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March 28, 2015

Cereal and maize herbicide from 1960s has United Kingdom revival (Farmers Weekly)

March 27, 2015

Scientist defends WHO group report linking herbicide to cancer (Reuters)

United Kingdom - A wealth of specialist crops for classic herbicide Dow Shield 400

Pastor herbicide from Dow AgroSciences gets the ‘Pro’ treatment

March 24, 2015

United Kingdom - Buctril from Bayer CropScience is back to combat broad-leaved weeds

United Kingdom - Amended approval for use of Wing-P from BASF on maize crops grown under plastic

March 23, 2015

What the IARC 2A rating for glyphosate really means
Que signifie la classification 2A du glyphosate réalisée par le CIRC ?
Lo que significa realmente la clasificación 2A de la IARC para el glifosato

Bayer debate en Mollerusa sobre la gestión eficiente del control de plagas para producir fruta de calidad de forma segura

March 19, 2015

Revolutionary chemistry from Max Systems tackles herbicide-resistant weeds - New NanoRevolution 2.0 uses nanotechnology to penetrate plant cells

March 18, 2015

Canada - DuPont launches new Express FX herbicide: hot pre-seed weed control, with added resistance management

March 17, 2015

Western Australia - Call for landholder input into priority weed targets

March 11, 2015

BASF Canada and Monsanto Canada work together to provide growers weed management solutions

March 10, 2015

Syngenta has a pipeline of new technologies designed to help growers and retailers succeed

March 9, 2015

Blasting weeds away with grit

March 5, 2015

Ohio State University Guide to Weed Identification available for growers 

March 2, 2015

United Kingdom - Bayer CropScience launches new improved weed and pest app

February 27, 2015

Iowa State University's Herbicide Guide offers strategies to manage resistant weeds

Toelating Callisto uitgebreid met kleine akkerbouwgewassen

Special issue of Weed Science magazine offers a comprehensive reference of research methods in weed science

Enlist Weed Control System from Dow AgroSciences joins University of Arkansas Flag the Technology program

February 26, 2015

USA - Initiative nurtures women pursuing weed science careers

February 24, 2015

Evogene introduces biology driven ag-chemical discovery platform - Platform to be initially applied to company's discovery program for novel herbicides 

February 23, 2015

100 years of vegetable crops and weed science at UC Davis

February 22, 2015

New herbicide range for oilseed rape in Ireland (AgriLand)

February 21, 2015

USA - New herbicide-resistant traits on the horizon (Farm & Ranch Guide)

USA - Required farmer training rolls out ahead of new cotton herbicide launch (Southeast Farm Press)

February 20, 2015

Use of pre-emergence herbicide is key for spring beans

USA - Syngenta expecting to release new corn herbicide before 2015 growing season (Farm & Ranch Guide)

February 19, 2015

Study finds invasive weed kochia's resistance to well-known herbicide stems from increase in gene copies

February 18, 2015

Canada - DuPont launches new Predicade herbicide, a new all-in-one broadleaf and grass solution for spring and durum wheat


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