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November 4, 2014

Les semenciers contribuent à une société durable

November 3, 2014

Farming into the future - Producing pretty potatoes (Bayer SeedGrowth)

October 30, 2014

BrettYoung celebrates 80th anniversary with grand opening of new high-capacity seed treating and coating facility

Pflanzenschutzmittel Neonicotinoide: Nicht nur für Bienen giftig

October 29, 2014

New research study shows the value of neonics

Straight talk about the value of neonics - Growers and other agricultural professionals talk about the value neonicotinoids bring to their crops and communities, and worry what the loss of these tools would mean for agriculture

October 28, 2014

Albaugh, LLC and Italpollina USA, Inc. announce a collaborative agreement to provide biological solutions for US seed treatment market (New Ag International)

October 23, 2014

Argentina - En Pergamino, inauguran centro dedicado a la protección de semillas - El instituto forma parte de la Red Global de Seedcare de Syngenta (El Santafesino)

October 22, 2014

U.S. EPA concludes that neonicotinoid seed treatments are of negligible benefit to soybean production

NIAB warns of further losses of plant protection products

October 21, 2014

Argentina - Syngenta inauguró un centro de protección de semillas en Pergamino (Mitre yel Campo)

Argentina - Nuevo centro dedicado a la protección de semillas - Lo inauguró Syngenta en Pergamino - Se trata del Seedcare Institute (On 24)

U.S. seed makers continue offering coated soybeans (Bloomberg)

Sirona Biochem snnounces research collaboration with Aegilops Applications

October 20, 2014

Bayer SeedGrowth at ESA 2014 Annual Meeting: Gold Sponsor in Lisbon

October 18, 2014

Jetzt Spritzmittel, gebeiztes Saatgut, etc. richtig entsorgen (Agrar Heute)

October 17, 2014

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finds neonicotinoid seed treatments of little or no benefit to U.S. soybean production

October 16, 2014

Syngenta, third quarter 2014: sales $3.0 billion 
Drittes Quartal 2014: Umsatz von USD 3,0 Milliarden
Troisième trimestre 2014: un chiffre d’affaires de $3,0 milliards
Terzo trimestre 2014: vendite a 3 miliardi di dollari 
Syngenta divulga resultados do terceiro trimestre: vendas de U$3 bilhões

October 15, 2014

U.S. EPA report: Benefits of neonicotinoid seed treatments to soybean production

New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority - Submissions sought on new seed treatment

What can I do to reduce or eliminate neonicotinoid insecticide use?

October 14, 2014

Verdesian Life Sciences increases sales staff

October 13, 2014

Bayer SeedGrowth visited corn farmers in the US - “What you want to have is the most protection on that seed going into spring”

October 2, 2014

Deutschland - Rapsbestände mit verstärktem Schädlingsbefall. DBV betont Notwendigkeit der insektiziden Rapsbeizung 

October 1, 2014

Asia-Pacific wheat seed treatment market - Growth, trends and forecasts (2014-2020)

Australia biological seed treatment market - Growth, trends and forecasts (2014-2020)

Brazil seed treatment market – Growth, trends and forecasts by application area and crop type (corn/maize, soybeans, wheat, rice, canola, cotton and other crops) (2014-2020)

Canada seed treatment market – Growth, trends and forecasts by application area and crop type (corn/maize, soybeans, wheat, rice, canola, cotton and other crops) (2014-2020)

United States - Biological seed treatment market - Growth, trends and forecasts (2014-2020)

September 30, 2014

Bayer CropScience launches new fungicide Raxil Easy, a seed treatment product for the control of loose smut disease in wheat 

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