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Metabolomic Discoveries launches Flavour Profiler

Potsdam, Germany
November 28, 2011

Analytical research and service company Metabolomic Discoveries announces the launch of the Flavour Profiler; a platform that allows the identification of all relevant taste and aroma components in products and natural sources. The Flavour Profiler will help the food & beverages, agriculture as well as the life style – e.g. cosmetics - industry to optimize their products.
The flavour analysis is objective and can be standardized to screen products and production processes.

To date, most flavour analysis is done through sensory profiling by experts or consumers. However, this does not provide a complete picture. In contrast, the Flavour Profiler will analyse objectively all flavour components of the product. This is done through mass spectrometry based metabolite profiling and fingerprinting. “The Flavour Profiler is our approach to make flavour more objective and to identify the underlying chemical basis,” says Nicolas Schauer, CEO of Metabolomic Discoveries. “A metabolomics based flavour analysis has the advantage that, unlike sensory profiling, it can measure all the relevant taste and aroma compounds in the product.”

The flavour analysis can be done in an early stage to support the further development of a product, but it is also an excellent tool to screen products and production processes for potential changes in flavour. “We believe we that with our Flavour Profiler we are able to help clients in the industry to assure continuous quality of their products on flavour and track the production and quality more easily, which will save both time and money.”

The Flavour Profiler not only benefits the optimization or constant quality of products like vegetables, dairy or wine. It also allows screening of other natural sources, such as microorganisms, fungi, plants and algae for flavour compounds. Metabolomic Discoveries’ Industrial Biotech expert Sandra Trenkamp is very enthusiastic about the Flavour Profiler. “Flavour compounds from natural sources like fungi can be used in new formulations for food and beverages. Producers of such products, like detergents, cosmetics or prepared food, can make their products healthier and bring novel flavour experiences to the market.”

The substances that are covered for taste are:

  • Sugars
  • Organic acids
  • Amino acids
  • Sugar alcohols
  • Sugar phosphates
  • Umami compounds
  • Bitter compounds
  • Sweeteners

For aroma the platform can determine:

  • Aldehydes
  • Alcohols
  • Amines
  • Aromatics
  • Esters
  • Ketones
  • Lactones
  • Terpenes
  • Thiols

Metabolomic Discoveries is a leading research and analytical service company. The company provides comprehensive metabolite analysis - metabolomics - in biological systems and the identification of biomarkers in plant, animal and microbial systems. In addition, the objective pursued by Metabolomic Discoveries is the qualitative improvement of food, beverages and bioprocesses by combining analytical and bioinformatics with biological expertise.

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Website: http://www.metabolomicdiscoveries.com

Published: November 28, 2011

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