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April 9, 2014

New soil biology knowledge to be shared at symposium

Australia - Dry summer sparks concern over planting options

April 8, 2014

Kenya: Flower pest scouting goes digital (HortiBiz)

USA - High soybean cyst nematode populations thrive despite extremely cold winter

Produção massal de colônias de abelhas sem ferrão e uso comercial para a polinização agrícola serão apresentados na 21ª Agrishow

Tecnologia de coinoculação combina alto rendimento com sustentabilidade na produção de soja e do feijoeiro

L’amore per il proprio raccolto inizia da radici sane - Syngenta lancia TELLUS, il nuovo agrofarmaco biologico per la prevenzione delle malattie fungine del terreno

Mais in Spätsaat - Erfolg ist sortenabhängig

Innovative workshop held on crop improvement technologies - Kansas State University, University of Arizona and USDA-ARS collaborate to train scientists and students in field phenomics.

Weed control strategies in grain sorghum

Unilever, Syngenta and Infineum in UK supercomputing rapid prototyping initiative (Process and Control Today)

Australian growers to gain the upper hand in pest challenge with the launch of a comprehensive information website ‘IPM Guidelines for Grains’

April 7, 2014

Weeds take advantage during drought conditions - University of Nevada Cooperative Extension presents weed-control education April and May

Cutting first-crop alfalfa offers risks, lots of rewards - Maximizing feed value is a balancing act

Monsanto apresenta novas tecnologias para as culturas de soja, milho e algodão na Tecnoshow Comigo 2014

Daily serving of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils can significantly reduce bad cholesterol

Bayer CropScience destaca plataforma de soluções integradas ao agricultor na Tecnoshow Comigo

Syngenta muestra la eficacia de ZZ Cuprocol ante 300 empresarios agrarios (Interempresas)

Australia - Strategic P placement offers yield opportunities for northern growers

Australia - Slow, hot burn will put heat on weed seeds

April 5, 2014

Louisiana rice: Louisiana State University scientist searches for better weed controls (AgFax)

Australia - RT canola offers more excellent weed control options (Get Farming)

Georgia, USA - Peanut inoculant considerations (AgFax)

USA - Helping organic farmers breed the seed they need - New publications provide on-farm organic plant breeding instruction

April 4, 2014

DuPont Pioneer apresenta novidades na Tecnoshow Comigo 2014

Canada - Reason now available for potato growers as a seed-piece treatment - Bayer CropScience offers new seed-borne late blight protection

Brasil - BASF apresenta novos produtos e serviços na TecnoShow COMIGO

AgriCoat introduces NATURAL III: an effective seed treatment to suppress fungal root

Deutschland - LIZ-Herbizid 2014 ist online - Neue Produkte berücksichtigt

April 3, 2014

Seed treatment fungicides can help manage root rots (Midwest Producer)

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