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European Food Safety Authority - Bees and pesticides: third consultation on guidance review

Parma, Italy
March 24, 2020

EFSA is carrying out a third stakeholder consultation as part of its review of the guidance on risk assessment of pesticides and bees.

EFSA’s dedicated stakeholder consultation group and Member State pesticide network have been asked for feedback on the proposed approach for revising tier 1 risk assessment schemes, with a focus on crop attractiveness and risk assessment methodologies.

Stakeholders and Member State experts have already provided comments on the current guidance, which was published in 2013, and on the protocol that EFSA will use to collect and evaluate data on bee mortality.

EFSA will continue to consult stakeholders and Member State experts throughout the process. A full public consultation and workshop will take place when the guidance document has been drafted.



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Website: http://www.efsa.europa.eu

Published: March 24, 2020

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