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A new R&D policy to better evaluate varieties and seeds in relation to the agro-ecological transition and climate change

July 2, 2024

With the help of its Scientific Committee, GEVES has defined its new Research and Development policy.

Over the period 2024-2028, GEVES will give priority to R&D work enabling it to develop, validate and implement tools and methods to serve its variety and seed evaluating missions, in line with the major current and future challenges facing the world of agriculture and the agri-food industry, with a view to sustainability to:

  • Better evaluating varieties and seeds in the context of climate change
  • Better evaluating varieties and seeds adapted to agro-ecology, contributing to the maintenance and study of biodiversity in relation to varieties
  • Better assess the quality of varieties and seeds
  • Improving evaluation methods for greater efficiency and reliability, and greater protection of health and safety in the workplace.


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Website: http://www.geves.fr

Published: July 2, 2024

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