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November 30, 2021

Hart Bros Seeds - Seed multiplication, Australian style (Irish Farmers Journal)

United Kingdom - AHDB’s online edition of the Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds (RL) 2022/23 features a record number of variety types and traits.

Identifying highly recombinant plants for breeding
Hochrekombinogene Pflanzen für die Züchtung identifizieren

The future of plant breeding in Africa: An interview with Dr. Rita Mumm

Semillas Fitó mantiene su alto potencial en melón y sandía para Almería (Revista Mercados)

USA - Fifth-generation farmer wins 2021 Syngenta #RootedinAg Contest

Maximise spring barley yield and quality with seed treatment

Hvorfor er vårbygsorten Laureate det rette valg

The latest AHDB Recommended List features newly-added Flemming winter oilseed rape to join LS Plant Breeding's recommended varieties, along with high yieldiing WPB Escape, on the spring wheat RL

Annual meeting of the European VCU group
Réunion annuelle du groupe européen VCU

ToBRFV/ tomato-pepper and Aphis gossypii/melon, a CPVO project to propose new DUS protocols
ToBRFV/ tomate-piment et Aphis gossypii/melon, un projet OCVV pour proposer de nouveaux protocoles DHS

What’s new for epidemiological knowledge of wheat rusts in the H2020 Rustwatch project?
Quoi de neuf sur les connaissances épidémiologiques des rouilles du blé dans le projet H2020 Rustwatch ?

Bejo introduces new movie ‘Bejo Organic -  RIGHT from the START’
Trots introduceren wij de 'BEJO Organic -  RIGHT from the START’

Plant breeding advances may spark annual corn and soybean yield increases (Successful Farming)

Minister inaugurates first-in-Nigeria ultra-modern, fully-automated seed processing line acquired by Value Seeds Company in Kaduna State (The Nation)

New “onion devourer” bacteria found by University of Georgia researchers

Zayndu's seed cleaning accelerates salad leaf growing cycle

Nick Maple joins Meristem teamExperienced Nebraska agronomist will serve growers and develop new dealers across the Western Corn Belt

United Kingdom - New winter oilseed rape hybrid tops AHDB Recommended List: Corteva Agriscience's PT303 Protector Sclerotinia

USA - Weed science societies announce annual meetings

Science, technology and farmers, the three pillars of CIMMYT at COP26 - At global climate summit, CIMMYT scientists share adaptation and mitigation solutions for farmers, and call for increased funding for agricultural research.

La científica detrás de un revolucionario cultivo transgénico argentino contra la sequía

November 29, 2021

Nigeria - Food security hinged on reliable seeds’ system, sys Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (Science Nigeria)

Pesticides can affect multiple generations of bees - UC Davis study finds reduced bee reproduction over 2 years

Canadian Seed Growers' Association's November 22, 2021 Seed Scoop newsletter9

Brasil, CTNBio - Accesse a pauta da 247ª Reunião Ordinária da Comissão Técnica Nacional de Biossegurança, de 09 de decembro de 2021

Early spring bBarley drilling in England

Syngenta’s Jon Parr: Modern pesticides can help fight climate change

Unitd Kingdom - Outstanding trio of RAGT winter wheat varieties promoted to Recommended List

United Kingdom - Pipeline wheats, from RAGT



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