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December 2, 2022

Philippines - Agricultural Biotechnology, annual report

Singapore - Agricultural Biotechnology, annual report

Malaysia - Agricultural Biotechnology, annual report

Bangladesh - Agricultural Biotechnology, annual report

Syngenta Seeds invests 330 million baht to expand its corn seed factory, the largest in Thailand and ASEAN (Postsen)

Research led by Hong Kong Baptist University facilitates more efficient hybrid rice breeding with pioneering female sterility technique

December 1, 2022

Undiagnosed disease on muskmelon in Taiwan

Australian OGTR - Invitation to comment on a field trial of genetically modified perennial ryegrass

November 30, 2022

Is photosynthesis the silver bullet to improve crop yield?

The indoor farm - Providing food security in the face of climate change

Improving cotton’s capability for on-farm experimentation

Chia Tai reiterates leadership position in seed industry while collaborating with network to strengthen food security at Asian Seed Congress 2022

November 29, 2022

For the first time, farmers in the Philippines have cultivated Golden Rice on a larger scale and harvested almost 70 tonnes of grains this October - This nearly never-​ending story began at ETH Zurich
Erstmals haben Bauern auf den Philippinen den Golden Rice in grösserem Stil angebaut und in diesem Oktober fast 70 Tonnen Körner geerntet
Filipinas realiza primera cosecha a gran escala de arroz dorado, un transgénico que combatirá la ceguera y muerte infantil

APSA welcomes new leadership for its technical committees

Pakistan - Developing new seed varieties (Dawn)

November 28, 2022

Nufarm announces FY22 results – Delivers record revenue and underlying EBITDA result, with growth across all operating segments

Australia - New South Wales Department of Primary Industry releases: Crop variety update – newer varieties and potential releases for 2023

November 25, 2022

Pakistan - Government criticised for delaying wheat seed distribution (Dawn)

Sakata Seed Corporation's vigorous, interspecific hybrid begonia "Viking White on Green" now available overseas - Use of Argentina's genetic resources and contributing to biodiversity conservation through benefit sharing
大型の種間雑種ベゴニア『Viking® White on Green』海外で販売開始 

Vietnam seeks IRRI's more support to agriculture sector (Vietnam+)

New countries from Asia and the Pacific join "Seeds Without Borders" initiative

November 24, 2022

Developing new groundnut varieties to boost farmer incomes in Telangana

Great crops the reward for South Australian onion growers

Genetic duplication governs nitrogen fixation symbiosis between legumes, bacteria

Struggling to meet demand: Punjab Agricultural University seeks Faridkot seed farm’s lease extension (Hindustan Times)

November 23, 2022

La coopération gagnant-gagnant entre la Chine et le Centre international d'amélioration du maïs et du blé (CIMMYT) aide à augmenter la production et les revenus céréaliers (Le Quotidien du Peuple)

Bayer celebrates 60 years in the Philippines with PHP 750M integrated office in Manila (Inquirer)

Review exposes untapped benefits of clover honeys

Australia - Visit highlights progress for chickpea expansion in the West

November 22, 2022

Dutch seed breeding giant Rijk Zwaan sees "good opportunity" in Chinese market (Xinhua)

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