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Zeneca and Monsanto announce global agreement for Touchdown on Roundup Ready crops
Wilmington, Delaware and St. Louis, Missouri
March 18, 1999

Zeneca Agrochemicals and Monsanto Company today announced a long term license agreement on undisclosed terms under which Zeneca will test, develop and register Touchdown(R) herbicide products for use on or over the top of Roundup Ready(R) soybeans, corn and cotton in the United States.

Under the agreement, Zeneca, once it has obtained U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
registration, will sell Touchdown herbicide for application on or over the top of these crops.

Additionally, Monsanto and Zeneca have agreed to negotiate in good faith access to additional
Roundup Ready crops in the United States and to all Roundup Ready crops globally, as they are
commercialized. Negotiations for commercial access after the second commercial season will
occur on a country and crop basis.

Under this agreement, Zeneca would test, develop and register its products while negotiations are
taking place.

As a part of the agreement, Zeneca, Monsanto and Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. have
agreed to dismiss the lawsuits they have pending against each other in Delaware and Missouri.
These relate to the use of Touchdown over Roundup Ready crops and related Monsanto patents,
and to Monsanto's marketing practices.

Monsanto's Roundup and Zeneca's Touchdown will compete with each other in the agricultural
weed control market.

Zeneca Agrochemicals is the crop protection and plant science business of the Zeneca Group.
Zeneca Group PLC is a $9.1 billion international bioscience company which provides products and services to improve human health, nutrition and the quality of life.

The group, which employs some 32,000 people world-wide, is engaged in the research,
development, manufacture and marketing of ethical (prescription) pharmaceuticals, agricultural and specialty chemicals products and the supply of healthcare services.

As a life sciences company, Monsanto Company (NYSE:MTC - news) is committed to finding
solutions to the growing global needs for food and health by sharing common forms of science and technology among agriculture, nutrition and health. The company's 30,000 employees worldwide make and market high-value agricultural products, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients.

Roundup and Roundup Ready are trademarks of Monsanto Company.
Touchdown is a trademark of Zeneca Limited.



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