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January 13, 2016

HKU discovers a new plant growth technology that may alleviate climate change and food shortage

150 Jahre Mendelsche Regeln - 150 Jahre Fortschritt: Start des Mendeljahres auf der Internationalen Grünen Woche 2016

January 12, 2016

Western Grains Research Foundation commits C$1.6 million to 12 new research projects

3 ways Bt technology has changed cotton production for the better (AgWeb)

Saskatchewan, Canada - Crop research receives C$7 million in federal and provincial government funding to advance industry

January 11, 2016

Canadian researchers lead international lentil genome sequencing effort   

Sojazüchtung in Deutschland: Landessaatzuchtanstalt sucht 1.000 Hobbygärtner für Soja-Experiment

France - Le semencier Syngenta pourrait fermer sa station du Pont-de-Cé (Ouest France)

January 10, 2016

Open source seed — the past meets the future (Capital Press)

January 8, 2016

Plant Breeding 101 - The process of plant breeding can be a long and complicated one, but we talk to three experts who boil it all down (Alberta Seed Guide)

January 7, 2016

Early-bird deadline for the Seed Biotechnology Center's Breeding with Genomics class is January 8th

January 6, 2016

Does the current plant patent system restrict innovation and hurt small breeders? (Genetic Literacy Project)

Important step made towards the development of hybrid ryegrass varieties

Wheat genome sequencing gets major boost - A high quality bread wheat reference sequence will be available in less than two years

Global food shortage? How advanced breeding could domesticate 50,000 wild, edible plants (Genetic Literacy Project)

January 5, 2016

An arcane patent law may decide CRISPR's big legal fight (Wired)

What a 'CERN' for agricultural science could look like 

Mehr Körner pro Ähre, mehr Ertrag vom Feld - Ährenverzweigungs-Gen im Weizen identifiziert

January 4, 2016

Gentechnik-Forschung im "FischGlasHaus" der Universität Rostock (Die Welt)

La tecnología CRISPR es usada eficazmente para editar genes específicos de plantas 

Can plant breeding go open source?

This plant breeder's new year resolution. Bring on 2016

Phenospex BV - Why we phenotype

Phenotyping workshop at PAG XXIV - Do we really need digital plant phenotyping?

January 3, 2016

Bangor University researchers helping to feed millions of families in India (Daily Post)

How resurrection plants could lead to more drought-tolerant crops (AgWeb)

December 30, 2015

Wild crop relatives invaluable to agriculture (AgWeb)

December 28, 2015

U.S. National Association of Plant Breeders extends submission deadline for the NAPB Video Competition to January 31, 2016

Embrapa oferece curso sobre uso de marcadores moleculares em genômica populacional de plantas

December 27, 2015

Making more of minor cereals (FG Insight)

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