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February 5, 2014

Potato research featured at Grand Forks, North Dakota conference on February 18

February 3, 2014

Potatoes could step up performance under climate change pressure
La posibilidad de rendimientos más altos de patatas como resultado del cambio climático

‘Spudcasts’: AUSVEG launches new potato R&D initiative

February 1, 2014

USA: Maine Potato Board, University of Maine partnership unveils two new potato varieties (Potato News Today)

USDA/ARS researcher helps set up Kenyan potato seed test (Capital Press)

Australian industry planning protects potatoes from exotic pests

January 31, 2014

Secrets of potato blight could help farmers fight back

January 19, 2014

USA - New spud varieties bring color, nutrition and fun to the table (The Grower)

January 14, 2014

Novas cultivares de batata para a indústria

January 13, 2014

Bayer CropScience reveals insights into U.S. potato industry’s top needs for 2014 during Potato Expo - Survey uncovers potato industry predictions and needs for the new year

Canadian potato growers get herbicide against broadleaf, grassy weeds (Grainews)

January 8, 2014

NIAB CUF Potato forecasting tool wins OFC/RASE Practice with Science Award

January 3, 2014

Iowa, USA - Growing fruits and vegetables profitably is a major focus of Practical Farmers’ annual conference, January 24-25, in Ames

January 2, 2014

Trapping insects by color: Will it work in Montana?

New ‘Focus on Potato’ webcast covers weed resistance management

December 19, 2013

Testing a GM Potato in Ireland - Researcher Ewen Mullins is testing potatoes that are engineered to resist blight in Ireland (MIT Technology Review)

Claves de los ensayos de campo en Irlanda con patata biotecnológica resistente a la plaga del tizón

December 18, 2013

Hope rises for global food security as world’s largest agricultural research partnership marks major milestone: doubles funding to $1 billion in five years - Fruits of new investments in CGIAR could include big boost in rice production for Asia, sustainable irrigation for millions of parched farms in Africa, and dramatic drop in forest destruction tied to agriculture

December 17, 2013

Plant Health: European Commission updates quality requirements for seed potatoes

December 13, 2013

European Union - The General Court has annulled the Commission’s decisions concerning authorisation to place on the market the genetically modified potato Amflora - The Commission infringed the procedural rules of the systems for authorising GMOs in the European Union

EU tribunalen har ogiltigförklarat beslut om stärkelsepotatisen Amflora

Unique approach to better combat phytophthora in potatoes

EU court annuls approval of BASF's Amflora GMO potato (Reuters)

EU-Gericht untersagt Anbau und Vertrieb der Genkartoffel Amflora (Proplanta)

December 12, 2013

Accords en vue sur les pommes de terre et les protéagineux, selon le Gnis (La France Agricole)

December 10, 2013

Knowledge harvest: Australian potato growers reap benefits of R&D seeds sown

December 9, 2013

Bacterial ring rot on potato in Idaho, USA

December 7, 2013

Desarrollaron plantas de papa genéticamente modificadas que son resistentes al virus PVY (La Gaceta)

December 5, 2013

USDA Plant Variety Protection Office issues 153 certificates of protection on September 30, 2013

United Kingdom - New potato nozzles offer improved coverage through canopy (Farmers Guardian)

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