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February 13, 2015

New varieties take time and hard work (Minnesota Farm Guide)

February 12, 2015

Canada - Plant breeders’ rights hike wheat profit (The Western Producer)

Inaugural Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium set for February 19

Capital Genetic EBT SL and Mendeleyes Breeding&Trials Platform SL announce an extension of their license agreement

February 11, 2015

Dow AgroSciences' Mycogen Seeds expands operations in Puerto Rico

First reports of bacterial diseases on potato in Europe: 

February 10, 2015

Semences Prograin poursuit son essor - L'entreprise devient partenaire majoritaire du nouveau programme de recherches Sevita Genetics (La Voix de l'Est)

February 9, 2015

UC Davis and California Strawberry Commission settle lawsuit and set new direction

Crear variedades propias de semillas, entre los nuevos objetivos de Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria (Corpoica) (La Republica)

United Kingdom - Wheat growers encouraged to focus on increasing yields (Farmers Guardian)

Innovation, what’s that all about?

February 7, 2015

Young biotech firm Arvegenix chases the next cash crop (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Protein tweak boosts plants' drought tolerance - Creative technique is a welcome step in the face of warming climates and water shortages (Nature)

February 6, 2015

UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy by numbers

Western Grains Research Foundation: request for proposals – Exploring options for producer involvement in wheat and barley variety development

UC Davis Plant Breeding Center newsletter - February 2015

Grüne Gentechnik - Fungizid steuert Durst transgener Pflanze (ARD)

New tools to breed cereal crops that survive flooding 

These graduates are primed to reduce world hunger - African Plant Breeding Academy students aim to introduce overlooked crops to African communities in need (The Christian Science Monitor)

February 5, 2015

Scientists reprogram plants for drought tolerance

KWS opens Gateway Research Center in St. Louis to strengthen work in plant research
Eröffnung des neuen KWS Gateway Research Centers in St. Louis, USA

Hazera inaugurates its new R&D center in Berurim, Israel

Scientists find potential way of controlling Septoria leaf blotch in wheat

Comprehensive survey for genes contributing to soybean domestication and improvement

February 4, 2015

Developing pearl millet to tackle diabetes

IRRI's Regional Seed Cooperation Agreement Speeds Up Release of Rice Varieties in South Asia (Oryza)

Monsanto hires new lettuce breeder for North American breeding program (Horti Daily)

Plant breeding and food security research funding available from USDA/NIFA

China vows to step up GM food research, stop imports from flooding market (South China Morning Post)

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