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November 16, 2015

Strip tillage and cover crops enhance soil quality in the southeastern U.S. in the face of climate change

Western Australia - Weed resources can guide management decisions

Gene drive reversibility introduces new layer of biosafety - Ability to introduce or reverse the spread of genetic traits through populations could one day improve pest management and disease control  (Wyss Institute)

High yield crops a step closer

Resistance management the topic of highly needed integrated pest management training session in the Northeastern U.S.

Kenya - Bayer CropScience steps up war against maize disease (AllAfrica)

An overview of 3D plant phenotyping methods (Phenospex)

November 15, 2015

Texas High Plains cotton production can survive predicted climate changes

Plant scientists tackle big data problems at workshop

November 13, 2015

Precision ag takes the next step (Farm Forum)

CRISPR/Cas9-mediated viral interference in plants (Genome Biology)

Engineering virus-resistant plants - Researchers use CRISPR to create plants that resist infection by DNA viruses (The Scientist)

Topcon introduces Apollo application controllers for air seeders (AG Professional)

Evaluate your liming products’ effectiveness with new ‘Focus on Soybean’ webcast

Game changing technology seen at Agritechnica (The Western Producer)

New progress towards maximising photosynthesis in plants

How DNA and a supercomputer can help sustain honey bee populations - New multi-locus metabarcoding approach for pollen analysis uncovers what plants bee species rely on

Buckhorn Inc. introduces first mobile seed washing service (Ag Professional)

How do plant roots find the quickest way down?

Programme AKER - 2015, l’année de l’information génomique : générer, stocker, valoriser les données

Tomato production under LED exceeds 100 kilo's - Trial at GreenQ Improvement Centre a great success

Western Australia - Have you got a seed storage strategy in place? 

November 12, 2015

Dürreresistenter Winzling mit großem Potenzial

Scientists publish high-quality, near-complete genome of resurrection grass Oropetium

Six-layer structure for genomics and its applications (Nature)

New insecticide transforms aphid management (AgriNews)

The Genome Analysis Centre announces an important milestone in wheat research 

Pioneer brand corn silage portfolio out-performs competitors in tonnage and starch content

New video on how African rice farmers can reduce Striga problems in their crop

CRISPR: A path through the thicket (Nature)

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