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July 31, 2015

International Grains Council - Five-year global supply and demand projections

BayWa-Tochter T&G Global Limited wird führend im Spargelhandel auf der Südhalbkugel

July 29, 2015

Seed treatment market worth 8.87 billion USD by 2020          

Agricultural robots market to reach $16.3 billion by 2020

July 26, 2015

Uruguay aspira colocar semillas de algunas especies forrajeras en China, si logran resolverse algunas trabas con las certificaciones, como sucedió recientemente con Australia (El Pais)

July 23, 2015

New chemical crop protection and GM seed industries infographic from Phillips McDougall

July 22, 2015

Seed crops in far north Queensland helping overseas farmers, grow to big business (The Australian)

Global bacterial biopesticides market by application (seed treatment, on farm and post-harvest),by type (Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas fluorescens), by crop type, by geography - Analysis and forecast to 2019

July 20, 2015

Agricultural robot shipments to reach nearly 1 million units annually by 2024 - Economic and demographic trends are driving increased interest in farm automation technologies

July 16, 2015

Indonesia - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

Malaysia - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

Singapore - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

July 14, 2015

Accounting for less than 5% of the global crop protection market in 2014, bio-pesticides expand rapidly, according to Kline & Company

The Philippines - Indian firm Prasad Seeds invests a whopping P450M for a corn processing plant in Pangasinan (Kicker Daily)

July 13, 2015

The Philippines - Prasad Seeds to open $10-million corn seed processing facility in Rosales, Pangasinan

July 9, 2015

New chemical crop protection and GM seed industries infographic

Desi Bt cotton: Will Indian farmers finally see an alternative to Monsanto’s Bollgard? (The Indian Express)

July 8, 2015

Trends in Global Approvals of Biotech Crops (1992–2014)

July 6, 2015

India - Biofuels, annual report

Agriculture in Northern Australia

Vietnam develops seed rice for Mozambique (Macau Hub)

July 5, 2015

Odisha, India - Short supply of seeds for pulses farming looms large (The New Indian Express)

July 3, 2015

Australian farmers planting more GM canola

Takii & Company survey - What kind of vegetable do Japanese people stock in their home regularly?

Agricultural firms see big gains from trade initiatives

July 1, 2015

India - Cottonseed firms woo farmers in a big way (The Hindu BusinessLine)

June 29, 2015

Satake providing rice milling, seed equipment in Turkmenistan (World Grain)

June 24, 2015

Sunflower seed - Market report, analysis and forecast to 2020

June 23, 2015

Australia - Chickpea sowing on the rise in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales (Queensland Country Life)

Global seed market continues to be driven by combined economic pressures of population growth, climate change, and resource scarcity


Visualizing Consolidation
in the Global Seed Industry


Seed Industry Structure

Phil Howard
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