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Seed Technologists Training Manual

The new Seed Technologists Training Manual is a significant contribution to seed technologist literature and will prove a valuable resource as both a teaching tool and reference for seed technologists and the seed trade.  It provides a thorough grounding in contemporary seed technology, plus introduces new technologies, using a liberally illustrated format that is reinforced with exercises, study questions, references and glossary.
Dr. Wayne Guerke, Director, Seed Division, Georgia Department of Agriculture

The Seed Technologists Training Manual is an up-to-date, in-depth, tool that I consider a valuable resource for all seed analysts. It will be on the top of our recommended list for our short courses. My hat is off to the writers, the editors and sponsors of this wonderful, comprehensive manual.
Dan Curry, Lab Manager, Seed Testing Lab, Iowa State University


This manual will enhance the training of seed professionals by providing a very complete, accurate, and useful text. There is something in this manual for all seed technologist from the beginning analyst to the most experienced analyst who wants to keep abreast of their profession. This manual will be very useful for our distance education seed analysts training program use during our purity and germination workshops.
Dr. Arnold L. Larsen, Retired Seed Analyst, Fort Collins, Colorado

The Seed Technologists Training Manual provides an excellent coverage of the fundamentals of seed testing and will be a valuable resource document for our Canadian seed analyst accreditation program. The manual provides the right depth of knowledge of botany and seed physiology required by seed analyst to understand and apply the testing protocols related to traditional seed quality attributes covered in seed analysis.
A.B. Ednie, Associate Director, Central Seed Laboratory, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Ottawa, Canada.
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