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Harris Seeds publishes the new 2011-2012 Professional Vegetable & Cut Flower Growers’ Catalog

Rochester, New York, USA
November 24, 2011

Harris Seeds’ 2011-2012 Professional Vegetable & Cut Flower Growers’ Seed Catalog has been published and mailed. The 144 page catalog features hundreds of high-quality vegetable seed and cut flower seed varieties, including many new 2012 introductions. New pumpkin seed varieties for 2012 include Little Giant, Crunchkin, Flatso and Mrs. Wrinkles. New sweet corn seed varieties are Mirai 315 BC, Mirai 160Y, SSW 2001MR and Primus. New melons include muskmelons Solstice, Minerva and Athena and honey dew Dream Dew. New tomato seed varieties are Lizziebelle, Red Bounty, Sunchocola, Sweet ‘n’ Neat Scarlet and tomatillo Tamayo. Also new for 2012 are Caretaker and Sangria lettuce, Manny organic, Taurus, and Wealthy cucumbers, Spineless Perfection zucchini, Primavera spaghetti squash, K-Y Cross cabbage, shallots and organic onion transplants.

Harris Seeds carries a large selection of products for organic and sustainable growers, focusing on varieties that taste great, perform in the field, and resist disease. This season, growers will find 265 untreated and organic vegetable cultivars, plus 164 untreated cut flower varieties.

New to Harris Seeds’ offering are Spin-Farming® books. SPIN stands for Small Plot INtensive farming, and it fits in the front lawn, backyard, or back forty. These practical guides are based on the experiences of actual urban, suburban, and rural farms and designed to help the small-scale farm succeed. When customers purchase either SPIN-Farming guide, they’ll receive a free invitation to join the SPIN-Farming online forum, which provides peer-to-peer support from some of the brightest and most innovative minds in farming today. It is an excellent resource for both beginning and experienced small-scale growers.

In addition to the expansive selection of vegetable seed varieties, growers will also find market leading field-grown cut flowers, fruit trees and plants, and seed starting and growing supplies, including an expanded line of plastic row covers and support hoops. Harris Seeds introduced Worm Power last year, a certified organic fertilizer produced by millions of earthworms that offers improved germination, better root growth, less transplant shock, and enhanced plant vigor.

All products in the catalog are available at www.harrisseeds.com. Growers who are not already on Harris Seeds’ mailing list can request a catalog online or by calling (800) 544-7938.

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Website: http://www.harrisseeds.com

Published: November 24, 2011

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