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SynTech Research announces new global organization

Davis, California, USA
January 15, 2012

SynTech Research has a five-year vision to continue to grow global sales – and to increase profitability – by an average of 10% per year. “We will do this by growing the most profitable parts of our agrochemicals business and increasing the seeds/traits and ecotoxicology businesses, to five time their present size” says Dr. Khosro Khodayari, SynTech’s President and CEO. “Our aim is to become the preferred provider of field services to our ten most important global customers – and to be recognized by them as the Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with the Best Crop and Agronomic Knowledge”.

To achieve this expanded worldwide business, a new SynTech Global Organization has been put in place with a number of elements:

  • Global Account Managers, for Seeds/Traits, GLP, Ecotoxicology/Public Health, Herbicides/PGRs, Fungicides, Insecticides and Nematicides;
  • Directors of Global Operations and Sales & Marketing, who will take on the duties previously held by the Regional Directors;
  • Directors of Finance, HR, Communications and Legal Counsel.

The Regional Organization will be strengthened to include: Regional Regulatory Managers, Accountants and, where needed, Regional Program Coordinators and Project Leaders.

The following appointments have already been made:

  • Directors:
    - Sales and Marketing (Dr. Khosro Khodayari)
    - Communications (Dr. Colin Ruscoe)
  • Global Account Managers:
    - Daniel Mourad – GLP;
    - Eric Ythier – Ecotoxicology/Public Health;
    - Dr. Luke Farno – Seeds/Traits;
    - Dr. David Marsden – Entomology;
    - Dr. Chuck Doty Weeds/PGRs;
    - Dr. Lee Simmons – Nematology.
  • Regional Regulatory Managers:
    - Ms. Isabelle Rety – EU;
    - Ms. Magdalena Zingoni – Americas;
    - Hans Dieter Osten – Asia.
  • Regional Program Coordinators (EU):
    - Michael South – GEP
    - Dr. Isabelle Pronier - GLP.

“Further appointments, including the positions of Directors of Global Operations, Finance and HR, and Plant Pathology Account Manager will be made by the end of March 2012,” says Dr. Khodayari. “The new organization will then be fully operational to drive an expanded worldwide business in 2012”. 

SynTech Research is a leading global independent research company, providing product development and regulatory services to the agricultural, biotechnology and food industries as well as government bodies and agricultural commodity suppliers.

Staffed by highly trained, technically-competent scientists and managers, SynTech Research offers a wealth of experience in applied research and product development.

Our range of services includes: Bioefficacy (GEP) trials, Environmental fate and effect (GLP) trials, Ecotoxicology, Public Health, Seed services, Program management, Regulatory advice, Crop improvement / Consultancy and various Specialist study services.

More news from: SynTech Research, Inc.

Website: http://www.syntechresearch.com/

Published: January 15, 2012

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