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March 28, 2015

Sweet lupins could overtake soya in animal feeds (Horsetalk)

March 20, 2015

‘Superfeed’ lupin will provide soya-grade protein from UK farms 

March 17, 2015

Variétés de protéagineux inscites au catalogue français en 2015 (GEVES)

February 16, 2015

France - Semis d’hiver : blé tendre et blé dur s’étendent

January 27, 2015

Lebensmittelchemiker tagen in Freising - Geschmack von Lupinen und Karotten

January 7, 2015

French Plan for Protein Crops 2014-2020

January 5, 2015

Australia - Hot off the harvester: 2014 National Variety Trials results the southern cropping region are in

December 15, 2014

Australia - Latest variety information available on National Variety Trials website 

November 20, 2014

Extrahiertes Lupineneiweiß neuer Grundstoff für Lebensmittel (Top Agrar)

October 17, 2014

Suisse - Bilan de situation de la récolte 2014

Schweiz - Bilanz der Erntesituation 2014

September 19, 2014

Western Australia - Phone survey to examine break crops attitudes

September 17, 2014

Fraunhofer-Forscher für den Deutschen Zukunftspreis nominiert - Gesunde und leckere Proteine aus Lupinen

April 15, 2014

Get fixated on nitrogen fixation

March 27, 2014

Neue UFOP-Praxisinformation zu Körnerleguminosen veröffentlicht

March 17, 2014

Swiss Granum - Übernahmebedingungen Ernte 2014

Produkte mit Lupinenprotein erobern Supermärkte (Proplanta)

February 24, 2014

Canada - Syngenta delivers improved convenience for cereal and pulse growers with registration of Cruiser 5FS Seed Treatment for on-farm use

January 31, 2014

Swiss Granum - Liste der empfohlenen Sorten 2014

December 16, 2013

Desarrollan variedad súper proteica de lupino que reemplazará a la soya (DF.cl)

October 17, 2013

Schwerin, Deutschland - Forschungsprojekt: Lupinen statt Soja in die Futtertröge (Ostsee Zeitung)

September 19, 2013

Australia - New lupin variety excites (North Queensland Register)

September 10, 2013

New lupin variety named PBA Barlock launched in Australia

August 29, 2013

Factsheet to combat symptoms of lupin anthracnose released

May 29, 2013

Western Australia - Department of Agriculture appoints new lupin breeder

May 22, 2013

Long service with lupins

May 4, 2013

Schweiz - Flächenrückgang beim Futtergetreide fortgesetzt: Schätzung der ausgesäten Flächen und erste Prognose Ernte 2013
Le recul des surfaces de céréales fourragères se poursuit: estimation des surfaces semées et premiers pronostics pour la récolte 2013

May 3, 2013

Australian OGTR - DIR 119 - Notice of decision on GM lupin field trial

March 27, 2013

Test seed before sowing

March 5, 2013

European Commission - Common catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species — second supplement to the 31st complete edition


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