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USA Sources of statistical data
USDA/ERS Publications of the Economic Research Service (ERS)
USDA/FAS Global Agriculture Information Network (GAIN) reports
Organic Perspectives" Volume 6, Issue 3 - Legislative Update (in PDF format)
Planting Seed Trade by Year
Public Seed Trade Reports
Planting seed trade archives
Seed Trade Circulars
World production, market and trade reports
USDA/NASS Publications of the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)
US states:
Texas Agricultural Statistics Service
News releases
- High fuel and fertilizer prices to lead to fewer planted corn acres in the US in 2006
USDA/NBII United States Regulatory Agencies Unified Biotechnology Website
Other sources EU and U.S. organic markets face strong demand under different policies (02/06)
Seeds, study from The Freedonia Group (09/03)
Updated fact sheet on GM crops in the U.S. released by The Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology (09/04)
Cottonseed industry statistical database

U.S. Wheat Associates

Univeristy of Illinois Extension: U.S. weekly corn and soybean outlook

News releases Texas has more farms, fewer acres, new study shows (04/09)
Organic acreage and sales continue to grow in Washington State (04/09)
Crop Protection Research Institute releaaes findings of comprehensive new study on insecticide use in the US (03/09)
USA 2008: GM cultivation almost at 60 million hectares (07/08)
New Rabobank report shows that U.S. rice sector has promising outlook (04/08)
The huge impact of agriculture on California's economy (03/08)
Adoption of genetically engineered crops in the U.S. (07/07)
USDA/ERS research, analysis, and outlook on U.S. and global markets for soybean and soybean products (07/07)
USDA/ERS research, analysis, and outlook on U.S. and global rice markets (07/07)
Undaunted by drought, rice heads towards a second strong year in Mississippi (07/07)
U.S. farmers plant largest corn crop in 63 years (06/07)
Organic acreage and production continue to increase in Washington state (05/07)
Distribution of corn and soybean acres in the US (04/07)
U.S. organic acreage grows, but more is needed, says the Organic Trade Association (12/06)
High fuel, fertilizer prices to lead to fewer planted corn acres in the US in 2006 (03/06)
United States: Pulse crops situation and outlook
Etats-Unis: Situation et perspectives des légumineuses
USDA crop forecasts studied (02/06)
U.S. farmers plant more winter wheat in 2006 (01/06)
2005 Cotton Blue Book now available for Rio Grande Valley of Texas (01/06)
U.S. wheat planting down 30 percent from the 1980s (01/06)
U.S. acreage of organic cotton gains ground (01/06)
Cabbage plays an important role in Texas agriculture (12/05)
University of Illinois Extension study projects 2006 corn and soybean returns (12/05)
Ohio may see record-breaking wheat yields (07/05)
2002 Census of U.S. Agriculture reveals facts on Asian-American farmers (05/05)
Texas cabbage crop (05/05)
Texas crop report: spinach (04/05)
North American greenhouse tomatoes emerge as a major market force (04/05)
Greenhouse tomatoes change the dynamics of the North American fresh tomato industry (04/05)
Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute presents 10-year baseline projections (03/05)
Texas corn and wheat crop report (03/05)
Early warm weather spurs rapid winter wheat growth in Kansas (03/05)
USDA raises FY 2005 agricultural export forecast by $3 billion to $59 billion (02/05)
National Cotton Council survey suggests that U.S. producers will plant 13.73 million acres of upland and ELS cotton in 2005 (01/05)
2004 sales of genetically modified seed nearly triple in Vermont (01/05)
Texas cotton crop report (01/05)
Texas cabbage crop report (01/05)
U.S. organic cotton production drops despite increasing sales of organic cotton products (12/04)

U.S. market for organic foods and beverages is growing by nearly 20% annually (11/04)
State statistical offices California Agricultural Statistics
Florida Field Office of USDA/NASS
Iowa Agricultural Statistics Service
Oregon Statistical Office

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