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November 28, 2022

Zucchino: la gamma Delhi Defense di Rijk Zwaan si conferma un'ottima soluzione resistente al New Delhi

November 25, 2022

Spread of verticillium wilt on oilseed rape in Canada

November 23, 2022

European Union organisations from the food and feed sectors ask for a proportionate framework of the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products Regulation (SUR)

Iowa, USA - More soybean varieties with Peking SCN resistance for 2023, but more needed

November 22, 2022

Residue management critical to warding off corn diseases like tar spot - AgriGold agronomist says there are many ways to get good soil-to-residue contact

November 21, 2022

COGEM - Pathogeniteitsclassificatie van de bacteriestammen Xanthomonas sp. WCS2014-23 en Xanthomonas sp. Leaf148

November 18, 2022

2Blades announces AIM for Climate Innovation Sprint focused on plant diversity and gene tools to combat disease threats to legumes

Research shows impact of root and crown rot in wheat

November 16, 2022

DLF Beet Seed develops sugarbeet varieties resistant to virus yellows

Peptyde Bio closes oversubscribed pre-seed round - Startup attracts capital from growing St. Louis investor community

November 15, 2022

University of Florida scientist to investigate cost-effective methods to combat nematode pests, diseases in turfgrass

November 14, 2022

Innovative products, at the right time, in the right way

November 11, 2022

Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD) and Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) partner on disease and water research

PlantwisePlus boosts crop health in Bangladesh

November 10, 2022

BCPC Congress 2022: Providing policy and regulatory support for multi-functional UK agriculture

November 9, 2022

Florimond Desprez s’engage pour trouver des solutions à la jaunisse

Deutschland - Vibrance SB als Notfallzulassung in Futterrüben (Proplanta)

November 8, 2022

Syngenta's President of Crop Protection provides product insights (DTN/Progressive Farmer)

November 4, 2022

Iowa Soybean Research Center unds seed treatment research that could help farmers’ and their soybean crops

Biome Makers offers webinar: Biological Strategies for Improving Farmland Yields

November 3, 2022

Study proposes measures to strengthen Burundi’s plant health system

Seed industry, scientific community and government come together to address emerging plant diseases - The emergence of diseases such as Tomato brown rugose fruit virus pose a challenge to farmers and seed producers

USDA/APHIS posts new Pale Cyst Nematode (PCN) Eradication Program report

November 2, 2022

Tomate: como acabar com as manchas e a requeima na cultura

October 31, 2022

CRISPR, Digitalisierung, Pflanzenschutz: Verliert Deutschland jetzt den Anschluss bei grünen Innovationen? (TopAgrar)

Iowa soybeans: High reproduction of soybean cyst nematode populations on PI 88788 resistance is frightening (AgFax)

Ireland - Teagasc to partner on Root2Res project, root phenotyping and genetic improvement for rotational crops resilient to environmental change (Agriland)

October 26, 2022

BioConsortia releases latest field trial results (Informa)

BioConsortia pipeline recognized by S&P Global as leading source of crop science innovation

Botanical Solution named a finalist for “best industry collaboration with Syngenta” in Crop Science Awards (Horti Daily)



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