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March 28, 2014

Uso do leite no controle do oídio - Produtor da Bahia usa leite para controlar o oídio desde 2005

A pest management toolbox to reduce pesticide use (Youris.com)

March 26, 2014

USA - FMC launches Solstice herbicide for tough weeds even on the toughest corn acres

Herbicide resistance infographic from Syngenta

Maraîchage : des filets anti-insectes pour éviter l’usage de pesticides

DuPont opens regional technology center to bring agricultural innovation to Africa’s farmers - South Africa-based center houses continent’s first private insectary

March 25, 2014

Understanding plant-soil interaction could lead to new ways to combat weeds

Innvictis Crop Care, LLC announces launch of EndurX technology platform

March 24, 2014

Learn mop-top and leafhopper management, plus value of pesticides through three new 'Focus on Potato' webcasts

March 23, 2014

Herbicide new active ingredient from Dow AgroSciences coming soon (AG Web)

Two-pass herbicide applications in corn provides more consistent weed control

March 21, 2014

Practice no-till even more effectively through new ‘Focus on Corn’ webcast

United Kingdom - Seasonal pest threat updates now available online

Cheap chemicals entice caterpillar-eating wasps to crops (SciDev.Net)

Insect's mating secrets are key to protection

March 20, 2014

Video guide to protecting this year’s cereal crop potential (Farmers Guardian)

Weed control in winter wheat and barley - Here we focus on chickweed and roughstalk bluegrass

Bei der Bekämpfung des Rapsglanzkäfers im Frühjahr 2014 Bienenschutz berücksichtigen

March 19, 2014

Canada - Pardner now keeps volunteer canola from robbing profitable yield - Bayer CropScience’s Pardner herbicide now a registered tank mix for pre-seed application on volunteer canola

Planting cotton early may reduce stink bug damage

March 18, 2014

Syngenta enhances Weevil Trak 2014 for optimum annual bluegrass weevil control

Three new reasons why Bayer CropScience's InVigor is #1

March 17, 2014

Sharpen herbicide from BASF receives U.S. federal registration for pre and post-emergence applications on rice - Rice growers have a new herbicide to fight tough weeds such as hemp sesbania, morningglory, Texasweed

Control of chocolate spot and rust in field beans

Australia - It's more than just weed control with new apps

Rice helps farmers control potato cyst nematode (Farmers Weekly)

March 14, 2014

España - Syngenta presenta Axial Pro, el herbicida de última generación para cerealistas profesionales

United Kingdom - Avadex EAMU improves weed control options in spring wheat

March 13, 2014

Controlling zebra chip disease in potatoes (Growing Produce)

New seed treatment from Bayer CropScience could end impact of sudden death syndrome in soybeans (Hoosier Ag Today)

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