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DLF Group is main grass seed supplier for World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Roskilde, Denmark
September 2, 2013

The preparations and construction work for next year’s major football event in Brazil include the right choice of grass for the pitches. Based on the successful stadiums in South Africa 2010, and DLF’s high-end grass seed innovation and technology, the DLF Group is once again chosen as the main grass seed supplier for all World Cup stadiums and training pitches in Brazil 2014.

Innovative grass solutions for the ultimate playing surface
Billions of football enthusiasts will follow the major football event in Brazil next summer. The best national football teams in the world will do their utmost to perform superbly on the natural sport surfaces and thus ultimate focus is naturally also brought to the pitch quality.
The grass for the 12 World Cup stadiums is supplied by DLF Group to the two Brazilian turf constructors, World Sports & Marketing and Green Leaf, who currently are renovating or rebuilding all the stadiums.
CEO Roberto Gomide from World Sports & Marketing states: “The DLF grass seed for the World Cup has that unique technical quality and visible features that will create the ultimate playing surface needed for the World Cup in Brazil. I feel confident that the pitches will be outstanding!

Proven concept tested by grass specialists
The grass seed chosen for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil has been tested thoroughly in Brazil by both international advisors as well as local sports grass specialists. The football pitches are generally Bermuda grass based, but due to the winter dormancy of Bermuda grass, the pitches need to be reinforced with temperate sports turfgrass to provide the perfect playing surface during the tournament. To meet this requirement the pitches are overseeded with DLF’s top performing Perennial ryegrasses including 4turf ™*), a new and innovative turfgrass from the R&D provided by DLF-TRIFOLIUM.

Stadiums challenge the grass quality
The 12 stadiums hosting the Word Cup in Brazil are impressive, but the hard wear and the growth conditions put a lot of pressure on the stadium pitch. These challenges are met by the tough turfgrass chosen for this major event. The grass mixture is proven to perform excellent under the special climate conditions and the intense matches expected in a World Cup tournament.
CEO Paulo Antonio Azeredo Neto from Green Leaf states:
In the preparations for the World Cup we are confronted by multiple challenges for the pitches, the tropical season being one and the shady conditions another. The 4turf™ innovation and the high-end quality sports grass solutions from DLF provide the answers to these challenges and we are looking forward to seeing the convincing performance on the Brazilian stadiums.”

The turf solution for the Brazilian stadiums is very similar to the successful products chosen for World Cup in South Africa 2010, also supplied by the DLF Group.

*) The 4turf™ concept is already known from international football stadiums where the DLF Group delivers the professional grass seed solutions. 4turf™ is tetraploid turf Perennial ryegrass with a double set of chromosomes, making it extra tough and suitable for football pitches. 4turf™ have large seeds, - it germinates faster and have a better drought tolerance than other turfgrasses. The 4turf™ technology is available for private garden owners, marketed as QuickAction® in the Turfline product range. In spring 2014 a special Turfline World Cup mixture will be launched, available in DIY stores and garden centers.

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Website: http://www.dlf.com/

Published: September 2, 2013


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