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March 17, 2015

The invisible pest: are your crops at risk for sugarbeet cyst nematode?

Deutschland - "Schau ins Feld!" zeigt Nutzen von Pflanzenschutz

Nuevas estrategias para frenar plagas y enfermedades en cultivos (HortoInfo)

Control annual meadow-grass to save time at harvest

Seed inoculation gains ground - Soybean Guide: OMAFRA’s Horst Bohner now recommends always inoculating. “There are some real benefits” (Country Guide)

Steps to strategically manage cotton nematodes in 2015 (Southeast Farm Press)

March 16, 2015

Resisting fusarium head blight - Plant breeders are making progress in developing wheat 
varieties that are resistant, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint (Grainews)

MBio Diagnostics, Inc. rapid detection platform validated in independent study - Portable array testing platform reduces analysis time, offers cost-saving benefits

March 12, 2015

Applications phytosanitaires: faut-il traiter le matin, le soir ou la nuit ?

March 11, 2015

Understanding plants' immune systems could lead to better tomatoes, roses, rice

Identify root-knot nematodes for better variety selection

March 10, 2015

Monitoramento da lavoura na palma da mão - Bayer CropScience lança aplicativo ‘De Primeira, Sem Dúvida’ que informa sobre manejo  e calcula probabilidade de pragas no campo

Detect Potyvirus in few minutes using rapid Flashkit (ImmunoStrip)
Détecter les Potyvirus en moins de 30 minutes grâce au Flashkit (ImmunoStrip) 

Plants can tell the difference between attacking insects and respond in different ways - Discovery will allow plant breeders to target insect species when developing crops

March 9, 2015

FMC lança inseticida biológico Helicovex para soja na Expodireto Cotrijal (Cultivar)

Blasting weeds away with grit

Plants can tell the difference between attacking insects and respond in different ways

March 6, 2015

See the latest earworm management tactics in new ‘Focus on Corn’ webcast

Researcher develops novel strategy to improve crops and treat diseases

March 5, 2015

Brasil - Novo fungicida combate com eficácia doenças nas culturas de batata, tomate, feijão e amendoim (Cultivar)

Ohio State University Guide to Weed Identification available for growers 

Researchers develop faster, more efficient test for soybean cyst nematode

March 4, 2015

Updated Syngenta training module increases understanding of corn nematodes 

Mais tecnologia nos pastos 

On the road to eleven biocontrol agents

March 3, 2015

Syngenta's Ference insecticide and Secure fungicide now registered to tackle turf pests in New York state

Bayer CropScience submits U.S. EPA registration application for ILeVO, first seed treatment to tackle soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS) 

Iowa State University scientists identify a seed treatment to curtail soybean sudden death syndrome

Rhizoctonia could be hiding in plain sight (The Land)

March 2, 2015

Access all 'Focus on Potato' webcasts, plus 12 other resources for $25

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