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Argentina approves commercial planting of Syngenta GM corn

December 21, 2016

Source: Crop Biotech Update

Argentina's regulatory agencies have authorized the commercial release of a genetically modified (GM) corn from Syngenta. The release of GM corn event SYN-BTO11-1 x SYN-IR162-4 x MON-89034-3 x MON-00021-9 was announced in the Official Union Gazette through Resolution No. 96, signed by the Secretary of Value Added and New Technologies (Agregado de Valor y Nuevas Tecnologías), Néstor Roulet.

The GM corn offers efficient control of sugarcane borer, fall armyworm, and corn earworm. "With the new event, there is now a greater action of insecticide barrier that will increase the sustainability and durability of the technology," according to the Agriculture Ministry.

Read more at AgroPages. Resolution No. 96 is available at the Llave Operativa Aduanera website.

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Published: December 22, 2016

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