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Australian Vegetable Growers Federation (AUSVEG)

January 8, 2016

Gap between knowledge and action highlighted for Australian vegetable consumption

December 8, 2015

Australian vegetable growers face plunging prices for produce

November 30, 2015

Australia - Opportunity for growth with unusual vegetable products

November 9, 2015

Australian fresh bean exports reach record highs

August 26, 2015

Australia - Health conscious consumers turning to beetroot

August 20, 2015

Papua New Guinean bans Australian vegetables

Australia - Asian vegetable varieties increasingly popular with young families and young adults

August 17, 2015

Australian vegetable exports grow

August 6, 2015

Australian consumers eating more sweet corn

May 11, 2015

Versatile potatoes strike a chord with Australian consumers

March 26, 2015

Australian consumers maintain love affair with humble spud

March 2, 2015

Australian consumers embrace sweet corn

February 12, 2015

Australian pumpkin growers have been experiencing losses since 2007-08

February 9, 2015

Asian vegetables making a home in Australian diets

December 2, 2014

Australia - Broccoli production costs put pressure on growers

November 26, 2014

Australian consumers beat path to beetroot

November 14, 2014

Australian vegetable growers feeling the pinch due to rising production costs

November 10, 2014

Australia - Young people want to buy more potatoes

September 18, 2014

Australia - Costs put crunch on carrot growers’ profits 

July 17, 2014

Capsicums in the innovation spotlight

July 9, 2014

Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement to boost Australia's vegetable exports

The struggles of Australian vegetable growers continue

July 8, 2014

Mission accomplished: Australian vegetables to hit Asian plates

May 30, 2014

Australian vegetable industry grows to $3.8 billion

January 28, 2014

The big red hand picks Australian vegetables for freezing

January 22, 2014

Australian vegetable prices continue to track below inflation over the year

January 17, 2014

Australia - Over one third of vegetable consumers embrace Chinese and Thai cooking

January 8, 2014

Australia - Vegetables in vogue: Tipped to trend in 2014 forecast

January 7, 2014

Vegetable processor Kagome Australia’s A$21 million expansion welcomed by AUSVEG

December 17, 2013

Australia - Top ten favourite vegetables for the festive season unveiled



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