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June 22, 2022

Managing seeds and agricultural losses in the wake of extreme climate events: Lessons from Nepal

June 21, 2022

Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) and International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) launch legacy site on 2016-2021 collaborations

Fungicide resistance management techniques explained in videos

Adama commences in-house production of indoxacarb with new proprietary synthesis process

China to adopt genetically modified maize and soy: why it matters for South Africa

June 20, 2022

Majority of farmers in Bangladesh, Rwanda and Zambia willing to pay for plant health advice, new research shows

Instant pheromone trap analysis through BASF’s free xarvio Scounting app

Australia - Restoring community spirit with turf

Chinese cauliflower seeds blooming in Pakistan farmlands (Xinhua)

There’s never been a better time to study agriculture

Australia - Sustainable aviation fuel helps fuel canola prospects

Sri Lanka agricultural experts warn of seed paddy shortage (Economy Next)

Use of hybrid seed to contribute to achieving $35bn export, says Chairman of the Pakistan Hi Tech Hybrid Seed Association (Mettis Global News)

Chinese scientists identify genes for more heat-tolerant rice

June 17, 2022

Syngenta weighs $10 billion Shanghai IPO before year-end, sources say (Bloomberg)

Syngenta appoints senior executive to help steer $10 billion IPO (Reuters)

Gene interaction that contributes to rice heat tolerance identified - Molecular pinpoint could lead to more heat resistant rice cultivation, researchers say

Australia - Lentil trial gives impetus to Wimmera pulses

June 16, 2022

Bangladesh at final stage of introducing Bt cotton - Regulators give go-ahead to genetically-engineered cotton (Dhaka Tribune)

UPL plans to double its biosolutions business in India (Financial Express)

Food Standards Australia New Zealand call for submissions on a new processing aid from a GM source 

Red leather leaf alert on oat in Western Australia

June 15, 2022

ICRISAT-DST launch database portal to promote Intellectual Property & Technology Exchanges in Agriculture

Malaysia - Cotton and products, annual report

Thailand - Biofuels,  annual report

India - Biofuels,  annual report

Australian OGTR - Notification of decision on application DIR 188 from Nuseed Pty Ltd for the limited and controlled release of GM canola and Indian mustard

June 14, 2022

Pakistan - Strategy evolved to modernize agriculture for higher growth (APP)

Pakistan develops new soybean line to reduce imports

Gene hunting leads researchers to solve mystery of inhibition of awn elongation in sorghum

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