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July 10

Wo die wilden Gemüse wohnen - Gurke und Melone stammen aus Asien und Australien
Where the wild veggies are - Cultivated cucumber and melon originated in Asia and Australia

April 10

Dr. Surinder Gulia joins United Genetics Seeds Company as melon breeder

Almería - Agroponiente ofrecerá al mercado su producción de melón y sandía a partir de primeros de mayo (TelePrensa)

Murda disease, chilli and downy mildew on muskmelon in India

Almaría, España - El injerto de melón negro aumenta por el vigor que le da a la planta (Ideal)

February 10

Monsanto’s Vegetable Seeds Division has successful debut at Fruit Logistica 2010 in Berlin

January 10

AgraQuest introduces new soil fungicide for potatoes, tomatoes and cucurbits

December 09

Hollar Seeds launches new website

November 09

26.000 genes para hacer un melón - Científicos españoles logran el primer borrador de la secuencia genómica de esta fruta (El País)

August 09

Syngenta Seed Care offers first seed treatment insecticide for small-seeded vegetables

June 09

USDA/ERS: U.S. and State data on acreage, yield, production, price, and value for melons

Melon research sweetened with DNA sequence

May 09

Tattoo C fungicide from Bayer CropScience now fully registered in Canada for control of downey mildew in cucurbits

Syngenta Crop Protection's Voliam Xpress insecticide receives California label approval for use on head and leaf lettuce, fruiting vegetables, head and stem brassicas, and cucurbit vegetables

Rijk Zwaan offers prospects for convenience sector
Rijk Zwaan biedt perspectief aan convenience sector

Rijk Zwaan offers prospects for convenience sector
Rijk Zwaan biedt perspectief aan convenience sector

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 26 new plant varieties

January 09

Investigadores españoles secuenciarán el genoma del melón

Rijk Zwaan launches website wholly dedicated to its orange-fleshed melon Caribbean
Website gelanceerd over Caribbean-meloen

Nunhems at Fruit Logistica 2009 - Intense tomatoes and Magenta melons: convenient and flavorful solutions for food professionals

De Ruiter Seeds present at Fruit Logistica 2009

Rijk Zwaan in direct contact with convenience sector
Rijk Zwaan in direct contact met convenience-sector

KeyGene and Amplicon Express announce Whole Genome Profiling, a method that enables fast and efficient Whole Genome Sequencing of plant and animal genomes - 450 Mbp melon genome sequenced

December 08

INIA Chile - Tierra adentro No. 82: Riego por goteo en cultivo de melón

Brasil: Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico aprova projetos de pesquisadores da Embrapa Hortaliças

Caribbean, Rijk Zwaan's orange-fleshed melon concept, is a worldwide success

October 08

Melon thrips threaten production of flowers, forages and vegetables in Costa Rica

June 08

Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics in Barcelona, Spain to use 454 sequencing for melon research

May 08

Undiagnosed virus on muskmelon in Punjab, India

April 08

Downy mildew disease hits muskmelon crop in the Punjab, India

March 08

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 13 new plant varieties

February 08

First report of Pythium splendens associated with severe wilt of muskmelon in Oman

U.S. Federal Register: United States standards for grades of cantaloups

January 08

Bayer CropScience at Fruit Logistica 2008 in Berlin: Fruits and vegetables with more intensive flavors - Company presents Flavour Guarantee project from Brazil
Bayer CropScience auf der Fruit Logistica 2008 in Berlin: Obst und Gemüse mit intensiverem Geschmack -  Unternehmen stellt "Flavour Guarantee"-Projekt aus Brasilien vor

Melon necrotic spot virus newly reported in China

December 07

S&G launches, the website about the world of melons

November 07

A new specialty crop: orange-fleshed, organic honeydews
Científicos evalúan melones dulces orgánicos con pulpa de color naranja

North Carolina State University releases new melon hybrids

Clarification re. New strain of downy mildew in cucurbits - Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

October 07

New strain of downy mildew in cucurbits - Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Bottlegourd gene may curb cucurbit virus
Gen de porongo podría controlar un virus de cucúrbitas

July 07

Rede de pesquisa vai incrementar a produção de cucurbitáceas em áreas de agricultura familiar e assentamentos

May 07

Monsanto Company forms holding company to invest in international fruit and vegetable seed companies, acquires Western Seed and Poloni Semences

Evalúan diversos cultivares de melón en Entre Ríos

Beet and cucurbit viruses, multiple hosts, China, first reports

April 07

Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus (CYSDV) strikes melons in Yuma County, Arizona

March 07

Sovran fungicide from BASF registered in the U.S. for use on cucurbits

January 07

USDA seeks comments on possible revisions to the U.S. standards for grades of cantaloupes

December 06

U.S. Federal Register: United States standards for grades of cantaloupes

September 06

Evalúan híbridos de melón en San Juan, Argentina

June 06

Harris Moran's Yuma trials unveil newest melons and watermelons

April 06

First report of cucurbit aphid-borne yellows virus in Iran causing yellows on four cucurbit crops

February 06

Bacterial fruit blotch found on melon and watermelon in Israel

January 06

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 16 plant varieties

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