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April 30, 2015

Headquarters of leading pan-African rice research and development organization to return to Côte d’Ivoire
Le siège de l’organisation panafricaine leader de la recherche et du développement rizicoles retourne en Côte d’Ivoire

Zukunft der Pflanzenzüchtung am Scheideweg - Züchtungsausnahme dramatisch gefährdet

April 29, 2015

USA - Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board to direct $2 million to help construct a seed foundation facility at the state's Rice Research and Extension Center in Stuttgart (KATV)

Acuerdo de cooperación - Syngenta y Crinigan se unen para aportar mayor rendimiento al trigo

Super-Weizen gesucht: Forscher starten Deutschlands größtes Weizenzucht-Projekt - Weizenzüchter der Universität Hohenheim wollen Grundlagen für die Hybridzüchtung bei Weizen legen 

Challenging time for canola breeds opportunity (High Plains Journal)

April 28, 2015

2015 Program Management for Plant Breeders

Rassenveredeling zonder bijklank

Punjab Agricultural University to develop genetically-modified open pollinating varieties of cotton (The Financial Express)

Dow AgroSciences, Arcadia Biosciences and Bioceres collaborate to develop and commercialize soybean traits
Dow AgroSciences, Arcadia Biosciences y Bioceres colaboran para desarrollar y comercializar eventos de soja

April 27, 2015

Investigadores de la Universidad Miguel Hernández estudian recuperar las variedades tradicionales de tomate y hacerlos resistentes a virus

British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) - Schedule of trial fees by species 2014/15 (combinable crops)

Using Crop Genetic Resources To Help Agriculture Adapt to Climate Change: Economics and Policy

Groteskes Theater in Berlin - Forum Grüne Vernunft-Vorsitzender Rehberger zum Streit in der Bundesregierung über ihre Politik in Sachen Grüne Gentechnik

April 26, 2015

Pakistan - Magnus Kahl Seeds (MKS) Australia and Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) sign memorandum of understanding for hybrid onion seed development (The Nation)

Mixing experience and technology results in better wheat varieties for Kansas farmers (High Plains Journal)

April 25, 2015

Dutch biotech firms worried about minister’s patent plans (DutchNews)

April 24, 2015

Brasil - Produtor no alvo da indústria de cevada

Monsanto Australia invests in cotton industry's future innovation

Punjab Agriculture University to work on developing disease-resistant breed of tomato (Business Standard)

April 23, 2015

KeyGene opens expanded digital plant phenotyping facility installed by WPS 

$500,000 University of Florida/IFAS study to focus on taste retention

Western Australia researchers aid global rice production

April 22, 2015

International Rice Research Institute joins in celebrating 50 years of rice research in India 

LGC and the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP)  expand co-operation to accelerate marker-assisted selection 

April 21, 2015

UC Davis European Plant Breeding Academy: a success story

UC Davis opens Life Sciences Innovation Center in Chile

Aspiring leaders awarded Goldsmith Scholarships from Syngenta Flowers

Making more from less: matchmaking maize to poor soils

U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists, international colleagues sequence upland cotton genome

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