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Abbott & Cobb, Inc.

Agridera Seeds & Agriculture Ltd.


Asia Seed Co., Ltd

Bakker Brothers

Beijing Dayi Seed Co., Ltd.

Beijing Mantian Seeds Co., Ltd.

Bejo Zaden BV

Beta Agriculture and Trade AS

Bioseed Genetics International, Inc.

Canterbury Seed Company Ltd.

Condor Seed Production, Inc.

D.J. Damani & Co.

Danson Seed Company LLC

De Corato Sementi SRL

De Ruiter Seeds

Doctor Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

Durga Seed Farm (Regd.)

East-West Group

Emerald Seed Company

Enza Zaden BV


Feltrin Seeds

Gautier Semences

Genesis Seed Ltd.

Golden Valley Seed

Green Seeds, Inc.

Hazera Benelux

Hazera Brasil

Hazera España 90 SA

Hazera Israel

Hazera Poland Sp. z o.o.

Hazera Seeds China

Hazera Seeds Greece

Hazera Seeds Ltd.

Hazera Seeds Turkey

Hazera Seeds Ukraine

Hazera Seeds, Inc.

Hazera South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Hild Samen GmbH

HM.Clause (Thailand)

HM.Clause Inc.

Indo-American Hybrid Seeds (India) Pvt. Ltd.

ISI Sementi S.p.A

Jiuquan Changqing Seeds Co., Ltd.

Johnny's Selected Seeds

Kanda Seed Co., Ltd.

Known-You Seed Company Ltd.

Kohenoor International

Liaoning Dongya Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co. Ltd. (Mahyco)

Moon Star Seeds

Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

Nirit Seeds Limited

Nunhems USA, Inc.

Olter S.r.l.

Plant Seeds Ltd.

Plantgene Seeds Limited

Pure Line Seeds, Inc.

Richpro Seed Co. Ltd.

Sakata Seed America. Inc.

Seeds of Change

Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc

Southern Seed Srl

Specialty Seeds of Oregon, Inc.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. (Vegetable Seeds)

Synger Agricultural Development Co. Ltd.


Techspark Seed Co., Ltd.

Terranova Seeds Pty. Ltd.

Tokita Seed Co., Ltd.

Tozer Seeds Ltd.

Tropica Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

United Genetics Seeds Co.

US Agriseeds

Vilmorin Anadolu Tohumculuk AS

Vilmorin SA

Vokkal Seeds

Western Hybrid Seeds, Inc.

Willhite Seed Inc.

Xinjiang Longda Seeds Corporation

Yuksel Seeds Ltd.

Zeraim Gedera

Zeraim Iberica S.A.

Zhongdu Seeds










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