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July 7, 2014

Duurzaam beheersen van vliegenplagen bij bonen- en aspergeteelt

Ökologische Schädlingsbekämpfung: Hohenheimer Zuchtbox soll bis 2016 marktreif werden

Highest yielding spring bean also offers weed control and third crop bonuses

End of the season harvest efficiency benefits observed following in-season use of BASF fungicides - New video from BASF highlights harvest efficiency benefits for corn growers

Corn rootworm pest management best with long-term approach - DuPont Pioneer entomologist details best-management practices

Managing white mold in soybean

July 4, 2014

Fusarium head blight in Canada, maps and charts

July 1, 2014

Tomato spotted wilt virus hub launched (AG Professional)

June 27, 2014

USA - Nufarm's Cheetah herbicide labeled for high-value crops, provides control of glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds (Farm Futures)

Sachkundig im Pflanzenschutz sein und werden - Was für die Erlangung der Sachkunde im Pflanzenschutz notwendig ist

Deutschland - Agrardrohnen bekämpfen Maiszünsler aus der Luft (Proplanta)

Arysta LifeScience launches new fungicide in Indonesia - ViGold-T now available for rice, vegetable growers

Arysta LifeScience launches Pirates GR in Japan - Microbial insecticide helps control damaging thrips

U.S. growers encouraged to see Dow AgroSciences' Enlist Weed Control System firsthand - Increased number of locations will showcase the herbicide-tolerant trait technology

June 26, 2014

USA - Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecasting website

June 25, 2014

Multikopter: Maiszünsler biologisch aus der Luft bekämpfen

Western Australia - Breakthrough to fast-track yellow spot research

Seed control the key to weed control

June 24, 2014

SESVanderhave develops ALS-inhibiting herbicides tolerant sugar been using its own technology - Sugar beet farmers to benefit from innovative weed control system

Australia - Wild radish warrants radical response

June 23, 2014

Ativos biológicos são potenciais produtos ao mercado de insumos - Estudos são apresentados a Secretaria de Negócios da Embrapa como alternativas sustentáveis para agricultura

June 19, 2014

USA - Solatenol fungicide: the latest chemistry from the Syngenta pipeline - Controls rusts, many different leaf spots, apple scab, powdery mildew and Rhizoctonia

Rice weed management video shows farmers how to control weeds in lowland rice (Africa Rising)

Peanut weed control programs without Valor-2014

Post weed control in soybean

Non herbicide weed control strategies to reduce burden (Central Advocate)

June 18, 2014

Do foliar fungicides provide enough bang for the buck? (The Western Producer)

Grant-funded webcast tackles fungicide resistance in corn and soybean

Researchers in twin breakthrough against blight

Profitable weed management regardless of weather

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