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Australia - Exploring the implications and solutions for resistance in weeds, pests and disease to crop protection chemical in northern cropping systems

November 14, 2017

Advisors interested in staying up to date with resistance research into crop weeds, pests and diseases are invited to a forum offering the latest information on chemical resistance and practical solutions to combat it, this December in Dalby, Queensland.

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Northern Crop Protection Forum brings together the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) and the Centre for Crop and Disease Management (CCDM), two key GRDC investments, to explore the implications and solutions for resistance to crop protection chemical in northern cropping systems.

AHRI Northern Communications Lead Paul McIntosh said senior researchers from AHRI, CCDM, University of Queensland, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and other key organisations will offer insights into how to control weeds, pests and disease and provide practical recommendations to maintain the efficacy of current chemicals.

“It’s also an opportunity for participants to view some of the latest farm equipment including a Weedit® optical spot sprayer, a Shelbourne stripper front, Emar chaff deck and more,” Mr McIntosh said.

“There is an increasing occurrence of pests throughout our cropping system and subsequent resistance problems are threatening crop yields.

“This means that to stay on the front foot, we all need to be continually pushing the boundaries of control, continually testing the efficacy of what we undertake and understanding where the threats will come from next, and this Forum provides that opportunity.”

Topics at the Forum include defining the threat and strategies for control of sowthistle and wild oats, a new insecticide strategy for Helicoverpa and next generation genetics for crop protection.

Speakers include Peter Newman from AHRI, Richard Daniel CEO of the Northern Grower Alliance, Dr Robert Busi, AHRI and Dr Fran Lopez-Ruiz from CCDM and many more.

GRDC Senior Manager, Crop Protection Dr Ken Young said protection from biotic threats is a vital part of all farming systems, and is a key investment for GRDC.

“There are many elements to crop protection that we all need to understand, including what is in the tool box now, what we need in the future, and how best to use these tools,” Dr Young said.

“Getting the most from the crop protection products growers apply is an essential part of maintaining a profitable grain operation, and an opportunity such as this Forum is invaluable to growers and agronomists alike.

“Herbicide-resistant weeds, grain pests and grain diseases represent a dominant threat to Australian and global food security and cost the Australian grains industry millions of dollars yearly both in outgoing costs and lost yield.

“The work that both AHRI and CCDM are doing is key to combating this cost, which is why GRDC is investing in this area. Growers will hopefully gain a lot of insight from this Forum.”

The 3rd GRDC Northern Crop Protection Forum – “Riders of the Storm, Cropping and Resistance Forum” will be held on Wednesday 6 December, 8:30am – 4:30pm at the Bunya Campus (formerly the Dalby Ag College) Lecture Theatre on the Bunya highway towards  Bell.

Tickets are $66, and places are limited. Go to https://payments.uwa.edu.au/SchoolofAgricultureEnvironment/booking to book.

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Website: http://www.grdc.com.au

Published: November 14, 2017

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