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Organic Seed Alliance calls for nominations to join its board of directors

August 17, 2021

Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) is reaching out to our partners, supporters and constituents to uplift leaders in our community who care deeply about our good seed work as nominees to serve on our Board of Directors.

Applications for board nominees will be accepted through September 17 at this link.

We are currently looking for two people to join our board by the end of 2021 and deepen its support of our strong staff, compelling programs and mission to meet food and farming needs through organic seed research, education and advocacy. The OSA Board of Directors advises and governs our operations, supervises and supports our executive director, guides policy and strategies, ensures our financial health and assists with the leadership and general promotion of OSA and its mission.

While we work to increase the diversity and resilience of agricultural seed, we hope to also grow the diversity and resilience of our board through candidates with varied perspectives, skills, experiences and backgrounds, including people who have faced systemic barriers. Please consider responding to this call or encouraging a strong candidate to apply.

Our board has identified the following priorities for this year’s recruitment:

  • Seed growers working with organic seed to advise on priorities that will best support our primary constituents
  • Board development and governance experience
  • Organizational development experience to support human resources, staff development, and equity and inclusion goal implementation
  • Business management expertise to advise on business planning, revenue generation, partnerships, and/or strategies  Fundraising expertise to advise on strategies and campaigns, and to help expand our network of donor and supporters
  • Finance experience to support the Executive Director in budget development, quarterly financial reporting, accounting systems and financial planning
  • Policy organizing experience to support the evolution of our advocacy program and strategies

Candidates with one (or more) of these expertise or experience areas are encouraged to apply. We will be recruiting two people this year, with a goal of growing the inclusivity and geographic representation of our board.

Terms on the OSA board are three years and time commitments are typically 4 to 8 hours per month for ongoing board activities; additional hours may be requested for events, committee work or organizational development initiatives. The board will meet in person at least once annually to cultivate a healthy organizational team culture.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or another person, please complete this Board Nomination Form by Friday, September 17. To speak with someone about this opportunity, please contact Board Treasurer Adam Wagner at adamw[at]obluberry.com.


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Website: http://www.seedalliance.org

Published: August 17, 2021

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