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INCOTEC's Splash & Grow pelleted petunia and begonia seed launched in North America


Salinas, California
July 30, 2008

FST-USA in Salinas, California introduces Splash & Grow™ pelleting for Begonia and Petunia seed. These products were developed to satisfy the demand of the critical ornamental grower.

INCOTEC has developed over 40 different coating formulations for specific seed types and product forms, and continues to develop and refine these coatings. The Splash & Grow™ pellet is designed to provide excellent visibility in plug trays, and melts rapidly after the addition of water. Just sow the pellets as you would normally, add water, and watch them disappear! The pellets are currently available in either white or yellow color.

Gerard Denny, INCOTEC’s Senior Research Specialist states “INCOTEC is excited to be able to offer this innovative pelleting technology in the North American market, and plans to continue expanding the range of ornamental product offerings”.

INCOTEC is a worldwide leader in coating and seed technology serving the vegetable, ornamental, turf and agronomic seed business.




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