines developed in less time by PhilRice and the International Rice Research Institute

Developing DNA markers of rice blast resistance gene locus

Eagle Genomics Ltd. and the John Innes Centre enter into collaboration on TraitTag

Method to differentiate open pollinated varieties of maize developed -Using genetic fingerprints to protect maize farmers from mistaken or stolen seed identity

GRDC-funded project to assess genetic variability in nitrogen use efficiency in Australian wheat and barley germplasm and identify molecular markers associated with nitrogen use efficiency

Health benefits of wheat can be improved by plant breeding

Protecting genetic resources - Plant breeders look to genetic markers to protect their research investments and unique plant varieties

Boosting the nutritional value of corn: a new approach that saves eyesight and lives in the developing world
Un nuevo enfoque que preserva la vista y la vida en los países en vía de desarrollo

April 10

DNA LandMarks and the Generation Challenge Programme collaborate to advance molecular breeding in developing countries

GM Crops magazine, Volume 1, Issue 3 - May/June 2010

Developing DNA markers of rice blast resistance gene locus

India - Biotech research for development of new crops

The role of molecular markers and marker assisted selection in breeding for organic agriculture

Roche NimbleGen and Biogemma develop enhanced sequence capture technology for wheat and canola

Gene discovery may lead to new varieties of soybean plants

Floragenex and BioDiagnostics, Inc. collaborate to deliver advanced genomics services to customers in all crop species

Syngenta and CIMMYT establish industry-leading partnership to advance wheat research
Syngenta und CIMMYT vereinbaren industrieweit führende Partnerschaft zum Voranbringen der Weizenforschung
Syngenta et le CIMMYT concluent un partenariat de pointe pour faire avancer la recherche sur le blé

American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) research develops tools for U.S. corn breeders

March 10

Devgen and IRRI form a partnership for the development of drought-tolerant rice hybrids to the benefit of the Asian rice farmers

University of Illinois researchers identify new soybean aphid biotype that can multiply on aphid-resistant soybean varieties

Scientists get closer to developing tools that will fast track cowpea breeding

“A-maize-ing” discovery could lead to higher corn yields, providing boost for food, feed and fuel

More vitamin A from maize? Rare variation in maize gene results in more beta-carotene

Syngenta adapts high-volume genotyping technology for agricultural biotechnology

Marker assisted plant breeding: how and why it works (Eurofins/STA Laboratories newsletter)

U.S. National Sunflower Association funds sequencing of representative and diverse sunflower cultivars for single nucleotide polymorphism marker identification

Transgenetic and cisgenetic potatoes coming closer

February 10

Cloned gene being used to develop aluminum tolerant crops

Public-private partnership to improve maize harvests 30-50 percent and provide options for African smallholder farmers

University of Arkansas scientists tweak genetics, physiology of soybeans to increase dryland yields

USDA/ARS researchers develop method to speed up breeding of scab-resistant barley cultivars

Embrapa starts new rice breeding project for Brazil

The Molecular Breeding Platform, a new initiative launched to harness biotechnology to improve plant breeding

January 10

Fluidigm and Bayer CropScience enter global agreement for marker-assisted breeding and quality control

Molecular Plant Breeding CRC 2008/09 annual report

Molecular markers made easy: the Generation Challenge Programme’s Molecular Marker Toolkit

December 09

Quiet biotech revolution transforming crops (The New York Times)

Tracking virus resistance genes in watermelon made easier with new molecular markers
Marcadores moleculares ayudan a identificar los genes de sandía que proveen resistencia a un virus

Genetic marker provides fungal disease guide

November 09

Malaysia launches strategic collaboration in modern breeding

Genetically modified rice at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Ankur Seeds and KeyGene to collaborate on molecular marker development in field crop breeding

October 09

Modern molecular characterization tools protect traditional local cultivars in Europe. Can the same methods be used for indigenous vegetables in Africa and Asia?

Generation Challenge Programme’s Genotyping Support Service aims to spread the benefits of marker technology in the developing world

University of Idaho scientists use genetic markers to develop potatoes that fry up light even after cold storage

September 09

Breeding rust-resistant wheat with DNA technology

CGIAR's Generation Challenge Programme launches a public platform for plant molecular breeding in the developing worl

July 09

Floragenex RAD marker technology presented to the 2009 International Society for Horticultural Science, Molecular Markers in Horticulture Symposium

Journal of Cotton Science publishes in-depth article on molecular markers - Publication completes Monsanto SSR donation to the public domain

June 09

ISAAA releases new Pocket K on marker-free GM plants

Melon research sweetened with DNA sequence

Novel upland rice variety bred using marker-assisted selection and client-oriented breeding released in Jharkhand, India

Seed Biotechnology Center at UC Davis: presentations made at the May 2009 symposium “Seed Biotechnologies: Filling the Gap between the Public and Private Sector”

May 09

Introgressing multiple Ty genes from wild tomato species Solanum habrochaites and S. chilense into AVRDC lines

DNA LandMarks announces strategic collaboration with Malaysia Biotech

Rice 'fingerprints' provide valuable info to rice breeders

European Food Safety Authority updates on its work on antibiotic resistance marker genes (ARMG) in GM plants

Responsible biotechnology – Resistenzlabor now SAATEN-UNION BIOTEC GmbH
Biotechnologie mit Verantwortung – Resistenzlabor jetzt SAATEN-UNION BIOTEC GmbH

New and improved tomato analyzer - Software proves versatile, accurate for measuring fruit shape and size

Novel upland rice variety bred using marker-assisted selection and client-oriented breeding released in Jharkhand, India

April 09

DNA LandMarks and Advanta India announce strategic partnership in molecular breeding for vegetable and row crops

International plant breeders swap the field for the computer lab

ISTA Workshop on Molecular Markers for Variety Identity and Purity

DNA LandMarks, un chef de file en biotechnologie

U.S. Biotechnology Industry Organization debunks myths in anti-industry report: agricultural biotechnology helps farmers increase crop production

International team publishes first SSR based genetic linkage map for cultivated groundnut

Monsanto Company donates cotton molecular markers and state-of-the-art marker technology to Texas AgriLife Research cotton genome database
- Clemson University benefits from Monsanto’s gift to Texas A&M

March 09

Aluminum toxicity tolerance breeding in Indonesian soybeans

New DNA markers promote Finnish rye breeding

Leucadendron molecular marker breeding

FAO Biotechnology Forum explores "Learning from the past: Successes and failures with agricultural biotechnologies in developing countries over the last 20 years"

February 09

Molecular markers pinpoint genes for disease resistance in tomato

Genomic selection for crop improvement

Wageningen UR organizes the 13th QTL-MAS workshop

January 09

DNA LandMarks collaborates with Cornell University on completing a genetic map of pepper

FAO Biotechnology Forum explores "The role of agricultural biotechnologies for production of bioenergy in developing countries"

Molecular marker development and analysis company TraitGenetics launches new website

December 08

Workshop on the role of marker assisted selection in breeding varieties for organic agriculture

October 08

Identification of genetic markers for lodging resistance in wheat

September 08

INCOTEC and Proteios celebrate their 40th and 15th year anniversaries with festivities for customers, business associates and employees

University of Georgia researcher gains sunflower grants

Markers for rice blast resistance discovered
Marcadores genéticos descubiertos para resistencia al añublo del arroz

Monsanto scientists are a step closer to unlocking greater yield potential of corn - Agriculture company produces genetic blueprint of female corn line

BioGENEius shines through at Saturn Biotech

August 08

Philippines to develop corn varieties resistant to downy mildew using marker-assisted selection

Molecular plant breeding as the foundation for 21st century crop improvement

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. and Enterprise Minnesota kick-off collaboration - Lean product design and development training program to increase efficiencies, reduce waste

Worldwide SoyTechnologies LLC adds molecular biologist to staff

INIA Chile - Tierra adentro No. 80:
Chile está integrado a iniciativa mundial de secuenciación del genoma de la papa

Wheat genotyping: an invaluable service
Determinando más rápidamente el genotipo del trigo: Un servicio inestimable

July 08

Indian seed company Krishidhan and Dutch biotech company Proteios International sign agreement for the development and application of molecular markers and DNA detection technologies on cotton

ICRISAT announces second training course on marker assisted breeding

Workshop on the use of modern molecular breeding techniques in plant breeding held in Nairobi, Kenya

June 08

New DuPont molecular markers increase soybean productivity

Multi-state genomics research focuses on rice variety improvement

Belgium Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) and KeyGene sign AFLP license agreement

May 08

GrainGenes website speeds gene discovery
Nuevo sitio Web acelera el descubrimiento de genes de granos

Corn rootworm population studies: faster, cheaper—and just as good
Una nueva técnica más rápida y más barata para estudiar las poblaciones de plagas

April 08

New method to improve provitamin A content of maize developed

KeyGene InnovatorsClub: a new strategic initiative for small and medium-sized plant breeding enterprises

Genomic tools for breeding Japonica rice

Mississippi leads project to reveal rice genetic markers

March 08

Monsanto Company announces agreement to acquire De Ruiter Seeds, a leading global vegetable seed company
Monsanto maakt akkoord bekend over overname van De Ruiter Seeds, een wereldwijd toonangevend groentezadenbedrijf

Soy scientists to fill "library" with genetic bookmarks
Científicos crearán una "biblioteca genética" con nuevos marcadores de la soya

Molecular tools to identify resistance sources to wheat yellow rust

Use of molecular markers to breed for high quality rices

February 08

Summary document of the FAO e-mail conference entitled "Coping with water scarcity in developing countries: What role for agricultural biotechnologies?"

January 08

Full agenda now available for the February 2008 'Breeding With Molecular Markers' course at the UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center

GRDC's The Crop Doctor: Model legume parades genes

Indian scientists develop a variety of corn with extra protein through marker-assisted breeding

December 07

Dialogue on agricultural biotechnologies to assist developing countries cope with water scarcity

November 07

Markergen-freie Pflanzen werden bald Standard sein
Marker-gene-free plants will soon be standard

University of California, Riverside researchers awarded nearly $1.7 million to develop improved cowpea varieties - Driven by genomic technology, research will benefit African farmers

October 07

Indian and Australian scientists collaborate for better wheat

September 07

ICRISAT scientists work to breed crop varieties and hybrids that are more drought, pest and disease tolerant

The genetic revolution continues at CIMMYT - Gift from DuPont helps CIMMYT scientists look for genes in wheat and maize, and gives breeders an affordable tool to help select the best

Philippine Rice Research Institute uses DNA marker-assisted selection to develop flood-tolerant rice

August 07

Controlling soil-borne cereal mosaic virus in the UK by developing resistant wheat cultivars

June 07

Marker-assisted selection: Current status and future perspectives in crops, livestock, forestry and fish
Edited by E.P. Guimarães, J. Ruane, B.D. Scherf, A. Sonnino and J.D. Dargie.
The FAO Working Group on Biotechnology

FAO releases major new publication on marker-assisted selection

May 07

Automation of DNA marker analysis for molecular breeding

East West Seeds Company expands its research and development activities in The Philippines

April 07

Indian Council of Agricultural Research identifies five new rice varieties

February 07

Groundbreaking ceremony for new crop research centre at the University of Nottingham

January 07

Enhanced, drought-tolerant maize will give African farmers options, even with global warming

Molecular markers make their mark in plant breeding

December 06

Discovery of a DNA marker for two key rust resistance genes enables breeding of more effective rust resistant wheat varieties

Intensified research effort yields climate-resilient agriculture to blunt impact of global warming - Heat-tolerant wheat, flood-proof rice, satellites for carbon trading among new technologies

ICRISAT and India's Department of Biotechnology partner to establish a Center of Excellence in Genomics

Using Molecular Markers in Plant Genetics Research
Source: Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont company

November 06

DuPont soybean genetic marker technology speeds yield enhancement - Proprietary genetic markers deliver yield gains three times industry average

October 06

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and DNA LandMarks announce collaborative efforts in genetic marker research

August 06

Introducing traits with pinpoint accuracy - Syngenta employs precision transformation and conversion to ensure performance

Late summer provides opportunity to evaluate soybean fields for agronomic issues - Field-by-field evaluation of disease and pest issues improves product selection

July 06

Release of new rice variety for the terai and inner terai rice production environment in Nepal

State-of-the-art technology being applied to agricultural problems
Tecnología de último modelo aplicada a los problemas agrícolas

The Global Partnership Initiative for Plant Breeding Capacity Building (GIPB)
- Overview
- Report of the Stakeholder Forum

April 06

Co-existence of genetically modified, conventional and organic crops in the EU: Freedom of choice

DNA LandMarks announces the launch of a Tomato SNP Marker Development Consortium

USDA awards $5 million to identify genes that produce higher yielding, higher quality, disease-resistant barley

March 06

North Dakota State University researchers receive grant to improve wheat quality and disease resistance

Growers can unlock hidden soybean yield potential

Selection of potato lines resistant to multiple pathogens

Syngenta corn rootworm trait stands tall in extensive testing: event MIR604 demonstrates excellent control, consistency and yield results

February 06

Virginia Tech helping to develop higher quality, disease-resistant wheat varieties

Texas A&M to participate in applied wheat genome research

US$5 million grant awarded for wheat genome research under UC Davis lead
- USDA awards $5 million for applied wheat genome research

The role of non-GM biotechnology in developing world agriculture

December 05

New drought-resistant rice developed developed under a participatory plant breeding programme

The Noble Foundation, Grasslanz and Gentos form an alliance to develop summer dormant tall fescues

October 05

Iowa State University provides new educational curriculum on molecular technology

September 05

USDA/ARS and University of Tennessee release new soybean germplasm line characterized by high seed yields and high levels of resistance to multiple races of soybean cyst nematode
Nuevas líneas de soya tienen resistencia a los nematodos y patógenos

June 05

Key agricultural productivity technology arrives at 10-year milestone: marker-assisted selection has revolutionized how scientists increase crop performance with native crop genes

May 05

Texas A&M University researchers work toward hardy, stress resistant corns

April 05

New ISAAA information package: 'Molecular Breeding and Marker Assisted Selection'

January 05

Marker assisted breeding leads to new downy mildew resistant pearl millet hybrid

Pioneering marker-assisted breeding results in pearl millet hybrid resistant to downy mildew

December 04

Drought tolerant crops and transgenic breeding: just a utopian vision? (ARTICLE)

October 04

Wading softly into GMO waters

ICRISAT initiates e-network on agri-biotechnology

September 04

CIMMYT’s guiding principles for developing and deploying genetically engineered maize and wheat varieties

Frost tolerant barley set for Western Australia

August 04

University of Illinois researchers identify gene with resistance to soybean aphids

July 04

Frost tolerance breakthrough in barley

Summary Document of the FAO e-mail conference: "Molecular marker assisted selection as a potential tool for genetic improvement of crops, forest trees, livestock and fish in developing countries"

April 04

European Food Safety Authority provides scientific advice on the use of antibiotic resistance marker genes in genetically modified plants

March 04

Summary Document of the FAO e-mail conference: "What should be the role and focus of biotechnology in the agricultural research agendas of developing countries?"

December 03

FAO e-mail conference on marker assisted selection

November 03

UC Davis announces upcoming course in breeding with molecular markers

Workshop proceedings: "Marker assisted selection: A fast track to increase genetic gain in plant and animal breeding?"

Thirty-five years of soybean breeding yields results for farmers

May 03

New method to speed breeders' search for disease-resistant beans
Método nuevo ayudará a cultivar nuevas variedades de habichuelas resistentes a enfermedades

January 03

DNA LandMarks to acquire plant genotyping business from Paradigm Genetics

August 02

Waxy gene can improve stockfeed sorghum

December 01

Breeding aluminum tolerance into wheat
La tolerancia al aluminio en el trigo

Celera and Paradigm Genetics enter strategic alliance to offer genomic technologies to the plant-based agricultural industry

September 01

Corn geneticists advance using biotech to speed classical plant breeding
Genetistas del maíz mejoran la crianza clásica con la biotecnología

December 00

Rice breeders speed variety development
Los criadores de arroz aumentan la velocidad del desarrollo de variedades nuevas

May 00

Positech breakthrough offers alternative to antibiotic resistance marker genes for genetically enhanced crops

World leader in genetic markers & mapping, DNA LandMarks can turbo charge your breeding program


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