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Earning trust of the farmer - Digital farming: It’s critical to agriculture's present and future

May 3, 2022

FieldView main screen


The foundation of this story is data - integrating and analysing complex and varied information on farm by using technology and data science to improve decision making and deliver returns. 

Bayer recently announced its intention to launch its market-leading digital farming product FieldView in Australia. Our digital farming team is now tasked with bringing this product to market. 

The challenges will be many and varied. Farming is complex. Creating a fit between any tool and the unique challenges facing Australian agriculture are never straight forward. 

Our biggest challenge, however, is to continue to build the trust of farmers, particularly in relation to data privacy and security. We’re here to help farmers farm, and not to farm the farmers. 


Chris Staff Digital Farming Bayer Crop Science Australia
Chris Staff, Head of Digital Farming ANZ, Crop Science division of Bayer

Farmers are rightfully protective of data. It is an encapsulation of their work and knowledge.

It’s valuable.

So, let me make some iron clad commitments up front.  

Customer trust is key to our ability to operate FieldView. To earn this, FieldView adheres to clear principles set out in our Privacy Statement and Terms of Service:

- Benefit: We collect data to help improve our products and bring value to customers.

- Ownership: FieldView users own their farm data. Always have. Always will.

- Control: FieldView users choose who to share their data with. They’re in the driver’s seat.

- Sharing: We do not share customer data with third parties without customer consent.

- Stewardship: We have clear and transparent standards of how and why data is used, and how it is protected.

The exchange of data between farmers and technology providers must be transparent and follow rules, service agreements and/or a code of conduct in conjunction with existing data protection.

Bayer supports the Australian Farm Data Code  developed and adopted by the National Farmers’ Federation, as well as the EU Code of Conduct on Data Sharing by Contractual Agreement , and the American Farm Bureau’s Charter on Data Ownership . 

We have not, do not and will not share or sell our customers’ personal information or farm data with any third-party platform partners without customers’ consent. We strive for the highest standards in the industry.

But we know farmers won’t just take our word for it. And that’s fair enough. 

That’s why I’m now going on the road along with my colleagues. We’re working with growers to invest in the trusted partnerships necessary to enable the platform to deliver value. 

The success of FieldView will depend on our ability to have open and honest conversations with growers, founded on respect and trust.  

And I wouldn’t want that any other way.

Chris Staff
Head of Digital Farming ANZ
Crop Science division of Bayer


More news from: Bayer CropScience Australia

Website: http://www.bayercropscience.com.au

Published: May 3, 2022

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