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September 29-29, 2011

WEBINAR - How to align sequences

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Michigan State University

Online at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4:00) (12pm Central, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific) - , United States

Dr. Candice Hansey, Michigan State University, will demonstrate the problem of sequence alignment and provide examples of software that can be used to align sequences.

September 28, 2011 - October 19, 2011

Lettuce Annotation Jamboree

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University of California, Davis

University of California - Davis, CA, United States

Oct 3-11: focus on annotation of individual species; main emphasis on lettuce but individual researchers may work in parallel to annotate other Compositae species. Oct 12: Workshop on analyses of synteny and comparative genomics; Oct 13-19: syntenic and evolutionary com...

September 28-30, 2011

Danforth Center 13th Annual Fall Symposium: "Plant Genomes to Phenomes"

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Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center - St. Louis, MO, United States

September 28, 2011 - October 1, 2011

3rd Scientific Conference at the IFOAM Organic World Congress (OWC)

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International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR)

Gyeonggi Paldang, Korea

September 25-30, 2011

Rhizosphere 3 International Conference

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Burswood Convention Centre - Perth, WA, Australia

The aim of this conference is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for exchanging innovative ideas and methods for studying the rhizosphere, understanding its complexity and further up-scaling its functioning to better evaluate its ultimate role in ecosystem processes.

September 15-15, 2011

WEBINAR - How to use R software for statistical data analysis

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Ohio State University

Online at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4:00) (12pm Central, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific) - , United States

During this webinar, Dr. Heather Merk, The Ohio State University, will introduce R software for statistical analysis and demonstrate how R has been used to analyze tomato phenotypic data collected for the SolCAP project.

September 11-15, 2011

XIII Eucarpia Symposium on Fruit Breeding and Genetics

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EUCARPIA - European Association for Research on Plant Breeding

Cristal Hall (Aula Kryształowa), Warsaw University of Life Sciences - Warsaw, Poland

Will cover research on genetic resources, new breeding methods like genome mapping, molecular markers, genetic transformation, next generation sequencing in fruit breeding, as well as studies on resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, tree architecture and fruit qu...

September 7-8, 2011

Coexistence Workshop: The Science of Gene Flow in Agriculture and its Role in Co-existence

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Jefferson Auditorium, USDA South Building, 1400 Independence Ave., S.W. - Washington, DC, United States

Experts from academia and industry will discuss the impact of gene flow in agriculture, and current and upcoming transgenic and non-transgenic technologies to control gene flow. Given the introduction of new crops for, diverse traits, biofuels, and production systems ai...

September 5-8, 2011

XXXIV Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular

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Barcelona, Spain

El jueves siete tendrá lugar a las 19.00 horas la conferencia y coloquio ‘La modificación genética de plantas y animales. Usos y debates’ en la que Pere Puigdomènech (Investigador y director del Centro de Agrogenómica) y Lluis Montoliu (Investigador del Centro Nacional ...

September 5-9, 2011

21st International Triticeae Mapping Initiative workshop

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International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

Mexico City, Mexico

Will present recent advances in molecular genetics, genomics, and genetic analysis of Triticeae. Topics will include structural and functional genomics mapping and cloning, molecular breeding, wheat genetic resources, bioinformatics, and new technologies for cereal crop...

September 5-7, 2011

2nd International Plant Phenotyping Symposium

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Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

Forschungszentrum Jülich - Jülich, Germany

Imaging solutions for roots, shoots and canopy phenotypic traits - Novel sensors technologies for plant phenotyping - Data management and analysis pipelines - Data modeling and environmental simulation - Development of standards and best practices for plant phenotyping ...

September 4-6, 2011

Plant Genome Evolution Conference

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NH Grand Krasnapolsky - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Genome structural diversity; Gene and genome duplication; Genetic variation and ecogenomics; Genomic views on hybridization, heterosis and speciation; Plant systems biology: the road from genotype to phenotype; Future directions in plant genomics; Software demonstration...

September 1-2, 2011

Second European Workshop on Plant Chromatin 2011

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Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

Route de St Cyr (RD 10) - Versailles , France

The focus will be on chromatin as a biochemical entity, and the two major topics will be (1) Chromatin biochemistry (protein complex composition and activity) and (2) Cytology (chromatin dynamics and nuclear architecture).



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