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February 26, 2015

DataThresh Inc. introduces independent Seedsearch and Seedlist data tools

The Climate Corporation to deliver enhanced Climate Pro service for 2015 season at $3 per acre

February 25, 2015

2015 Western Australia Agribusiness Crop Updates: Updated MySoil web tool improves soil identification and management 

February 24, 2015

Computing the path to success between TGAC and the University of East Anglia 

Le Gnis a développé Densi'lin, un calculateur de dose de semis de lin sur Smartphone

February 20, 2015

Variable rate applications made easy with new iPad app

Monsanto ramps up cybersecurity to protect farm data (St. Louis Business Journal)

Next-generation genomics key to global food and nutritional security

February 19, 2015

Iowa State University helps develop app for recording pesticide applications

February 17, 2015

iPlant's Big data bridges the Atlantic

February 16, 2015

FARMserver launches “do-it-yourself” Management Zone Creation Tool

TGAC and scientific partners awarded £6m to tackle big data challenges in bioscience

New collaborations tackle bioscience big data challenges

GIMI 2, una herramienta capaz de estimar contenidos de OMGs en maíz en situaciones de coexistencia 

February 12, 2015

Farmers Business Network promises to simplify data (agriculture.com)

Micromanage your fields with easy-to-use FieldView upgrades from Precision Planting

Capital Genetic EBT SL and Mendeleyes Breeding&Trials Platform SL announce an extension of their license agreement

February 11, 2015

BlackBridge’s RapidEye imagery now available in new global precision agriculture markets through the Farmers Edge precision agriculture platform

New software helps researchers solve genomic ‘jigsaw puzzle’ - Scientists from The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) present a configurable workflow management system for the complex task of de novo genome assembly

February 10, 2015

Application mobile Réglette azote colza - L’outil de référence du CETIOM, dans la poche

Application mobile myVar - Toutes les données variétés du CETIOM dans la poche

February 6, 2015

Transatlantic collaboration builds a better database

DNAStar Lasergene 12.2 software achieves high accuracy

February 4, 2015

Iteris enters into precision ag weather agreement with BASF

GeoPoll and Control Union use mobile surveys to engage with agricultural industry in Africa and Asia - ‚ÄčThe partnership will initially focus on countries in Africa including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda

January 30, 2015

BreedIT Corporation subsidiary signs pilot agreement for its mobile application with Vilmorin & Cie.

January 28, 2015

The Facebook of plant science

January 25, 2015

Information technology has become a major part of the agriculture industry (JournalStar)

January 24, 2015

Harvesting data helps farms grow yields - 640Labs, acquired by Monsanto, provides analytics that can help farmers increase production (MIT Technology Review)

January 22, 2015

USA - Five agtech startups make up first cohort of The Yield Lab, St. Louis' agriculture technology accelerator program  (St. Louis Business Journal)

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