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  Editorials and opinion pieces

Dr. Kent Bradford
Academic Director
Seed Biotechnology Center
University of California, Davis

A Tale of Two Futures for Seed Biotechnology

Dirk Inzé
Vice-President and Scientific Director
European Plant Science Organization

VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, UGent, Belgium

An ever-growing role for plant sciences

Dr. Wynand J. van der Walt
Senior Partner, FoodNCropBio Consulting and Facilitation Services

Plant Variety Protection for Southern Africa: Progress and Pitfalls

Richard Symes
Tattner Kackenzie Ltd.

Seedsmen's professional liability
Types of claims experienced by Lloyd's policy holders

Robynne M. Anderson
Issues Ink/Germination/Seed World

Shooting for a goal

Greg Ruehle
Independent Professional Seedsmen Association

Rational exuberance

François Burgaud
Director, External Relations, GNIS

(France's National Inter-Professional Association for Seeds and Plants)

Rights for farmers or farmers' rights?

Dr. Wynand van der Walt
Senior Partner, FoodNCropBio Consulting and Facilitation Services

Emergency relief seed: constraining or facilitating local seed industries?
Martin van Vaals
Deputy Head
Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory Rabobank

Securing returns on Research & Development

Dr. Emile Frison
Director General
International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI)
Reflections on the first meeting of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Leon Hesser Excerpts from Leon Hesser's biography of Dr, Norman Borlaug
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Norman Borlaug and His Battle to End World Hunger
Charles Pick
Development Manager
DNA LandMarks Inc.
Marker-assisted breeding comes of age
Dr. Edward Mabaya
Research Associate
Department of Applied Economics and Management (AEM)
Cornell University
Strengthening Africa’s private seed sector to serve smallholder farmers
Allen Van Deynze
Senior Scientist
Seed Biotechnology Center
University of California Davis
Seed Biotechnology Center provides input on international biotechnology regulations
Peter Reading
Managing Director
Grains Research & Development Corporation
Canola makes a comeback in Australia

Robynne M. Anderson
Publisher and Editor
Issues Ink/Germination

Making research a priority

Dr. Wynand van der Walt
Senior Partner, FoodNCropBio Consulting and Facilitation Services

The communication factor in African biotech crops
George Ball
Chairman, President & CEO

W. Atlee Burpee
No plant left behind
Monique Krinkels
Publisher, Prophyta

New sugar regime will have huge consequences

Dr. Norman E. Borlaug
Father of the Green Revolution
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
The Power of Seeds
Simon Barber
Plant Biotechnology Unit
The Seeds of an Idea
Peter Reading
Managing Director
Grains Research & Development Corporation
Australian grain growers can now access seed trial results online
Lynn Grooms
Bio-based products take giant leaps
Dr. Jagveer S. Sindhu
The Asia and Pacific
Seed Association
Harmonization of seed regulations will promote the seed industry in the Asia/Pacific region
Tray Thomas
Senior Founding Partner
The Context Network
Scorpion Strategic Seed Business
Bart Kiewiet
Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO)
Plant Variety Protection in the European Community:
a 10-year review
Dean Oestreich
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
The Future Grain Market – Moving Beyond Food and Feed
Jim Schweigert
Client Operation Manager
Gro Alliance LLC
The U.S. seed industry's FuSE burns brightly
Robynne M. Anderson
Publisher and Editor
Issues Ink/Germination
Sharing the message
Elcio Perpétuo Guimarães
Senior Officer
Cereals/Crop Breeding

The way forward to strengthen national plant breeding and biotechnology related capacity: links between plant breeding and seed systems
Monique Krinkels
Rijk Zwaan - Leaving the corporate fold to become again a family owned business
Richard Crowder
American Seed Trade Association
Getting involved in your trade association's activities - An investment that pays
Jean-Louis Duval
JLDuval Conseil
Look to Central Asia and the Far East
Dr. Wynand van der Walt
Intellectual Property and the traditional knowledge conundrum
Gene Milstein
Applewood Seed Company
The availability and training of seed analysts in the U.S.
Lynn Grooms
Lessons from ice cream
Dr. Lauren Wiesner
National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation
a virtual seed herbarium
3 award winning essays on the theme "The Seed Industry: Today and Tomorrow"
Read the essays
Larry Hollar
Hollar Seeds
Excerpts from Larry's new book about a family-owned business
"Keep Your Business Close... and your Family Closer"
Monique Krinkels
Organic breeding gets a boost
Greg Duerksen
Kincannon & Reed
It's not about yield
John Gerard
Access Plant Technology
Where have all the margins gone?
Dr. Wynand van der Walt
Science, Ethics and Activism
Véronique Heyes
Germain's Technology Group
Sugar beet in Europe... here tomorrow, but not as we know it !
Bernard le Buanec
The three dominant issues
Monique Krinkels
Discussions in Europe will sparkle
Martin van Vaals
Seeds: what's new?
Lynn Grooms
Light a FuSE - Attracting talented employees
Dean Cavey
Verdant Partners
A strategy-changing cycle?

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