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August 30, 2014

Fungicide seed treatments for wheat

August 29, 2014

Coodetec participa de Ciclo de Reuniões da CSM/PR - Empresa de pesquisa apresentou novidades e resultados das cultivares de trigo e soja

Bhutan releases new wheat varieties after a gap of 20 years

Bundeslandwirtschaftsministerium stellt Erntebericht 2014 vor

August 28, 2014

Barkley Seed, Inc. acquires Desert Durum Wheat Research Program from Monsanto Company

LSV Winterweizen 2014 - Thüringen

LSV Winterweizen 2014 - Baden-Württemberg

LSV Winterweizen Bayern 2014

August 27, 2014

Syngenta global cereals collaborations hit home - Investments abroad in cereal crops help bring North American growers closer to future varieties that continue to meet increasing value chain demands

Precision Laboratories' new seed treatment packs nutritious punch (AgWeb)

LSV Winterweizen 2014 - Marsch Schleswig-Holstein

LSV Winterweizen Niedersachsen 2014

LSV Winterweizen 2014 - Östliches Hügelland Schleswig-Holstein

August 26, 2014

North Dakota, USA - Syngenta field days focuses on wheat breeding program (Minnesota Farm Guide)

Global state of mycotoxins (AllAboutFeed)

August 25, 2014

Deutsche Landwirte geben kaum Getreide ab 

France - Peu d’inquiétude pour le disponible en semences de céréales à paille, les semences certifiées sont un gage de sécurité pour les prochaines récoltes

Syngenta: Übernahme des Winterweizen- und Rapsgeschäftes der SW Seed in Deutschland genehmigt

Schaufenster EUCLIDE - Neues aus der Praxis

Western Australia - New wheat variety data to assist grower decision-making

August 22, 2014

BRS Sabiá é lançada como opção de precocidade e produtividade para o trigo

Alberta Wheat Commission encourages growers to provide more CPSR and CWRW wheat in harvest samples

Report - French seed treatment market 2014 - Application and crop type analysis

ESN Smart Nitrogen, from Agrium Wholesale, is a great fit for winter wheat, can provide all nitrogen needs for winter wheat

Using the genes of Israeli wheat to fight climate change - A new technology extracts useful features of wild plants (Forward)

Western Australian growers keep a lookout for any unusual pests

Cosmick set to star as new InterGrain Australian Hard wheat

August 21, 2014

“Waxy” winter wheat debuts in Nebraska

August 20, 2014

Novo modelo de negócios para triticultura - Bayer CropScience e Biotrigo Genética desenvolvem novo modelo de negócio para atender exigências mercadológicas da cadeia do trigo com Grão Premium  

Blé tendre Florimond Desprez : résultats provisoires au 12 août 2014





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