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April 11, 2015

USA - New soybean herbicides for 2015 

Mixing experience and technology results in better wheat varieties (AG Professional)

Gene modification for aflatoxin and drought resistance could increase corn yields (Science 2.0)

Developing an alternative to GMO technology (St. Louis Post Dispatch)

April 10, 2015

At BioConsortia, next-step tech offers novel yield boosting approach (Farm Industry News)

Seed depth for even emergence in corn

Regulation of mRNA translation controls seed germination and is critical for seedling vigor (Frontiers in Plant Science)

Aquatrols seed enhancement technology improves germination, establishment under water deficit conditions

E-farming system launched for the first time in Pakistan - A step towards adopting modern technologies

Meeting the global food demand of the future by engineering crop photosynthesis and yield potential (Cell)

University of Georgia entomologist researching thrips in order to control tomato spotted wilt virus (Growing Georgia)

Maladies foliaires des orges d’hiver : quelle nuisibilité et quels moyens de lutte ?

White Paper: "Indoor Crop production - Feeding the Future"

Vegetable study targets water savings in the Texas High Plains

April 9, 2015

Hormones that guide root growth rates revealed 

United Kingdom - New weed control options from Bayer CropScience for maize

Benefits of BASF's Xemium fungicides over and above direct disease control

Mixing experience and technology results in better wheat varieties for Kansas farmers

Australia - New disease management ally for northern sunflower growers 

Three new alfalfa varieties from Cornell University combat beetles, leafhoppers, tricky soil (Tri-State Neighbor)

AgSense releases ultimate precision irrigation package

SNP discovery in complex allotetraploid genomes (Gossypium spp., Malvaceae) using genotyping by sequencing

April 8, 2015

Ammonium transporter saves plant-fungal symbiosis, when nutrients run low

Manejo adequado combate mosca branca - Bayer CropScience leva informação a agricultores da Bahia para o controle da praga que predomina em períodos de seca e pode reduzir renda do campo - Praga pode causar perdas de até 100% nas lavouras

Fast new approach to formulating pest-killing fungi on tap 

World-first technique to help drought-proof wheat

Monsanto adds dicamba to its cache to counter weed threat (Nature Biotechnology)

France - Aide Pac et semis de prairie : calculer le taux de légumineuses dans un mélange pour être éligible (Web-agri)

Experts offer some key considerations for Texas cotton farmers preparing to plant

April 7, 2015

Study points the way toward producing rubber from lettuce

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