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April 14, 2014

High corn seeding rates doesn’t necessarily mean higher profits

Australia - Know more and grow more with GrowNotes

April 12, 2014

Brazilian application to monitor the disappearance of bees (Agropages)

April 11, 2014

Seed depths important to successful spring wheat planting (Farm & Ranch Guide)

Lessons from an 'old couple' lead to genetic breakthrough

Las claves de la biotecnología para mejorar la eficiencia en el cultivo de maíz

United Kingdom - New seed treatment available for cold-tolerant lucerne from Germinal Seeds

Nebraska producers could increase corn yield by increasing seeding rate

Act now to reduce sclerotinia stem rot risk in canola crops

The ideal drill row spacing for maximum yield - The debate starts here

Marker assisted breeding: a paradigm shift in crop improvement research (Biotech Articles)

A major and stable QTL associated with seed weight in soybean across multiple environments and genetic backgrounds

April 10, 2014

Rotate clubroot resistant varieties - Stewardship of clubroot resistance in canola is crucial (Ag Annex)

Colture sane e libere dai nematodi dal trapianto alla raccolta grazie a Tervigo SC 1 - Autorizzato l'uso di emergenza di Tervigo SC 1 di Syngenta nei programmi di difesa contro i nematodi su pomodoro, zucchino e quest’anno anche su melone in serra

En invernaderos convencionales - Método para obtener 26 kilos de tomate por metro cuadrado (Horto Info)

What vegetables need to chill out?

April 9, 2014

Stanford scientists model a win-win situation: growing crops on photovoltaic farms - A new model for solar farms that "co-locates" crops and solar panels could result in a harvest of valuable biofuel plants along with solar energy

FMC leva novidades para soja e competição de Rally na Tecnoshow Comigo

The dos and don'ts of controlling wild oats (Independent)

Last-minute planting decision resources available from DuPont Pioneer

New soil biology knowledge to be shared at symposium

Australia - Dry summer sparks concern over planting options

April 8, 2014

Kenya: Flower pest scouting goes digital (HortiBiz)

USA - High soybean cyst nematode populations thrive despite extremely cold winter

Produção massal de colônias de abelhas sem ferrão e uso comercial para a polinização agrícola serão apresentados na 21ª Agrishow

Tecnologia de coinoculação combina alto rendimento com sustentabilidade na produção de soja e do feijoeiro

L’amore per il proprio raccolto inizia da radici sane - Syngenta lancia TELLUS, il nuovo agrofarmaco biologico per la prevenzione delle malattie fungine del terreno

Mais in Spätsaat - Erfolg ist sortenabhängig

Innovative workshop held on crop improvement technologies - Kansas State University, University of Arizona and USDA-ARS collaborate to train scientists and students in field phenomics.

Weed control strategies in grain sorghum

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