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New Nickerson-Zwaan website online - A state-of the art, multi-functional, multi-regions platform

Made, The Netherlands
February 23, 2012

The structure of the site, its design and its functionalities are well adapted to today’s needs and preferences. The site is based on the latest technology, guaranteeing fast navigation and improved search functions, which makes the site very user-friendly. It includes an extensive products database specially designed to fulfill the information needs of vegetable growers, plant raisers and others in the vegetable supply chain. New products are clearly highlighted. Visitors will find attachments and links in many forms, ranging from technical growing information to product movies published via You Tube. The site is compatible with many internet browsers, and features excellent traceability by major Search Engines. Nickerson-Zwaan’s worldwide representations can be found easily via a Google based Worldmap.

A fundamental principle is the multisite approach, including regional sites sharing one common platform, thus guaranteeing a consistent image in the market and optimum efficiency.

The site is the result of the combined work done together by central staff and regional editors who are close to the markets. A sound network that will take care of keeping this site an interesting platform for all who are involved in vegetable genetics and growing.

Roughly the structure of the site is as follows:

  • Top menu including the main menus Home – Company – Products – Publications – News – Jobs – Contacts.
  • Left column menu appearing throughout the site with general functions and information.
  • Right column menu with banners at regional level, including regional Events.

You are kindly invited to have a look at http://www.nickerson-zwaan.com

For more information or comments please contact Mr. Lando van Doorn, tel. +31 162 690900 or send your reaction by selecting the “Questions and feedback” option in the region Corporate (left column; link: http://www.nickerson-zwaan.com/site/feedbackform-co-en).

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Published: February 23, 2012

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