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December 18, 2014

ISB News Report, December 2014

New research leader joins TGAC and The Sainsbury Laboratory to improve wheat genomics

China announces second iteration of draft law on domestic grain production

Wechselweizen - Sortenempfehlung für die Winteraussaat

Research aims to help reduce wheat sprouting risk

December 17, 2014

Descubre las novedades en la Web Hyvido 

December 16, 2014

Workshop define ações para o trigo tropical

December 15, 2014

Now available: the Kansas Wheat Calculator App allows growers to assess yield potential of their wheat stands during the growing season, even during winter dormancy 

Australia - Latest variety information available on National Variety Trials website 

December 12, 2014

United Kingdom - New online wheat disease identification training from ARTIS

Maroc - Céréales: Une bonne campagne se profile (L'Economiste)

December 11, 2014

Egypt launches country-wide food security network with Blumberg Grain - Project to transform domestic wheat storage infrastructure for world's largest wheat buyer

Wheat, from the DNA to the field - What if there was a Netflix for wheat breeders? But, instead of suggesting movies, the algorithm "suggested" the best potential wheat varieties - generations before being planted in a test plot? (usagnet)

December 10, 2014

Scientists seal agreement to boost adaptability of wheat to climate change - Delegates detail strategy for protecting stapel food crop from environmental shocks

Globale Initiative will Anpassung des Weizens an den Klimawandel vorantreiben - Züchtungsforscher des Julius Kühn-Instituts bringen ihre Kompetenzen zur Trockenstressforschung ein 

Australian OGTR - DIR 130 - Invitation to comment on genetically modified wheat field trial - Limited and controlled release of wheat genetically modified for improved grain quality – Murdoch University

December 9, 2014

España - La Guardia Civil imputa a una persona como presunta autora de un delito contra la propiedad industrial (Mas informacion)

España - Imputado por vender semillas de trigo sin autorización en Villanueva de San Carlos (Ciudad Real) (Europa Press)

Nigeria - Federal government releases another batch of 11 hybrid crop varieties (The Nigerian Observer)

Canadian farmers who spray fungicides for fusarium may soon have a new biocontrol to consider (Grainews)

December 8, 2014

Limagrain, a world leader in wheat, invests in Brazil
Limagrain, un leader mondial sur le marché du blé, investit au Brésil

Scab-infected spring wheat seed (Tri-State Neighbor)

December 5, 2014

From the DNA to the field, model arms breeders with evaluation tool

AgriLife Extension expert cautious about plant growth regulators for wheat

Ducks Unlimited Canada teams up with Lakeland College ag students to explore winter wheat’s potential

December 4, 2014

Canada wheat exports dogged by quality complaints (Reuters)

December 2, 2014

Changes in the organization of plant breeding at Saaten-Union Recherche

Scab-infected spring wheat seed (South Dakota State University)

‘Texas-bred’ wheat traits headed to Africa

December 1, 2014

Contribution to wheat genome in spotlight at supercomputing conference









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