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Sustainable beets and grass for biogas - Looking for a perfect biogas solution?

December 17, 2019


Beets for biogas

DLF creates suitable beets and grass varieties to meet your demand of modern biogas production.

Using DLF beets like ENERMAX, BANGOR or BERGMAN, you exploit the most productive arable crop.

Our research thrive to optimize common characteristics like dry matter yield, height above ground, root furrows and dirt tare continuously.

Our goal is to maximize your gas yield with the most efficient beets. We namely thrive to breed beets with minimal dirt tare, which could potential clogged any system or cause unnecessary wear of machinery.

The beets should also be very washable to remove the remaining dirt, so choosing your beet variety for biogas should be based on the combination of low dirt tare and wash-ability.

Based on wash-ability and dirt tare, BERGMAN is the one to choose, but also BARDOT and ENERMAX are highly recommended varieties.

Grass for biogas

Do you have areas where you struggle with growing beets or maize for your biogas plant?

DLF serves you with grasses as the perfect biogas solution. You can choose species like tall fescue, westerworld and italian ryegrass, festulolium and even red clover.

To increase gas yields farmers tend to following strategy: instead of competing for arable land biogas plant owners cooperate with grass cropping dairy farms.

Contact your local DLF dealer if you want to learn more about beets and grass for biogas.

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Website: http://www.dlf.com/

Published: December 17, 2019

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