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July 12, 2015

New Zealand - NZ$7.3 million government investment for Pastoral Genomics research consortium (Otago Daily Times)

July 10, 2015

Bacterial genome scalpel can identify key gene regions

North Carolina State University’s Plants for Human Health Institute welcomes new researcher focused on berry and vegetable genomics and breeding

July 9, 2015

TMG firma parceria para desenvolver soja tolerante a fatores de estresse

Lights, camera, action: high-throughput plant phenotyping is ready for a close-up (Current Opinion in Plant Biology)

Scientists develop free, online genetic research tool - RNAMiner makes genetic science easier, could lead to faster results

Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) wheat breeding program adopts ‘4-P’ model - AAFC program to run on public/private/producer partnership (AG Canada)

Experts pinpoint gene for better rice

Research shows that genomics can match plant variety to climate stresses

Indigenous ‘rice chips’ to revolutionize rice breeding - Indian scientists have developed a high-density microarray chip that could speed up development of new varieties of rice (Livemint)

July 8, 2015

University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher are growing 1,500 types of peanuts as part of the USDA’s Genetic Resources Unit

Canadian government invests in new Canadian wheat research partnership

How supercomputers and plant genetics provide farmers better seeds (Genetic Literacy Project)

Developing wheat with cholesterol lowering properties

Un investigador israelí mejoró la calidad nutricional de la semilla de sésamo (AJN)

Australian Melon Association and Bayer CropScience Australia launch research fund

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, CANTERRA SEEDS and Alberta Wheat Commission announce new partnership aimed at improving Canadian Prairie Spring wheat varieties

DuPont Pioneer invests in developing ultra-early maturity hybrids for Western Canada - R&D efforts aimed at bringing higher value crops to growing market

The first GM oilseed crop to produce omega-3 fish oils in the field

Major European award for research on the fundamental mechanisms that underpin the inheritance of genetic characteristics in cereal crop breeding

July 7, 2015

Canada - UPOV 91 is part of the reason for new wheat seed development partnership between Canterra Seeds and Group Limagrain of France, says Federal Agriculture Minister (Blackburn News)

Stress-tolerant soybeans to be advanced through new collaboration by Bioceres, Arcadia Biosciences, and TMG - Varieties based on new traits aim to increase yields and grower value

LGC and the African Orphan Crop Consortium (AOCC) expand co-operation to accelerate marker-assisted selection

United Kingdom - Cereals in Practice focuses on end user of grain (Aberdeen Press and Journal)

Do organic farmers need special seeds and money to breed them? (NPR)

Geneticists reveal what makes great rice - Gene responsible for long grains and pleasing texture can now be bred into existing varieties without sacrificing yield (Nature)

July 6, 2015

Louisiana State University AgCenter - Rice farmers learn about latest research at July 1 field day

9ª Reunião da Comissão Brasileira de Pesquisa de Trigo e Triticale - Passo Fundo sedia discussão técnica do trigo

Científicos de la Escuela UWA de Biología Vegetal estudian semillas de canola para crear cepas superiores (FoodNewsLatAm)

Meeting at the crossroad of statistics and breeding: EUCARPIA Biometrics for Plant Breeding conference
Congres op het kruispunt van statistiek en veredeling: congres EUCARPIA Biometrics for Plant Breeding

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