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July 10

Mobilisation à Munich pour sauver le brocoli et la tomate ridée (AFP)

Unilever and Syngenta challenge European patents on tomato, broccoli breeding (Bloomberg)

Tospovirus complex on tomato in Brazil

Major viral disease of tomato caused by a complex of viruses called Tospovirus found in all tomato producing regions of Brazil

Descoberta vai ajudar o desenvolvimento de variedades de tomate resistentes

Italy - New, lycopene-rich tomato bred using natural techniques presented during Coldiretti farmers' assembly (

Apple and tomato chains in China and the EU

University of Queensland's plant research to protect tomato production against tomato yellow leaf curl virus

June 10

Mexico - USDA/FAS GAIN report: Tomato Annual - Area planted down but production up

AgraQuest secures California approval for new soil fungicide for control of diseases in tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and cucurbits

Mexico - USDA/FAS GAIN report: Tomato Annual - Area planted down but production up

May 10

USA - Taking tomatoes back to their tasty roots (NPR)

Syngenta's Quadris Top fungicide receives U.S. federal registration for use on potatoes and tomatoes in California

Tomatoes developed by University of Idaho breeders will be available for sale this May

Late blight on tomato in Maryland, USA

El Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria (Senasa) suspende emisión de permisos para importar semillas de tomate y pimiento de España (Semana Economica)

April 10

You say tomato. They say phony - New hybrids promise same flavor, less fuss; heirloom lovers stew (The Wall Street Journal)

The breeding of new tomato varieties for a market segment with a short distribution chain

Record breaking yields for Danson Seed’s Merlot grape cherry tomato

Vegiversity: AVRDC’s contribution to vegetable biodiversity

Texas AgriLife Extension Service introduces online tomato growing course

Hebrew University and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory scientists discover genetic key to dramatically raise yields and improve taste of hybrid tomato plants

Karachi University has successfully produced foreign variety of tomatoes known as cherry tomatoes in its green houses on the large scale

March 10

Enza Zaden test nieuwe trospruimtomaat (KAS Magazine via GroenteNet)

Undiagnosed disease on tomato in Araucaria, Chile

Nieuwe trospruimtomaat E 24.34571 in beproeving

Single gene dramatically boosts yield and sweetness in tomato hybrids, joint CSHL-Israeli study reports - Scientists find the first example of a single gene that causes hybrid vigor

Teelttip losse tomaat Ingar/Careza week 12

Third Torrado virus discovered in Guatemala

Científicos descubren cómo mejorar el rendimiento en cultivo de tomate - Investigadores del CSIC han identificado los genes que regulan el crecimiento de algunas plantas (El Almeria)

Encontrar tomates con sabor a tomate (La Vanguardia)

U.S. Federal Register: Tomatoes grown in Florida; decreased assessment rate

Monsanto Vegetable Seeds introduces new seed varieties during meetings in Italy (Fresh Plaza)

February 09

Attack of the really quite likeable tomatoes - The success of genetically modified crops provides opportunities to win over their critics (The Economist)

Tomato seed heat treatment prevents bacterial canker

Alicante, España - Mutxamel impulsa otra campaña para recuperar el tomate autóctono - El objetivo de la iniciativa es desarrollar una variedad de producto resistente a los virus y de calidad

Virus versus virus in tomatoes

La filière algérienne de la tomate industrielle se désagrège (eco.nostrum)

En Algérie, la filière de la tomate industrielle perd 80 000 emplois (La Tribune)

New Mexico State University demonstrates economical way to prevent curly top virus devastation of tomato crop

Monsanto’s Vegetable Seeds Division has successful debut at Fruit Logistica 2010 in Berlin

Extending the shelf life of tomatoes

January 10

Revolutionary new tomato genetics for protected culture to be featured at the ExpoAgro in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico
El nuevo y revolucionario sistema de producción de tomate para la agricultura protegida será demostrado en la ExpoAgro Sinaloa

Conquering Asia with the pink tomato

Embrapa Hortaliças defende ampliação do projeto sobre monitoramento de moscas-brancas e geminivírus em tomateiro

Late blight on tomato in Uttarakhand, India

Infestation hits Rodale Institute's first-year multi-variant tomato trial - Heirloom variety outlasts hybrids in test of cover crops, beneficial soil fungi, organic fertility and weed suppression (Rodale Institute)

Weizmann Institute scientists unravel the genetic secrets of a pink tomato

Sensational flavour experience on Rijk Zwaan exhibition stand
Sensationelle Geschmackserlebnisse auf dem Messestand von Rijk Zwaan
Sensationele smaakbeleving op beursstand Rijk Zwaan

Dow AgroSciences, KeyGene enter into a trait development agreement - Companies to apply EXZACT Precision Technology to develop improved tomato varieties

AgraQuest introduces new soil fungicide for potatoes, tomatoes and cucurbits

December 09

Abcsem, em Campinas, divulga pesquisa onde tomate lidera crescimento e lucratividade no setor de hortaliças

November 09

The Leaflet, Newsletter from the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of California, Davis

Congresso Brasileiro de Tomate Industrial debate maior rendimento na produção

Enza Zaden lanceert tomatencampagne Timing Taste in Tomato World (AGF)

Orti, l’arte di coltivare il pomodoro in città (

October 09

KeyGene delivers sequence-based physical map of the 950 Mb tomato genome to CBSG and the International SOL Consortium

Role of major retailers in the tomato market

AgBioForum article: Impact of intellectual property rights in the seed sector on crop yield growth and social welfare - A case study approach

September 09

Embrapa Hortaliças apresenta tecnologias de produção orgânica de tomate

August 09

Two new AVRDC tomato varieties released in China

July 09

Seminis lança tomate determinado com pacote de resistências às doenças

Gene breakthrough secures crops' future

New tomato hybrids are on the way - Seed companies put IPM researchers’ findings to use

American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) develops guides on emerging diseases for commercial growers

University of Guelph aims to increase the amount of lycopene in new tomato varieties

Zeraim Gedera publishes the July issue of its newsletter Seasons & Tastes

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Tomatoes and products annual, Mexico

June 09

- Tomatoes and products annual, Brazil
- Tomatoes and products annual, Turkey

Late blight on potato and tomato in the USA

University of Arkansas space tomato project offers potential for drought, disease resistance

Collar rot & leaf blights on tomato, capsicum and strawberries in Himachal Pradesh, India

Development of biological protection methods for the production of tomatoes

Researchers testing “one-two punch” against disease-spreading thrips
Investigadores están probando una nueva estrategia contra los trips

May 09

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Italy, tomato annual report

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Chile, fresh and processed tomatoes annual

Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in Queensland, Australia

Introgressing multiple Ty genes from wild tomato species Solanum habrochaites and S. chilense into AVRDC lines

A combination of germplasm, genetics, genomics, and stress physiology identify tomatoes with tolerance to drought and high temperatures

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Annual tomatoes and products report, China

Michigan State University discoveries upend traditional thinking about how plants make certain compounds

Syngenta Crop Protection's Voliam Xpress insecticide receives California label approval for use on head and leaf lettuce, fruiting vegetables, head and stem brassicas, and cucurbit vegetables

Late blight on tomato in Alabama, USA

New species of begomovirus causing tomato leaf curl identified in India

New tomato virus pathogens in India and USA

Space tomato project offers potential for drought, disease resistance

Seminis China launches Oudun, a long-shelf-life pink tomato

New and improved tomato analyzer - Software proves versatile, accurate for measuring fruit shape and size

April 09

Vilmorin renforce ses positions mondiales en tomates et piments
Vilmorin strengthens its worldwide position in tomatoes and peppers
Vilmorin adquiere GenTropic Seeds en Guatemala

March 09

Embrapa Hortaliças e Cuba estabelecem cooperação no melhoramento genético de tomate

Identification of a new begomovirus associated with yellow leaf curl diseases of tomato and pepper in Sulawesi, Indonesia

First reports of tomato torrado virus in Panama and Australia

High beta-carotene tomatoes for West Africa are scoring high

Begomoviruses on pepper and tomato in Cuba - New pathogens

February 09

Guide de la tomate hors sol à La Réunion

Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company gets ready to go commercial with Bt varieties of staple crops such as rice, wheat and some vegetables

Color test enhances tomato analyzer software - TACT proves accurate, user-friendly in digital image analysis of color in fruits, vegetables

AVRDC tomato lines released in Tanzania and Malawi

Molecular markers pinpoint genes for disease resistance in tomato

’Pick your winter profits’: De Ruiter Seeds presents major innovations in the search for flavor, color and yield in South European tomatoes

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 58 new plant varieties

Economic evaluation of methyl bromide alternatives for the production of tomatoes in North Carolina

Nunhems’ innovation featured at Produce First! event

January 09

Guide devoted to dealing with whiteflies in tomato crops added to ENDURE's website

Nunhems at Fruit Logistica 2009 - Intense tomatoes and Magenta melons: convenient and flavorful solutions for food professionals

De Ruiter Seeds present at Fruit Logistica 2009

Hazera Genetics acquires the activities of L.S.L Biotechnologies,Inc. and L.S.L Plant Science, LLC.

Embrapa Hortaliças mostra opções para cultivo de inverno no Show Rural

Late blight on potato and tomato in Florida and Ireland

Colombian datura virus, an emergent virus, may present a risk to solanaceous crops

December 08

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 18 new plant varieties

New research shows how a bacterium disables tomato plant's intruder detection systems

October 08

Arcadia Biosciences and Semillas Fito announce research and commercial development agreement for extended shelf-life tomatoes

Science explains why the tomato grew big

Fried purple tomatoes

Bacterial canker on tomato is rediscovered in the United Kingdom

Congresso discute tecnologias e políticas para o tomate industrial do Brasil

Assessment of the nutritional values of genetically modified wheat, corn, and tomato crops

September 08

HeinzSeed names Claudio Leggieri to the position of Regional Sales Manager – Europe, Middle East, and Africa

First report of powdery mildew caused by Oidium neolycopersici on tomato in China

First report of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne enterolobii on tomato and cucumber in Switzerland

Tracking and taming a tomato virus
Siguiendo y domando un virus del tomate

August 08

Novel pathogens on tomato and potato in the USA

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Tomatoes and products, China, annual report

University of California releases production costs for several commodities

Rijk Zwaan bids for Olympic glory - Dutch vegetable seed company reveals it is supplying tomatoes and mini cucumbers to Beijing's Olympic Village

Introducing a tomato hybrid in Kenya

July 08

Nunhems’ Intense tomato honored for foodservice innovation

Australia changes import requirements for tomato seed regarding Potato Tuber Spindle Viroid (PTSV)

First report of Tomato torrado virus in Hungary

Can tomatoes carry the cure for Alzheimer’s? Study shows how transgenic plants are used to produce a vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 74 new plant varieties

June 08

Evolution of fruit size in tomato - Mapping the genes that control fruit size in tomato and other Solanaceae

The 21st century tomato: using systems biology to model the metabolic networks in tomato fruit development

First report of the A2 mating type of Phytophthora infestans on tomato crops in Taiwan

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 21 new plant varieties

First report of Tomato apical stunt viroid in Finland

Tomato zonate spot virus (TZSV; proposed): a significant new tospovirus of vegetable crops in Yunnan, China

New bacterium detected fresh tomatoes and capsicums in the North Island of New Zealand
- New Liberibacter pathogen on hot-house tomato and capsicum in New Zealand

May 08

First report of Tomato chlorosis virus in Cuba

Evogene to collaborate with Vilmorin for tomato yield improvement

Seed transmission of Pepino mosaic virus in tomato

Brilliant from Seminis awarded the 2008 Best Tasting Tomato on the Vine by ChefsBest, an independent judging organization dedicated to recognizing and honoring food products in the United States

University of Amsterdam scientists discover how to keep tomatoes from wilting

April 08

Tomatoes are hot - even in Idaho’s cold, short-season areas

March 08

Hairy vetch mulch activates genes for phytonutrients in tomatoes
Un cultivo de cobertura del vezo piloso estimula genes en tomates

Scientists develop transgenic tomatoes with increased resistance to the common cutworm

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 10 new plant varieties

First report of Tomato golden mottle virus in Mexico

Vermoedelijke bron Clavibacter besmettingen vastgesteld

February 08

Bacterial diseases on tomatoes in Holland, Italy

Late blight on tomato and potato plants in Florida

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 55 new plant varieties

Nunhems’ Intense tomato wins Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2008
Intense-Tomate von Nunhems gewinnt Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2008

Intense - A tomato, that does not lose its juice
Intense - Die Tomate, die den Fruchtsaft nicht verliert

January 08

The elongated tomato: an inseparable part of the culinary experience by Zeraim Gedera

TomatoFest Garden Seeds announes 'Top 10' heirloom tomatoes for 2008

EnviroLogix announces the first field diagnostic test for Tomato Apex Necrosis Virus

Enzymes conspire to rot tomatoes: cell wall proteins help fungus turn tomatoes from ripe to rotten

Bayer CropScience at Fruit Logistica 2008 in Berlin: Fruits and vegetables with more intensive flavors - Company presents Flavour Guarantee project from Brazil
Bayer CropScience auf der Fruit Logistica 2008 in Berlin: Obst und Gemüse mit intensiverem Geschmack -  Unternehmen stellt "Flavour Guarantee"-Projekt aus Brasilien vor

India's DRDO develops transgenic tomato tolerant to cold temperatures and water stress

December 07

Netherlands: Mogelijke besmetting met clavibacter in tomatenteelt

First record of Tomato spotted wilt virus and of Tomato infectious chlorosis virus in Jordan

Nunhems new tomato concept Intense nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2008 among the 10 most outstanding innovations of the year
Nunhems’ Intense für den Fruit Logistica Innovationspreis 2008 nominiert Nunhems neues Tomatenkonzept Intense ist unter den 10 herausragenden Innovationen des Jahres

U.S. Federal Register: United States standards for grades of tomatoes on the vine

First reports of Tomato chlorosis virus in southwestern Turkey and in Mayotte Island, France

University of California, Davis tomato study points to organic pros and cons on four farms

November 07

First report of of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in the Netherlands and of Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus in Taiwan

Tomato disease in Mexico caused by new virus
Tomatenziekte in Mexico veroorzaakt door nieuw virus

Neues Virus verursacht Tomatenkrankheit in Mexiko
Un nuevo virus ocasiona enfermedad en el tomate
Maladie des tomates au Mexique provoquée par un nouveau virus

Tomato marchitez virus - New virus identified in Sinaloa, Mexico

First report of Tomato torrado virus in Poland

October 07

U.S. Department of Agriculture awards $4.7 million for tomato and potato specialty crops genetic research

September 07

Tiny tomato beats out the beefier entries in taste contest at University of Missouri Tomato Festival

New findings of torrado disease on tomato in Spain

Evogene and Zeraim Gedera salt tolerant tomato collaboration advances to second phase

August 07

Embrapa, indústria e produtores implantam produção integrada de tomate em Goiás

First reports of Columnea latent viroid  and tomato chlorotic dwarf viroid in the United Kingdom

July 07

USDA/FAS GAIN report: Greece: tomatoes and products annual

Expert to provide update on the status of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus after it was found for the first time in California

The Netherlands: Kamervragen over genetisch gemanipuleerde tomaten

June 07

U.S. Federal Register: United States standards for grades of tomatoes on the vine

Tomato spotted wilt virus on tomato in California, USA

Bt tomato with CRY6A found to be resistant to root-knot nematodes
Tomates Bt podrían ser resistentes a nematodes

May 07

Monsanto Company forms holding company to invest in international fruit and vegetable seed companies, acquires Western Seed and Poloni Semences

New tomato disease has California growers on alert

New University of California studies examine production costs for 10 crops

April 07

Research on grey mould offers possible breakthrough in tomato cultivation

Yellow Leaf Curl virus on tomato - California, Texas

March 07

Torrado disease, tomato - New virus identified

Scientists genetically engineer tomatoes with enhanced folate content

February 07

USDA seeks comments on the proposed voluntary standards for grades of tomatoes on the vine

USDA revises U.S. standards for grades of greenhouse tomatoes

Unique orange-colored tomatoes are tops in disease-fighting antioxidants

First report of tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) in Arizona

A special taste tomatoes program picks up at Zeraim Gedera

A year-round supply of tomatoes for the European markets

Wageningen UR scientists unmask virus that threatens Spanish tomato growing

The new Apple of the Eyes: high-beta carotene tomato renews Asia’s vision

Nunhems, Bayer CropScience ’s vegetable seed business, signs agreement with Unilever to co-develop new tomato varieties for taste, nutrition and health
Bayer CropScience’ Gemüsesaatgutgeschäft Nunhems und Unilever kooperieren bei der Entwicklung neuer Tomatensorten

Cornell University and the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research receive $1.8 million from National Science Foundation to continue tomato sequence project

January 07

S&G launches, the website about the world of tomatoes

USDA decision clears path for year-round availability of the flavorful UglyRipe tomato

U.S. Federal Register:
- Vegetables, import regulations - Partial exemption to the minimum grade requirements for fresh tomatoes
- Tomatoes grown in Florida - Partial exemption to the minimum grade requirements
- Tomatoes grown in Florida - Increased assessment rate

Tomato-broccoli combo shown to be effective against prostate cancer

USDA/PVPO grants protection to 29 new plant varieties

December 06

Western Australian tomato growers on alert for potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd)

November 06

The healthy potential for purple tomatoes

U.S. Federal Register: Tomatoes grown in Florida - Increased assessment rate

Tomatoes against drought

October 06

GM tomato good for the heart

Tomates azules transgénicos destinados a la creación de vacunas

Genetically enhanced flavonoid tomatoes could reduce cardiovascular disease
Tomaten mit gentechnisch erhöhtem Flavonoidgehalt könnten das Risiko von Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen senken

Centros de investigación públicos desarrollan hortalizas y frutas transgénicas de mayor calidad - Los institutos valencianos de Biología Molecular y de Investigaciones Agrarias ensayan variedades MG de cítricos, tomate, sandía y melocotón

Embrapa Solos produz primeiro tomate agroecológico sem resíduo de agrotóxico
EMBRAPA produces environmentally friendly tomato

September 06

Michigan State University researchers to use National Science Foundation grant to create more resilient tomatoes

August 06

U.S. Federal Register: Importation of tomatoes from certain Central American countries

Overdominant quantitative trait loci for yield and fitness in tomato

University of South Carolina tomato study could beat bugs, diseases

July 06

USDA/FAS GAIN report - Brazil: Tomatoes and products annual

June 06

U.S. Federal Register:
- Tomatoes grown in Florida - Partial exemption to the minimum grade requirements
- Vegetables, import regulations - Partial exemption to the minimum grade requirements for fresh tomatoes

May 06

Western Australia border restrictions to protect from Tomato yellow leaf curl virus

U.S. Federal Register:
- United States standards for grades of tomatoes on the vine

USDA/FAS GAIN report: China: Tomatoes and products - annual report

Border restrictions to protect Western Australia from Tomato yellow leaf curl virus

En el Alto Valle ensayan el cultivo de tomate bajo invernadero

Ripening in the tomato Green-ripe mutant is inhibited by ectopic expression of a protein that disrupts ethylene signaling

ISB News Report
- Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to Develop Tomato Metabolite Database

April 06

First report of Verticillium wilt, race 2 on tomato in Tunisia

DNA LandMarks announces the launch of a Tomato SNP Marker Development Consortium

Desarrollan una metodología de avanzada para auxiliar el mejoramiento de tomate

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to develop tomato metabolite database

First report of tomato apical stunt viroid in tomato in Tunisia

March 06

First report of Yellow leaf curl virus on tomato in Australia

Development of a predictive model for pythium diseases of vegetables and the re-emergence of tomato spotted wilt virus in California's San Joaquin Valley are among 2006-07 research grants from University of California

Tastier tomatoes in the future? German-Israeli research team discovers DNA fragments in wild tomatoes which could allow the development of better cultured tomatoes

Novel approach integrates fruit and whole plant analysis in tomato

Tomatoes in fight against bird flu

Hazera Genetics introduces Hazera Boutique premium taste tomatoes

A website ripe with data from ARS tomato studies
Un sitio Web del ARS provee muchos datos sobre estudios del tomate

Engineering tomato for resistance to tomato leaf curl disease using viral rep gene sequences

First reports of Yellow leaf curl begomovirus on tomato in Uganda, Indonesia and South Carolina, USA

February 06

First report of eggplant mottled dwarf virus in potato and tomato in Slovenia

Crop disease threatens southwest Florida tomatoes

U.S. Federal Register: Importation of tomatoes from certain Central American countries

January 06

Vietnam successfully creates tomato plant resistant to ralstonia solanacearum

New technique developed to analyze tomato genes

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